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In addition to this digital archive, physical copies of past Biology comps are available for browsing in the Biology office (Hulings Hall 214).


Submissions from 2011

John Murray Cossette, The evolutionary impact of range expansion: implications for the study of invasive species, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Marjorie May Dixon, Native evolution in response to exotic invasives: a potential check on invasive growth, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Nathan Vincent Doremus, Hypersexuality: A Neurobiological Look at Sexual Addiction, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Alexandra Sarah Dunn, The effects of exercise on the overactive TLR4 signaling associated with obesity-induced insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes., 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Ellen Huiskamp Esch, Novelty in Biological Invasion: Disrupting Co-­Evolutionary History, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Stefan Garrido-Shaqfeh, Cocaine's affect on dopamine releasing neurons in the Ventral Tegmental Area beyond the "DAT-is-it" theory, with a focus on changes in cellular dynamics and membrane protein makeup., 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Theodore Malone Gelderman, Chronic impacts following oil spills : rethinking ecological disturbance, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hannah Leigh Hayes, BDNF: An Exercise-Induced Biochemical Mechanism for Mitigating Alzheimer's Disease, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Erin Jones Heydinger, The Impact of Drought on Mangrove Trophic Structures, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Elizabeth Susan Jarrett, PGC-1α Mediates Exercise-Induced Relief of Peripheral Arterial Disease, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hana Rose Kazunas, The Evolution of Increased Competitive Ability (EICA): a proposal for invasive species success, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Carter Washburn Kittleson, Dysregulation of Dopamine in the Mesolimbic Reward Circuit: A Possible Link between Food Addiction and Obesity, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Kyungwon Lee, Posttranscriptional Regulation of RNA-Binding Hu Proteins in Association with Neuronal Development, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Madelyn F. Lenhard, Exercise Regulates Astrocytes and Allows for Neuronal Remyelination and Symptom Mitigation in Multiple Sclerosis, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Tadayoshi King Littleton, Interindividual Vulnerability: Understanding Basal Differences in Addiction, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Jeremiah John Mondragon Locquiao, Development of the mammalian auditory sensory epithelium: Insight on hair cell regeneration, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hillary Creagh Lyons, Hybrid Invasion: The role of multiple introductions and hybridization in the evolution of invasiveness, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Nora Claire Elizabeth Maddy, Mammalian Hair Cell Regeneration: Possible Therapeutic Techniques for the Inner Ear, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hunter Lenon Martin, Autism and the reward pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Chloe Alexandra Meisner, Binge eating disorder, obesity, and the dopamine reward pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Morgan Calvin Moy, Alzheimer's Disease: Is Combination Therapy Currently the Best Treatment?, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Lenesia Leann Nelson, The Ventral Striatum and the Reward Pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Anna Hare Newman, Investigating flowering in Chamaecrista fasciculata: Unpacking genetic and environmental influences, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Anna Hare Newman, The gene regulatory model of floral induction in Arabidopsis thaliana: distinct pathways or interconnected web?, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Masaru Konishi Nobu, Recovery from terrestrial oil spills: the damage, soil microbial oil degradation, and plant revegetation, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Tenzin Nordon, Understanding Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein and Its Importance in Propagating Fragile X Syndrome, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hilary Marie Rosenheim, The role of oxidative stress in the beneficial effects of exercise on Alzheimer's disease, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Steven Andrew Samborski, Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes and the Effects of Exercise on Glucose Uptake in Skeletal Muscle Via the Ampk-Signaling Pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Paromita Sen, Mesolimbic dopamine pathway dysfunction in dietary obesity, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Anna Leigh Snyder, Endogenous cannabinoids: An explanation for the relationship between exercise and addiction, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Britta Kathryn Swedenborg, Avian hair cell regeneration and its implications for regaining hearing, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Austin Joseph Taylor, Disturbance Mediated Shifts in Tropical Rainforest Fire Regimes, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Jack Yin Timmons, The Pitfalls of Inflammation: a review of CRP as a contributing factor to atherosclerosis and the associated benefits of exercise, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Winkle Matthew Thomas Van, The Alarm Pheromone Signaling Pathway in Ostariophysan Fish, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Elliot Anson Vaughan, Post-Fire Carbon Dynamics in Boreal Forest Soils, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Melissa Grace Villars, Reward Pathway's Connection to Overeating: Implications for Obesity, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Sasha Waldstein, The Role of JNK in β-cell Dysfunction and Insulin Resistance: Potential as a Single-Target Multifactorial Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Philip Langdon Yates, The differential regulation of alpha-secretase and beta-secretase as a causal mechanism for Alzheimer's disease, and the inhibition of beta-secretase by sterol-linking and membrane-anchoring as a therapeutic treatment, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Submissions from 2010

Laura Olivia Barsness, Not Just Black and White: The Importance of Using Genotype to Assess Melanoma Risk, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Lynsey Michelle Eider Bernfeld, Keeping the Peace in the Gut: Balancing Tregs and Th17 cells, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Grace Elizabeth Boynton, Neuromelanin and the Role of Pigmentation Genes in Parkinson's Disease, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Anjana Varikottil Chandran, Oxidated Creatine Kinase as a Potential Drug Target for PARs in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Chelsea Connair Clifford, Variation in cattle greenhouse gas emissions by feeding regime, as mediated by rumen microbial communities, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Claire Marie Crossett, Sex Peptide: Agent of Antagonism, Product of Polyandry, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Megan Rhiannon Dever-Hansen, mDia as a novel drug target for cancer metastasis, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Heidi Elisabeth Fjeldstad, Regulation of Sleep and Arousal, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Stephen E. Gee, Derailing the Cascade: Targeting the HIV-CCR5-mediated signaling cascade, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Megan Enderlin Howard, G protein-coupled estrogen receptor 1 and membrane metalloproteinases as a novel target for breast cancer treatment, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Richard Jae Kyung Hwang, Murine X Inactivation Involves Polycomb Proteins Targeted by Noncoding RNA, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Colin Vinson Jenks, The role of microRNA-206 in skeletal muscle development, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Rose Simone Greenwald Kantor, Advances in the photochemical and metabolic manipulation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for hydrogen fuel production, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Sonya Krishnan, MicroRNA-1 and microRNA-133: key regulators in cardiogenesis and adult heart maintenance, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Esther Kai-Jim Liu, MC1R RHC Variants and the Risk for Malignant Melanoma, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Eva Maria Luderowski, microRNA-124 regulates vertebrate neuronal development, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Kathryn Elizabeth Malecek, The Forgotten Phenotype: Long Noncoding RNAs Direct Cell Identity and Modulate Behavior, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Megan Rose Mitchell, Why are some Hymenoptera queens so promiscuous? Investigating the evolution of polyandry in super-polyandrous army ants and honeybees, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Santhi Nalla, The Overexpression of the Noncoding RNA H19 in Cancer Alters Many Cellular Processes, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Erika Ohashi, Probiotic-induced class-switch recombination of allergen-specific B cells to IgA may prevent IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reactions, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Zachary David Palchick, Vertebrate Limb Development and the Emerging Role of MircroRNAs, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Rebecca Jane Palmer, MiR-206 and Skeletal Muscle Development, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Anupama Parameswaran, Cysteine String Protein α, a putative drug target for treatment of congenital Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Jean Louise Porter, The Contribution of Methane Producing Archaea to the Obesity Epidemic, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Mahesh Badeti Rao, MicroRNA-124 is a key regulator of neurogenesis, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Laura Elizabeth Roach, Exercise Therapy and Relief of Depressive Symptoms, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Jinho Shin, MicroRNA's Regulation of the Nodal Pathway, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Nate Jasper Stewart, The effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on plant-enemy interactions, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Margaret Rose Taylor, Modification of the Lignin Biosynthetic Pathway to Reduce Biomass Recalcitrance in the Production of Cellulosic Ethanol, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Derek Vang, Serotonin Modulates our Decision Making in Gambling, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Colin Michael Wakeham, The role of acetylcholine in rapid eye movement sleep, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Ashley Brittany Wentworth, The unexpected evolution of extreme polyandry in Apis: Unique means of minimizing costs and maximizing benefits, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

William August White, Family Feud: The Intersection of Polyandry, Viviparity, and Speciation, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Peter Richard Wilton, Selfish Genetic Elements and the Evolution of Polyandry, 2010, Biology (BIOL)

Meghan Frances Wood, The function of Nod2 in the recognition and regulation of microbes in the gut and the relationship between Nod2 and the pathogenesis of Crohn's Ddisease, 2010, Biology (BIOL)