Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Biology Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.

In addition to this digital archive, physical copies of past Biology comps are available for browsing in the Biology office (Hulings Hall 214).


Submissions from 2017

Cynthia Chang, Role of p300/CBP Histoneacetyltransferase Activity in Long Term Memory Formation of the Hippocampus, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Lisa Cheung, Activation of SREBPs induce de novo lipogenesis to support tumorigenesis in cancer cells, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Rachel Stephanie Cheung, Expansion of the Outer Subventricular Zone in the Neocortex: aRG Differentiation & bRG Proliferation, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Allison Lee Clark, Understanding the mechanism of Myc-induced glutamine addiction in cancer cells, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Laina Cross, Evolutionarily Conserved Regulatory Programs Inform Treatments for Myocardial Infarction, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Cyrus James Deloye, Evolution within the urban environment: the two mechanisms of human driven genetic variation, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Jinhong Dong, Macrophage Activation and Extracellular Matrix Destruction in Tuberculosis, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Kelly Elizabeth Fahrner-Scott, Tumor-associated macrophages and vascular endothelial growth factor in the tumor microenvironment, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Emily Huang, Stress-Induced DNA Methylation and MicroRNA Regulation Lead to Stress Vulnerability and Resilience, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Joyce Kim, The STING pathway: molecular mechanisms and potential for innovative cancer immunotherapy, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Saehee Lee, Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): a model for epigenetic modifications, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Lalangi Shanika Marasinghe, What in hydroxylation! Hypoxic tumor environments reduce the ability of lysyl hydroxylase 2 to induce collagen deposition, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Patton Craig McClelland, R-Smads mediate the dual nature of TGF-β1 signaling in inflammatory bowel disease, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Kazia Mermel, Sex gets hotter: Evolutionary responses of reptile sex determination to climate change, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Sarah Min, Adult SVZ Niche Signals Drive NSC Maintenance and Neuronal Differentiation, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Jeanne G. Moua, M2 Macrophage Polarization and Tumor Invasion: Regulating Anti-Inflammatory NF-kB, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Kyle Martin Mou, Autophagy-mediated aerobic glycolysis in the tumor stroma supports oxidative metabolism in cancer cells: metabolic coupling in the tumor microenvironment, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Justin Ross Nathan, Cardiac Fibroblasts as the Primary Drivers of Cardiac Fibrosis: A Study of Injury-Induced miRNA Dysregulation, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Aidan Thomas Murphy Neher, DNA methylation transformations essential to cocaine action, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Amelia Julie Neilson, The Flux Capacity: A mechanism for PCK-driven glutamine utilization and mTORC1 activation in cancer, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Lauren Tolkemitt Pflughoeft, Salmon migratory adaptation in the Anthropocene, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Koehler Ray Powell, Born This Way: Transgenerational Epigenetic Transmission of Preconception Stress, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Maud Hudson Prineas, Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Tumor Destruction Using Immunotherapy, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Jackson Friedrich Raynor, Crosstalk between signaling pathways: A holistic approach to understanding fibrosis, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Georgia M. Schmitt, Causes and cures for psychiatric illness: An examination of microRNA’s role in regulating behavior, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Kaylee Shiao, The Role of HOX Genes in Patterning and Development in the Fin-To-Limb Transition, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Ryann Elizabeth Shor, There Will Be Blood: Vascular Mimicry Perpetuates an Aggressive Cancer Phenotype, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Katherine Prothero Sperry, Ocean warming and receding sea ice drive the changing biogeography of kelps, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Brett Eric Sterk, Dynamic DNA Methylation as an Essential Epigenetic Regulator of Memory Consolidation, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Geraldine Tellbuescher, The Role of DNA Methylation and Histone Methylation in Addictive Behavior, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Ka Thao, Photodynamic Therapy Induces Immunogenic Cell Death in Cancer Cells, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Maria Wetzel, A BCL-2 Family Affair: Apoptotic proteins, metabolism, and chemosensitivity, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Rebecca Wiersma, The role of dynamic DNA methylation in long-term memory consolidation, 2017, Biology (BIOL)

Submissions from 2016

Besim Ademi, The Role of the Gut Microbiota in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Dani Mae Andrusko, Coming of Age: Morphological maturation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm is dependent on extracellular DNA, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Anais Elena Boyd, Decoupling C and N cycles: Drought differentially affects plant and microbial activity in arid ecosystems, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Amelia Marie Campbell, Mechanisms of Centrally-Mediated Skeletal Muscle Fatigue: Small Fibers Have a Big Impact, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Senya Rae Combs, A mesoscopic model for force generation in Listeria monocytogenes, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Kathryn Rae Crofton, Mom Teaches Tolerance: Breast Milk, Gut Microbes, and the Induction of Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Jlor Mesa Dizon, The directionality of neural crest migration relies on chemotactic signaling to counterbalance contact inhibition of locomotion, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Patrick H. England, Codon Usage Bias: A Not So Silent Mechanism in Regulating Gene Expression, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Thomas Rickey Felton, Junction-Mediated and Regulatory Protein Connects Cellular Adhesion and Protrusion Regulatory Pathways., 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Jeremy Adams Fisher, A Specialist in a Strange Land: The Role of Multi-Species Interactions and Non-Adaptive Mechanisms in Lepidoptera Specialization, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Samuel Evan Greaves, The Silent Treatment: The Consequences of Synonymous Codon Selection In Exonic Binding Sites, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Sara Elizabeth Hastings, Storm runoff pulses and their effects on phytoplankton community composition and primary productivity in estuaries, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Jody He, Need for Speed: The Role of Translational Efficiency in Codon Usage Bias, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Ellis Sweet Johnston, Sequestration of Plant Metabolites and its Varied Usage by Generalist and Specialist Herbivores, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Prasidda Khadka, Reprogramming of the immune cells by gut microbiota plays an important role in anti-tumor immunity, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Megan Marie King, Microbial Metabolites as Messengers: Bifidobacterium uses metabolites to modulate dendritic cell maturation, differentiation, and function with implications to Celiac Disease, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Julia Krumholz, Lyme Disease Host Frequencies Change in Response to Acorn Masts, Altering Prevalence of Borrelia Burgodorferi in Northeast American Environments, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Alexander Richard Kulacki, Generalists and Specialists in Response to Ecological Disturbance, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Abhimanyu Lele, Causes of Individual Foraging Specialization, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

de Macedi Khuaten Maaneb, The role of carbohydrate subtypes in T cell population modification, intestinal epithelial cell tight junction integrity, and autoimmune disease, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Matthew Allen Mensinger, The Ecological Influences of Semelparous Salmon and Anthropogenic Nutrient Subsidies in Riparian Systems, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Darcy Mishkind, A Codon of Silence: The effects of synonymous codon optimization and de-optimization on translation, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Anya Moradian, Commissural axons require additional cues that modulate the Netrin pathway and ensure proper guidance, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Christopher William Nootenboom, Whale Falls and the Species-Energy Theory: Dual Resource Pulses that Promote Global Diversity as Evolutionary Stepping Stones, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Jordan Marie Pruszenski, Examining migratory ungulates as a resource pulse and their effects on the species in their migratory range, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Shraddha Raghavan, Extracellular matrix components play a critical role in the segmental migration of trunk neural crest cells, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Andy Rodgers, Understanding host shifts in phytophagous insects and their role in diversification, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Brittany Salazar, Effect of gut microbiome on TH17 cell activation and Toll-like receptor signaling in rheumatoid arthritis development, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Roberto Stephen Sande, The Netrin-1/DCC/ERK Pathway and its Effects on Axonal Branching, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Grace Marie Sassana, Feeding Our Immune Systems: Microbiota-Derived Short Chain Fatty Acids Regulate Colonic Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cell Generation, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Cameron Meyer Shorb, Factors regulating invasive plant responses to resource pulses, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Bing Shui, Gastric Cancer Metastasis: Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Promoted By Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Ximou Song, Synonymous Codon Bias in Translational Elongation and Protein Folding, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Christopher Ely Sundquist, Commensal Communication: An Examination of the Bacteroides fragilis Polysaccharide A Dependent Immunosuppressive Pathway, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Gail J. Waltz, Synonymous Codon Use: Effects on Ribosome Speed, Protein Folding, and Protein Function, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Ryan David Wegner, Periodic Cicadas as a Resource Pulse, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Samuel West, The roll of the cytokine CXCL12 and its receptor CXCR4 in the metastasis of tumor cells in breast cancer, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Samuel William White, Maintenance of DUOX-pathway Homeostasis in the Drosophila Gut, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Richard Michael Yeker, ROS/RNS impair sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium release and decrease calcium sensitivity to induce skeletal muscle fatigue, 2016, Biology (BIOL)

Submissions from 2015

Shamis M. Adam, Antiviral Immunity: Interactions between Inhibitory Killer-Cell Immunoglobulin-like Receptors and MHC-I Molecules in HIV Infection, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Jae Ahn, Canonical and Non-Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathways Regulate Dendritic Morphogenesis and Synaptogenesis in Hippocampal Neurons, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Laura Christine Arneson, From Burger to Tumor: The Role of Diet-Derived Glycans in Cancer, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Hillary Kraemer Barbetta, Exploring and enhancing the regenerative potential of the mammalian heart through exogenous cardiomyocyte differentiation and transplantation, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Emily Virginia Buckner, Making Connections in Human-dominated Landscapes: The Ecological Role of Subsidies in Recipient Systems, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Colette Celichowski, The Great Xscape: How and Why Genes Escape Inactivation on the Eutherian Xi, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Ruisu Chen, N-ε-carboxymethyl-lysine (CML) binds to the receptor for AGE (RAGE) and activates multiple pathways that lead to the development of atherosclerosis complications in diabetes patients, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Louis David Cohen, Dosage Compensation Models in C. elegans compared to those in D. melanogaster, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Laura Legendre Colbran, An Exiting Existence: mechanisms of mammalian sex chromosome inactivation, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Wenyue College, Multiple pathways are required for hypoxia-induced autophagy - a survival mechanism of cancer cells, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Alison Carol Coogan, Nephron segmentation and its application in advancing regenerative therapies for kidney disease, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Daniel David Cook, Regulation of the Ferric Uptake Regulator through Extracellular Cell Wall Iron Storage Drives an Accumulation of Intracellular Iron during the Lag Phase of Staphylococcus aureus, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Hannah Marit Curtiss, Aberrant O-Mannose Initiated Glycosylation of ?-Dystroglycan Underlies Congenital Muscular Dystrophies, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Leigh Dairaghi, Mechanisms of mammalian dosage compensation: X-chromosome inactivation and reactivation, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

John Alexander Ficklin, Predation in the City, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Lily Rose Gage, Effects of human-mediated habitat change on parasite prevalence and transmission, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Alexandra Nicole Guy, Mechanisms behind the disintegration of the midline epithelial seam in palatogenesis and implications for cleft palate, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Alison Elizabeth Hall, Ecosystem and Community Consequences of Size Selective Fishing, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Anthony Lamar Harris, An Increase from the Normal Homeostatic Temperature of Photorhabdus asymbiotica Induces Weakened Virulence Capabilities, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Emily Jo Hillmer, The Role of Aberrantly Glycosylated MUC1 in Mechanisms of Breast Cancer Metastasis, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Kyle John Kasten, Variation in corridor habitat requirements between predator and prey species, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Shiou-Yuh Lin, Dosage Compensation through X Chromosome Inactivation, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Jacky Lu, Got Guts to be a Killer? The Role of Natural Killer Cells in Gut Mucosal Immunity, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Noah Mason, The Role of Epigenetics in Ventricular Septal Defects, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Elisabeth Anne Massey, This Is Tau We Do It: The Role of Tau O-GlcNAcylation in Alzheimer's Disease, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Emiri Matsuda, Killing the Messenger: NK cell editing of APCs as a therapeutic target for MS, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Claire Elizabeth McDonald, Mammalian Solutions to an Xistential Problem: Dosage Compensation in Eutherians and Marsupials, 2015, Biology (BIOL)

Terese M. Nelson, Paternal imprinting plays a key role in embryonic X chromosome regulation differences between mammalian infraclasses, 2015, Biology (BIOL)