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Awarded in 2020

Lucy Horrell, Lilith, 2020, English (ENGL)

Awarded in 2019

Jack Hardwick, Afslørende For Violin & Interactive Electronics, 2019, Music (MUSC)

Julian Hast, Dada and Modernism: How the Great War Changed Fiction, 2019, English (ENGL)

Melanie Kane, "I Have the Utmost Respect for Women": A Content Analysis of the Celebrity Sexual Misconduct Response Statement, 2019, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Will Loner, Simple Thoughts on How Best to Lose the World, 2019, English (ENGL)

Charles K. Lutvak, "Devils With a Cause": How Rural and White Working Class Resentment Made Trump President, 2019, Political Science (POSC)

Elliot Schwartz, Coming apart at the Seems: Intuition, Skepticism, and Self-defeat, 2019, Philosophy (PHIL)

Ezra Sergent-Leventhal, "Neighborhood Schools" and "Willis Wagons" Ghettoization in Urban Space in 1960's Chicago, 2019, History (HIST)

Sarah Ward, Textural Characteristics of Pumice from a Postglacial Plinian Eruption at Laguna del Maule, Southern Chile: Implications for Magma Ascent Dynamics, 2019, Geology (GEOL)

Awarded in 2018

Taylor Moore Barnhill, SallekhanA, Suicide, and Selfhood: Constituting Religious Freedom in a Secular Indian Nation-State, 2018, Religion (RELG)

Trixie Dao, The Child as a Consumer: Issues with Child-Directed Advertising, 2018, Cognitive Science (CGSC)

Peter Alfonso de Hueck, The Trump Leaves of Grass, 2018, Religion (RELG)

Avinash Moorthy, Do Students Benefit from an Extra Year of High School? A Study of Ontario's Removal of Grade 13, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Laura Joan Rafferty, Can Bad Unemployment News Be Good for Stocks? A Sectoral Analysis of the Stock Market's Reaction to Unemployment Rate Announcements, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Eliza May Thomas, Bank stability of Spring Creek, Northfield, Minnesota, between 1999 and 2017: A comprehensive analysis of natural bank recovery after substantial flooding, 2018, Geology (GEOL)

Awarded in 2017

Violet Aurora Brown, More Than Meets the Ear: Contributions of Vision to Spoken Word Recognition, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Ann Treesa Joy, Growing Out, 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Elissa Ann Koele, The Effect of Emotional Valence on Primacy/ Recency Memory in College Students, Geriatric Patients, Alzheimer's Patients, and Cotton-Top Tamarins, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Laura Katherine Soter, Is Lying Less Wrong in a Foreign Language? Everyday Moral Reasoning and the Moral Foreign Language Effect in the Absence of Outcome Information, 2017, Cognitive Science (CGSC)

Isabel Sophia Storey, The Effects of Partisanship on Police Killings of African-American Youth, 2017, Political Science (POSC)

Eric Bruce Tallman, The Environmental Impact of Single-Use Zoning: A Case Study of the Relationship between the Built Environment and Private-Vehicles in Chandigarh, India, 2017, Economics (ECON)

Awarded in 2016

Noah Barak Bunnell, Presidential Sonnets, 2016, English (ENGL)

Noah Barak Bunnell, The Re-Birth of the Critic: Deconstructing Metacriticism in House of Leaves, 2016, English (ENGL)

Alexandra Katherine Chang, Self-as-Process: Towards and Existential Account of Agency, 2016, Philosophy (PHIL)

Grace Liang Johnson, River Representations: Viewing Nature in a Human Context, 2018, English (ENGL)

Nora Anderson Katz, Mapping Norumbega: Aesthetics of Barren and Bountiful Landscapes in Samuel de Champlain's New France, 1607-1632, 2016, History (HIST)

Robert Dakota Krossa, Skill Spills: A Cross-Skill Group Analysis on Wage Spillovers of Good Jobs, 2016, Economics (ECON)

Joseph Deierhoi Lowry, King William II of Sicily, Muslim King? Ibn Jubayr and his Conflicted Attitudes toward Christians, 2017, History (HIST)

Madison Lee McBride, "The Circle is Complete': Adoptive Heritage Tourism as a Structure in the International Adoption Complex, 2016, History (HIST)

Sarah Miriam Meister, How May I Compare this Prison ... unto the World? The Interpretive Value of Prison Shakespeare, 2016, English (ENGL)

Sarah Miriam Meister, “Surprised” in William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, 2016, English (ENGL)

Annie Adele Sinner, Navigating the Liminally-Classed Self: First Generation, Low-Income Carleton College Students' Reflections on the Impact of Class, 2016, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Sarah Hui Ying Tan, Perpetrators, 2016, Theater Arts (THEA)

Awarded in 2015

Sara Elizabeth Brooks, Pile, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Grace Fremont, Of Here and Everywhere: The Poetic Geography of Shakespeare's Travelers, 2015, English (ENGL)

Katherine Anne Shaffer, Informed but Not Consenting: The Construction and Negotiation of Embodied Knowledge Among Vaccine Refusers in Minnesota, 2015, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Julian Robert Skotheim, Modern Love, 2015,

Jackson Vanfleet-Brown, Plant dynamics and soils influencing ecological restoration of Potentilla hickmanii at Rancho Corral de Tierra, San Mateo County, California, 2015, Geology (GEOL)

Lindsey Kay Walters, Obruni! Obruni!: African American Experiences in Ghana and the Politics of Diaspora, 2016, African/African American Studies (AFAM)

Ashanti Raheem Wavy-Soldier, Voice, 2015, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Awarded in 2014

Jeffrey Jordan Berg, A Bat and a Ball and a Ballot: Proposing a Cognitive Foundation for Partisan Ambivalence, 2014, Cognitive Science (CGSC)

Emily Catherine Epperson, La Sonorité de la violence dans « Les Misères » d’Agrippa d’Aubigné, 2014, French (FREN)

Griffin Johnson, Get Your Anthropocene On, 2014, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Annette Martin, Truth and Proof: Defending a Provability Account of Mathematical Truth in Light of Godel's First Incompleteness Theorem, 2014, Philosophy (PHIL)

Ariane Rebecca Mass, Ventriloquated, 2014, English (ENGL)

Soon Kai Poh, Build Carleton I, 2014, Studio Art (ARTS)

William Schedl, That Limb May Be Joined Together with Limb: Joining the Notion of Imperial Power and Religious Power in Defining the Role of the Emperor in Church Affairs, 2014, Classics (CLST)

Winona Weindling, School Choice as a Method of Reducing the Achievement Gap: Comparing the Effectiveness of Desegregation Programs and Charter Schools, 2014, Political Science (POSC)

Benjamin Daniel Weiss, Early Modern Irish Cohesion and Division, 2016, Undeclared

Awarded in 2013

Benjamin Raymond Bedore, The Behavioral Effects Of Early Intervention For Children From Low- Income Households, 2013, Economics (ECON)

Molly Elizabeth Curtiss, Cosmopolitanism and Hybrid Identities: The Case of the Pieds Noirs, 2013, Political Science/International Relations (POSI)

Christopher Dana Densmore and Emily Altschul, Macbeth [a Carleton Theater Arts performance], 2013, Theater Arts (THEA)

Brooke Dianne Granowski, Wholly Other, Other Holies: Rudolf Otto's Religious Pluralism in Conversation with Contemporary Religious Studies Criticism, 2013, Religion (RELG)

Rafadi Hakim, Countless Ramayanas: Language and Cosmopolitan Belonging in a South Asian Epic, 2013, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Charu R. Kulkarni, Muhammad Iqbal's National Vision for the Indian Subcontinent: An Analysis of the Conceptual Boundaries between Indian and Muslim Nations, 2013, Political Science (POSC)

Michael James McClellan and Deborah Gross, After the Spray: Investigating the Fate of Particles from Cyclodextrin-Containing Air Fresheners, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Erin Elizabeth McDuffie, Developement of a New Single-Particle Research Instrument: The Coupling of ATOFMS and LIBS, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Sarah Drage Olson, Truth in Lies, 2013, English (ENGL)

Danielle Dougnac Smogard, The Evolution of International Criminal Justice: A Hybrid Solution is Born, 2013, Political Science/International Relations (POSI)

Brian Daniel Spisiak, Spiritual Illumination: Milton and Blindness in Paradise Lost, 2013, Political Science (POSC)

Jacob Jordan Styburski, Lacking the Will to Repent: Bedeviled Freedom in the Satanic Soliloquy, 2013, English (ENGL)

Berett Alexa Wilber, Lesser Known Marine Mammal's Lesser Known Love Songs, 2014, Political Science (POSC)

Awarded in 2012

Nicholas Jordan Bellos, Crowded Cars, Contested Turf: Race-Making and the Everyday on Chicago Public Transit During World War II, 2012, History (HIST)

Hannah Jean Button-Harrison, Freeing the Music [paper], The Sound of Singing [composition/performance], 2012, Music (MUSC)

Lina Feuerstein, The Transformation of PaterFilia Dynamics and the Creation of the Masculinized “Daughter” of Christ in The Martyrdom of Saint Perpetua, 2012, History (HIST)

Rachel Alison Foran, Made and Making: The Formation of Somali Muslim Selves in Rural Minnesota, 2012, Religion (RELG)

Talia Ranit Goldenberg, Fragmented Bodies, 2012, Studio Art (ARTS)

Evan Michael Johnson, Egyptian Saints: The Referees of Asceticism, 2012, Undeclared

Griffin Reister Johnson, Everyone Is Jumping off of This Bridge, 2014, Undeclared

Gnagna Lam, The Effect of School Quality on House Values, 2012, Economics (ECON)

Chelsea Lau, Theater performances: Ariel in The Tempest; Clytemnestra in The Oresteia, 2012,

Hannah C. Lucal, Recognizing: Repetition for Reflection on Gender-Based Violence, 2012, Studio Art (ARTS)

Kathleen Hagan Roberts, The Professional Series & 6 Poems, 2012,

Griffin Arthur Williams, The effect of annual cover crop growth on soil moisture of a temperate Minnesota Mollisol, 2012, Geology (GEOL)

Awarded in 2011

Todd S. Anderson, Just Because There's Pieces Doesn't Mean It's a Puzzle, 2011, English (ENGL)

Katie Lynn Boudreaux, Perceptual Categorization in Pigeons: Closed vs Open Geometric Shapes, 2011, Psychology (PSYC)

Andrew Alan Chael, To Keep a Sleepless Emperor Awake: Alexios I Komnenos and the Imperial Ideal, 2013, History (HIST)

Emmamarie Catherine Haasl, Conscience in Thomas More and the Age of Reformation: The Beginnings of Casuistry, 2012, History (HIST)

Erin Jones Heydinger, The Impact of Drought on Mangrove Trophic Structures, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Morgan Victoria King, Reimagining a Literary Heritage: Cultural transmission and religious division in Vandal North Africa, 2011, Classical Languages (CLAS)

David Edward Kornfeld, Gilgamesh from a Third Stream Perspective, 2011, Music (MUSC)

Katharine Marie Lindquist, Horizontal Educational Inequalities and Civil Conflict: The nexus of ethnicity, inequality, and violent conflict, 2011, Economics (ECON)

Andrew Douglas Mering, Christopher Daniel Wilen, Celine Annabelle Yeh, and Hang Thi Viet Nguyen, Dynamics of Pulse-Coupled Integrate-and-Fire Oscillators, 2011, Mathematics (MATH)

Jesse Rothman, Bending the Arc: Reflections on Justice, Power, and Possibility, 2011, Political Science/International Relations (POSI)

Gabriel Perri Silberblatt, Revising, Re-visioning: Italo Calvino and the Politics of Play, 2011, English (ENGL)

Max Joseph Silver, Chair, 2011, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Awarded in 2010

Emma Kathleen Bentley, [Three Poems], 2010,

Molly Alice Bresslour, When Do We Support Positions Advanced by an Opposing Political Party? The Effects of Political Party Labels on Attitudes, 2010, Psychology (PSYC)

Lauren Elizabeth Burkhart, China Nights and Manchurian Dreams: Pan-Asianism in the Shiki Theater Company's Showa Trilogy, 2010, Japanese (JAPN)

Audrey Yang Carlsen, Falling, 2012,

Sarah E. Crump, Paleomagnetic data from the Rinconada fault in central California: Evidence for off-fault deformation, 2010, Geology (GEOL)

Anne Charlotte Doering, Elemental Bodies: Female Self-image and the Elements, 2010,

Andrea Nicole Donahue, We Once More Take the Liberty of Writting: Ex-Slaves Negotiating Freedom in Britain's Sierra Leone Colony, 1791-1800, 2010, History (HIST)

Shannon Jean Audre Lucille Finnegan, 8 Hour Drawings, 2010, Studio Art (ARTS)

Neil Foley, Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in the Formation of Mars, 2010, Geology (GEOL)

Mark William Hagemann, Assessment of potential seasonal climate signals preserved in a late Pleistocene stalagmite from central Texas, 2010, Geology (GEOL)

Marjorie Harrington, Trewe Techynge: Authority and Intermediaries in the Revelations of Divine Love, 2010,

Erika Marie Huckestein, I'll Never Change. I'll Always Wear Green: New Representations of Erin in Irish Nationalist Political Cartoons, 1900-1921, 2010, History (HIST)

Samuel A. Kanner, Using Low and High Frequency Subbottom Surveys to Locate Cretaceous and Quaternary Sediments in Block Island Sound: an Analysis to Estimate the Cost of an Offshore Wind Farm, 2010, Geology (GEOL)

Caroline Aurelia Rosenfeld Millington, Food and the Fall, 2012,