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In addition to this digital archive, physical copies of past Biology comps are available for browsing in the Biology office (Hulings Hall 214).


Submissions from 2022

Athena Brooks, Biology (BIOL) 2022, IRF4 as a Central Transcription Factor Determining Long Lived Plasma Cell Fate in the Germinal Center

Carly Lo, Biology (BIOL) 2022, An Explosion of Aquatic Life: A Comparative Evaluation of the Impact of Wildfires on Freshwater and Marine Phytoplankton Communities

Walter Williamson, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Evaluating the Importance of SARS-CoV-2 Respiratory Droplet Dispersal and Persistence in Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Submissions from 2021

Sarah Allaben, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Complex Interactions between the Coral Holobiont and Environmental Stressors Necessitate a New Paradigm of Disease Research

Kano Amagai, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Bats Exhibit Suppressed Inflammation Upon Viral Infection Due to Flight-Induced Oxidative Stress

Jessalyn Ayars, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Evaluating the Mechanisms of the Dilution Effect Hypothesis of Pathogen Prevalence for Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, and Lyme Disease

Asha Bozicevich, Biology (BIOL) 2021, The Positive Feedback Loop between IL-10 Production, STAT3 Activation, BLIMP-1 Expression, and T cell Exhaustion

Brevin A. Clark, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Small Change, Big Impact - the Role of a Four Amino Acid Addition to the S1/S2 Site of SARS-CoV-2

Josephine Conn, Biology (BIOL) 2021, It's Batty! The Unique Antiviral Response of Type-I Interferons in Bats

Maris Daleo, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Black and White Patterns Deter Biting Flies: An Analysis of Zebras and Related Ungulates

Nina Denne, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Key Epigenetic & Transcriptional Factors Regulating T Cell Exhaustion Indicate Exhausted CD8+ T cells Cluster Into 4 Distinct Subsets

Danielle Dudley, Biology (BIOL) 2021, SARS-CoV-2 Induced Cytokine Storm Inhibits mTOR Function in CD8+ T cells

Eliana Durnbaugh, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Mood – Modifying Microbes: Bacterial Production of Anti-Inflammatory Tryptophan Indoles Link Probiotic Use and Reduced Depression

Kate Engel, Biology (BIOL) 2021, A Mechanistic Approach to PD-1 Metabolic Restriction of CD8 T Cell Fate and Function

Ben George, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Genomic and Epigenetic Variance in HPV16 Affect Viral Carcinogenicity and Cervical Cancer Outcomes

Emma Greenlee, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Invasive Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Alter Biogeochemical Cycling in Native Ecosystems

Glenn Peter Gullickson IV, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Cephalopod Crypsis: The Production of Camouflage Patterns in Response to Photoreception in the Eyes and Skin

Alec Jacobson, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Spike Mutations in B.1.1.7 and Other SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern Modify Viral Pathogenicity and Interfere with Antibody Neutralization

Erin Jenson, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Tracking Transmission of Measles Virus by Sequencing Various Regions of the Genome

Helen Keithahn, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Tolerating Viruses Right Off the Bat: The Unique Innate Immune Response in Bats

Zach Kulstad, Biology (BIOL) 2021, PD-1 and Tim-3 Cooperate to Inhibit TCR Signaling in Severely Exhausted CD8+ T Cells

Grace Leuchtenberger, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Every Breath (of COVID-19) You Take: Aerosols Driving COVID-19 Superspreader Events

Amy Lin, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Porphyromonas gingivalis Induces MyD88- and LPS- Independent Inhibition of PROS1 Anti-Inflammatory Function

Kaela Mali, Biology (BIOL) 2021, ARF We There Yet?: The H. pylori Driven, Subnuclear Translocation of ARF Protein

Maxime Munyeshyaka, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Uncovering Mechanisms of Oligodendrocytes in Learning and Memory

Lucy Neumann, Biology (BIOL) 2021, The Applicability of the Costly Signaling Hypothesis and the Index Hypothesis as Adaptive Explanations for Honest Quality Signaling in Carotenoid-Based Male Bird Plumage

Rose Newell, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Fungal and Viral Coinfection: The Impact on Viral Shedding in Bats

Lucy Newman, Biology (BIOL) 2021, R-loop Structures Are Implicated in Epigenetic Dysregulation Characteristic of Trinucleotide Repeat Expansions in Non-Coding Genomic Regions

Maggy Osha, Biology (BIOL) 2021, The Role of Repeat RNA in TriNucleotide Repeat Disease Pathology and Treatment

Alex Poeschla, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Tim-3 Mediates Cytotoxic T Cell Exhaustion in Cancer but Beneficially Maintains Maternal-Fetal Tolerance in Pregnancy

Thomas Rubino, Biology (BIOL) 2021, An Assessment of the Factors That Modulate Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Ben Schnieders, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Critical Factors Predict Whether Evolutionary Rescue Will Occur in Bats and Amphibians Threatened by Novel Fungal Pathogens: Chytridiomycosis and White-nose Syndrome

Claire Schregardus, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Effect of a Strong Type I Interferon Response on Interferon-Stimulated Gene Expression and Viral Persistence in Bats

Lakshya Seth, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Blimp-1: A Key Transcription Factor in Mediating T cell Response to Persistent Antigen Stimulation

Emma Shedd, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Shifting U.S. Temperate Forests from Ecto- to Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Associations: How Will Carbon Stocks Respond?

Raba Tefera, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Role of Constitutive Expression of Type I Interferons and the Effects of Virus Coevolution in Bats

Maria Thurow, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Catching My Breath - Aerosol and Droplet Deposition of SARS-CoV-2 in Lung Tissue

Matthew Watowich, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Chronic Type-I Interferon Stimulation Accelerates Established HIV-1 Infection and Progression to AIDS

Parmida Yazdanpanah, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Bats Avoid the Pathologies of Viral Infection via Immune Dampening

Gavin Young, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Predicting Pathogen Danger Through the Use of Biodiversity Metrics

Cloris Zhang, Biology (BIOL) 2021, The Contradictory Role of Reactive Astrocytes in Alzheimer’s Disease

Submissions from 2020

Daniel Alexander, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Optimizing CAR T Cell Signaling Domains to Modify Metabolism and Increase Efficacy Against Neuroblastoma

Nof Babajide, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Incidence of Autism in Response to Changes in Brain Asymmetry

Nicholas Baer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of Ion Channels in ATP-Induced Microglial Chemotaxis

Julie Bailard, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Cation Channels Cooperate to Influence Microglial Necroptosis and Inflammatory Signaling in White Matter Neurodegenerative Disease

Stan Birdsong, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Effects of Habenular Nuclei Asymmetry on Behavior

Caroline Boroughs, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Initiation of Parturition in Humans

Am Bovornvirakit, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Cascading Effects of Intraguild Predation and Refugia on Animal Behavior

Julia Braulick, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Why Plants Become Invasive: Enemy Release, Resource Availability, and Herbivore Preferences

Christian Cavan, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Reduced Age and Premature Juvenile Salmon Migration Impacts a Decrease in Adult Size

Celeste Chen, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of β-NGF in Induced Ovulation in Camelids

Cecily Choy, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of Autoimmunity in Primary Ovarian Insufficiency: A Proposed Mechanism of Attack

Darryl Colcol, Biology (BIOL) 2020, KV1.3: An Ionic Driving Force for Neural Degradation

Thais Del Rosario Hernandez, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of Asymmetry in Epithalamic Structures on Psychiatric Disorders

Hannah Eglinton, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Regulating Antigen Stimulation to Improve Memory Formation and Mitigate Exhaustion in CAR T Cells

Jithran Ekanayake, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Preliminary Model for a Biomimetic Space Radiation Shield

Estee Emlen, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Helminth Parasites and Allergens Initiate Type 2 Immune Responses by Inducing IL-25 and IL-33 Signaling to Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells

Maria Fairchild, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Redox or Detox? The Role of the Ladderane Lipid Membrane in Anammox Metabolism

Emma Ferrer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Mechanisms for Modulating Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) after Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy

David Galambos, Biology (BIOL) 2020, RNA Transcripts Assemble Nuclear Bodies That Regulate Chromatin Organization and Transcription Machinery

Seth Greengo, Biology (BIOL) 2020, N-6-Methyladenosine Promotes HIV Replication through Its Interactions with Host YTHDF Proteins

Josh Hauser, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Wingbeat Frequency Negatively Correlates with Flexural Stiffness to Mitigate Damage in Birds with Rapid Wingbeats

Adam Hruby, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Is This Canon? Both Replicative and Oncogene-Induced Cellular Senescence Activate the Canonical NF-κB Pathway, but Only Oncogene-Induced Senescence Activates the Noncanonical NF-κB Pathway

Christopher Jabbarpour, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Destabilization of Fish Schooling Behavior Due to a Changing Climate

Abby Jackson, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Allogeneic DAP12-based CAR NK Cells as an Anti-HIV Immunotherapy to Target the Latent Viral Reservoir

Daniel Johnson, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Engineering Safety Switches to Manage the Toxicities of CAR T Cell Therapy

Kamran Kelly, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Driving Out Autoimmunity: Generating a CAR T Regulatory Cell Against Multiple Sclerosis

Hannah Kennicott, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Confirming Diurnal Oscillations and Scrutinizing the Potential Circadian Rhythm of the Gut Microbiome

Caroline Kern-Allely, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Inclusion of the Landscape of Fear and Mesopredator Release in a Trophic Cascade Model to Predict Effects of Apex Predator Extirpation

Rebekah Kissel, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: GABA Mediated Neuroendocrine Origins

Oleksandr Kyrysyuk, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Boolean Logic-Gated CAR T Cells with TCR Mimic Recognition Overcome Critical Antigen Targeting Barrier in Solid Tumors

Emma Lederer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, CD28 CAR Regulatory T cells Prevent Graft Rejection and Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Joe Lewis, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Pleistocene Megafauna Extinction: Combining Prehistoric Data with Modern Experiments to Determine the Impact on Vegetation

Brendon Lin, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Oxygen and Temperature May Be Able to Predict Size-based Responses to Global Warming in Polar Waters

Quinn McVeigh, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Complex Interplay of MicroRNAs and N6-methyladenosine Modifications for Precise Control of Messenger RNA Levels

Tanvi Mehta, Biology (BIOL) 2020, A Twisted Gut: Understanding Left-Right Asymmetry in Gut Morphogenesis

Cameron Meikle, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Alternative Roles for m6A Modifications During Flaviviridae Infection

Fletcher Metz, Biology (BIOL) 2020, A Bispecific CD8+ CAR-T Cell Therapy Optimized for Persistence, Exhaustion Resistance, Immunity from HIV, and Prevention of HIV Immune Escape

Ada Meyer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Impacts of Microplastics on Particle Flux and the Biological Pump in a Warming Ocean

Keenan Moore, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Plastic Pollutants: Bisphenol A and Its Effects on Male Fertility

Sarah Newsham, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Predicted Increase in Phytoplankton Abundance due to Climate Change: Importance of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Controls

Fin Ouweleen, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Plumage Problem: Presence of Bird Display Is Affected by Selective Pressures from Parasitization and Predation

Annalise Peebles, Biology (BIOL) 2020, From Surface Water to Sediment: How Warming Temperatures Influence the Deposition of Microplastics in Marine and Freshwater Systems

Conrad Phelan, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Cytoskeleton Is the Decisive Factor in C-Looping in the Chick Heart

Maya Powell, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Branching Corals Are Disproportionately Susceptible to Ocean Acidification Based on Diffusive Boundary Layer Variation

Peter Richieri, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Molecular to Organismal Chirality; a Possible Blueprint for Establishing Left-Right Asymmetry in the Bilateria

Katherine Rigney, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Effects of Vessel Noise on Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops sp.): Energetic Costs and Budgeting

Brian Rivera, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Indole Be All: E. coli Indole Production in Response to Stress

Mikkel Sawyer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Structural RNA Against the World (of Antibiotic Microbial Resistance): Riboswitches and Ribo- Regulators as Targets for Novel Antibiotic Therapies

Kaylin Steinberg, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Harnessing PD-1 in the Construction of HIV-Specific CAR-T Cells to Induce a Localized “Shock and Kill” of the Latent Viral Reservoir

Nina Strand, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Invasive Marine Predators - Why Are There Not More of Them?

Anika Thomas, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Asymmetrical Mammary Gland Development: A Genetic Predisposition to Left-Sided Breast Cancer

Tam Tieu, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Understanding Stem Memory T Cell Development and Differentiation to Combat HIV

Kevin Tran, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Orphan Methyltransferase CcrM Is an Epigenetic Regulator for Multiple Bacteria

Hannah Uttley, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of Microglial Ion Channel P2X7 in Depression

Margriet VanDerwerker, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of HLA-A2 CAR T Regulatory Cell Therapy, Foxp3, and CTLA-4 in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Alex Whitis, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Marine Sessile Animals: Adaptations For Feeding And Implications Of Climate Change

Evan Wright, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Therapeutic Potential of Kv1.3 Inhibition by PAP-1 for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Submissions from 2019

Proud Chanarat, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Tracing Back to the Gene Content of the Last Universal Common Ancestor: Approaches in Taking Horizontal Gene Transfer into Account

Kristina Conrad, Biology (BIOL) 2019, The behavior of nectar robbers and effects on flowering plants for mutualism maintenance