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In addition to this digital archive, physical copies of past Biology comps are available for browsing in the Biology office (Hulings Hall 214).


Submissions from 2013

Keenan Thomas Hartert, Y so Deleterious? The Destructive Evolution of the Mammalian Y Chromosome and its Path to Salvation, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Marlena Sara Hartman-Filson, The Perpetuation of Human Homosexuality: A Darwinian Paradox?, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Edward Fitzgerald Heckman, Estrogenic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Female Pubertal Timing: Possible interactions in the Kiss1/GPR554 System Leading to Precocious Puberty, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Ian Henry Hollyer, Sex Specific Organization of Estrogen Receptors and the Sex Bias of Parkinson's Disease, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Stephanie Nicole Kravitz, Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: The Role of Gonadal Hormones in Bipolar Mood Cycling, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Alexandra Long, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in the Intestinal Epithelium: A New Model for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Erin Ramirez Lopez, Sex-Brain Plasticity: Altering the Theory of Permanence, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Marisa Luck, Friend or foe? Regulatory T cells in viral infections of the CNS, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Dhilhan Umayanga Marasinghe, The Biology of a Sexy Chromosome: Implications of syntenic mapping on the evolution of sex chromosomes, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Claire Angela Milsted, Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influence Phosphorus Limitation in Tropical Forests, 2014, Biology (BIOL)

Sarah Louise Nielsen, A NO/RyRs/CaMKII signal transduction pathway may be responsible for phase delay during photic entrainment of the circadian clock, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Adriana Orland, Investigation of the MeCP2 Gene: Rett's Syndrome as a Model for Autism?, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Ashley Rose Paquin, Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Psychological Extreme Male Brain: An Exploration of Biological Mechanisms, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Sarah Krafft Rempel, Circadian Clock Regulation of Dopamine in the Ventral Tegmental Area, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Brian Harrison Rhodes, Advantages of the Use of TAL Effector Nucleases Over Zinc Finger Nucleases in the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Samuel Koehnline Rosenberg, The Role of Melanopsin-Containing Cells in Mammals: Pupillary Light Response, Photoentrainment of the Circadian Cycle, and Implications for Disease, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Ruby Leigh Russell, Preventing and Protecting Against Alzheimer's Disease: An Independent Role for Androgens, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Amelia Bullard Schlossberg, A Pain In My Astrocytes and Microglia: A Biological Mechanism for Sex Bias in Chronic Neuropathic Pain, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Alec Scott, An Evaluation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus as Drivers of Cyanobacterial Blooms, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Anisa Abdi Suleiman, B3-Adrenergic Receptor Agonists as a Treatment for Obesity by Inducing Thermogenesis in Brown Adipose Tissue, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Nana Tanamoto, The endoplasmic reticulum as a modulator of cellular metabolism: A novel metabolic paradigm for Alzheimer disease, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Breanna Jane Tetreault, The roles of relaxin and hyaluronic acid in the extracellular matrix during cervical ripening, and their control on the timing of parturition, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Souriya Thao, Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy Using MicroRNA-1, -499, -155 for Heart Regeneration, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Sarah Gardner Thappa, Taking Sex Bias in Disease to Heart: Female Sex Bias in Cardiovascular Disease and Coronary Heart Disease, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Elissa Ann Walter, Species Loss from Nitrogen Deposition in Grasslands: The Differing Environmental Conditions that Cause Competitive-Exclusion-Driven vs. Acidification-Driven Declines in Species Richness, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Taylor Daniel Ward, The Identification of Irisin as a Potential Novel Treatment for Obesity in Humans, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Janie Chan Wong, Tamoxifen Resistance in Breast Cancer: The Search for the Missing Receptor, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Marika Xydes-­‐Smith, The Role of Chronodisruption in the Development of Type Two Diabetes Mellitus, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Kenneth Wade Zillig, Mother Nature in Australia with a Dry Spell: How a Climate Change caused the Australian Megafauna Extinction Event, 2013, Biology (BIOL)

Submissions from 2012

Sameena Nasim Ahmed, The Cancer-Obesity Link: How Insulin and IGF Stimulate Aerobic Glycolysis through the PI3K Pathway, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Margaret Rose Alexander, The Role of the Wnt Pathway in Cancer Stem Cell Formation and the Opposing Function of Wnt Antagonists, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Steve C. Amaefuna, Understanding the Warburg Effect, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Emmaline Jiang Ashley, Mind over Matter: The Role of the Endogenous Opioid System in Placebo Analgesia, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Sean Lu Beckwith, Chromatin Architecture and Gene Expression: Remodeling and Recruitment in the Gal4 System, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

John David Christensen, Regulation of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 (HIF-1) and the Glycolytic Phenotype in Cancers, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Mike Aaron Clark, Induced Plant Responses: Impacts on Arthropod Herbivore Community Composition, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Amelia Christine Clement, The Role of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Breast Cancer Stem Cell Development: Implications for Metastasis, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Maegan Lori Mariko Doi, Training the Mind: How Expectancy-Mediated Conditioning Affects Placebo Analgesia, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Elise Pamela Erickson, Transdifferentiation of Adult Cell Types to ?-cells: Therapeutic Potential for Type 1 Diabetes, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Haley Mae Golz, Landscape diversity and natural pest control: Does increased landscape diversity lead to increased pest control in agroecosystems? Landscape diversity and natural pest control: Does increased landscape diversity lead to increased pest control in agroecosystems?, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Rachel Elisabeth Gottesman, Myostatin Inhibition: Potential Therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Ian Holmen, Mature IGF-1 precursor isoforms have varying roles in skeletal muscle myogenesis, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

YeJi Jun, Ready, set ... Go!, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Brian Thomas Kaletka, Priming Induced Defense Against Herbivory and its Effects on Plant Fitness and Community Composition, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Angela Hye-Jee Kim, UCP2 Mediation of the Warburg Effect in Chemoresistant Cancers, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Djem Ulian Kissiov, The Epigenetic Basis of Cocaine Addiction: Chromatin-Mediated Differential Gene Expression in the Dopaminergic Reward Pathway, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

William Henderson Ladner, Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Expectation-Driven Placebo Analgesia, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Chelsea Elizabeth Lau, Good Things Come to Those Who Expect Them: Neurobiological mechanisms of placebo analgesia, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Nancy Kay Liu, The Heart of Cell Regeneration, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Matthew Christopher Matsunaga, Adeno-associated viral vectors: turning agents of disease into agents of healing in hemophilia B, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Kellan David McLemore, The Effects of Climate Change on the Role Bark Beetles Play in the Carbon Cycle, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Robert L. Mills, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Kristine Nachbor, Manipulation of gene expression: controlling dopaminergic neuronal reward pathways through optogenetic regulation, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Ava Therese Litton Navasero, The chicken or the egg, which came first? Insulin resistance and mitochondrial dysfunction in Type II diabetes induce skeletal muscle atrophy., 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Kayla Rose Nygaard, From dam to pup: The epigenetic modification of maternal care across generations, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Susan Pham, Altered Calcium Homeostasis is Responsible for Non-Normal Aging and Dementia, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Diedre Faye Reitz, Critically examining our understanding of cancer metabolism: Evidence for the reverse Warburg effect?, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Kelsey Elizabeth Ross, Coral reefs and algal states: phase shifts and feedbacks in a changing world, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Vaughn Alexander Schmid, Looking at Viral and Non-Viral Vectors in Gene Therapy: A Description and Comparison, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Christine Jaclyn Stewart, Rise and Demise -- Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors in the Diversifications of Dinosaurs and Mammals, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Emily Lauren Sykes, Testosterone Action on Skeletal Muscle: Declining Testosterone Levels in Elderly Males Contribute to Sarcopenia, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Erik Skidmore VanDis, Zinc-finger nucleases targeted to CCR5: A gene-based therapy to treat HIV-1 infection, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Katherine Rachel Wahl, Immunomodulatory Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A promising new treatment approach for type-1 diabetes mellitus, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

David Paul Walker, The Modulatory Role of the Nucleus Accumbens in Placebo Analgesia, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

George Robert Wheeler, The Impacts of Defensive Traits on Plants' Mutualistic Interactions, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Alex William Wirta, Myostatin Inhibition: a Potential Target for Attenuating the Effects of Obesity, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Tristan Allen Zimmerman, Ecological Interactions With Ant-Plant Defensive Mutualisms, 2012, Biology (BIOL)

Submissions from 2011

Katlynn Z. Adkin, Maternal behavior and the mesolimbic dopamine pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Tim Bielecki, Male Response to Prostaglandin F2α Components of Female Postovulatory Pheromone in Cyprininae Fish, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Carter Biewen, A workout for your cells: Exercise as a means of preventing and treating cancer, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

John Murray Cossette, The evolutionary impact of range expansion: implications for the study of invasive species, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Marjorie May Dixon, Native evolution in response to exotic invasives: a potential check on invasive growth, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Nathan Vincent Doremus, Hypersexuality: A Neurobiological Look at Sexual Addiction, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Alexandra Sarah Dunn, The effects of exercise on the overactive TLR4 signaling associated with obesity-induced insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes., 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Ellen Huiskamp Esch, Novelty in Biological Invasion: Disrupting Co-­Evolutionary History, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Stefan Garrido-Shaqfeh, Cocaine's affect on dopamine releasing neurons in the Ventral Tegmental Area beyond the "DAT-is-it" theory, with a focus on changes in cellular dynamics and membrane protein makeup., 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Theodore Malone Gelderman, Chronic impacts following oil spills : rethinking ecological disturbance, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hannah Leigh Hayes, BDNF: An Exercise-Induced Biochemical Mechanism for Mitigating Alzheimer's Disease, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Erin Jones Heydinger, The Impact of Drought on Mangrove Trophic Structures, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Elizabeth Susan Jarrett, PGC-1α Mediates Exercise-Induced Relief of Peripheral Arterial Disease, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hana Rose Kazunas, The Evolution of Increased Competitive Ability (EICA): a proposal for invasive species success, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Carter Washburn Kittleson, Dysregulation of Dopamine in the Mesolimbic Reward Circuit: A Possible Link between Food Addiction and Obesity, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Kyungwon Lee, Posttranscriptional Regulation of RNA-Binding Hu Proteins in Association with Neuronal Development, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Madelyn F. Lenhard, Exercise Regulates Astrocytes and Allows for Neuronal Remyelination and Symptom Mitigation in Multiple Sclerosis, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Tadayoshi King Littleton, Interindividual Vulnerability: Understanding Basal Differences in Addiction, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Jeremiah John Mondragon Locquiao, Development of the mammalian auditory sensory epithelium: Insight on hair cell regeneration, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hillary Creagh Lyons, Hybrid Invasion: The role of multiple introductions and hybridization in the evolution of invasiveness, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Nora Claire Elizabeth Maddy, Mammalian Hair Cell Regeneration: Possible Therapeutic Techniques for the Inner Ear, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hunter Lenon Martin, Autism and the reward pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Chloe Alexandra Meisner, Binge eating disorder, obesity, and the dopamine reward pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Morgan Calvin Moy, Alzheimer's Disease: Is Combination Therapy Currently the Best Treatment?, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Lenesia Leann Nelson, The Ventral Striatum and the Reward Pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Anna Hare Newman, Investigating flowering in Chamaecrista fasciculata: Unpacking genetic and environmental influences, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Anna Hare Newman, The gene regulatory model of floral induction in Arabidopsis thaliana: distinct pathways or interconnected web?, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Masaru Konishi Nobu, Recovery from terrestrial oil spills: the damage, soil microbial oil degradation, and plant revegetation, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Tenzin Nordon, Understanding Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein and Its Importance in Propagating Fragile X Syndrome, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Hilary Marie Rosenheim, The role of oxidative stress in the beneficial effects of exercise on Alzheimer's disease, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Steven Andrew Samborski, Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes and the Effects of Exercise on Glucose Uptake in Skeletal Muscle Via the Ampk-Signaling Pathway, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Paromita Sen, Mesolimbic dopamine pathway dysfunction in dietary obesity, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Anna Leigh Snyder, Endogenous cannabinoids: An explanation for the relationship between exercise and addiction, 2011, Biology (BIOL)