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Graduated in 2019

Jack Hardwick, Music (MUSC) 2019, Afslørende For Violin & Interactive Electronics

James Harren, Mayte Aldrett, and Emma Dempsey, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2019, Tapping into Sustainability: How Local Craft Breweries Foster an Ethic of Sustainability through Community Building and Development of Placed Based Identity

Zoe Harris, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, The Magic of Summer Camp? The Effects and Mediating Features of a Camp Experience on Adolescent Self-Perceptions

Dylan Harsch, English (ENGL) 2019, Countercurse: Poems

Julian Hast, English (ENGL) 2019, Dionysian Woolf: Nietzschean Subversion of Truth And the Redemptive Power of Art in Woolf’s Novels

Katharine Hauge, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Response to Trauma Across Cultures

Hannah Hemmerly, Art History (ARTH) 2019, Reimagining Our Domestic Lifestyle: Philip Johnson and The Glass House

Abigail Herscovici, Physics (PHYS) 2019, Going with the Flow? Physical Models of Pedestrian Behavior

Austin Heuer, Chemistry (CHEM) 2019, Cookstoves and the Environment: How Traditional and Improved Cooking Technology Affects Earth’s Climate

Makala Hieshima, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2019, Don't Just "Wikipedia This Sh**": Kanaka Maoli Perspectives on Hapa Identity

Quentin Hirsch, Geology (GEOL) 2019, Tropical Cambrian Ice: Petrographic Study and Oxygen Isotope Composition of Carbonates from Clumped Isotope Thermometry

Clara Hobbie, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Zika Virus Infection of Placental Macrophages Leads to Placental Dysfunction and Subsequent Fetal Demise

Sophie Homans, Geology (GEOL) 2019, Using astrochronolgy to constrain the age of the Late Cretaceous Inoceramid Extinction Event in Gubbio, Italy

Andrew Hoyt, History (HIST) 2019, Tame and Untamed: Nature as Dichotomy in Two High Medieval Textual Traditions

Anna Huber, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Relating Nutrition to Alzheimer's Disease Pathology Through Sirt1-Dependent H4K16 Deacetylation

Adriana Hudson, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Induction of Senescence by Progerin in Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS) Cells is Not Reliant on Oxidative Stress

Lon Hutchinson, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Epigenetic Modulation in Multiple Sclerosis Therapeutics: The Potential of SIRT1

Phuoc Thuan Huynh, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Inhibition of Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 Reduces Tumor-Initiating Ability of Cancer Stem Cells and Induces Proinflammatory T Cell Responses in Glioblastoma Multiforme

Abby Ilardi, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Examining the Relationship Between Gratitude and Well-Being in Populations with Chronic Illness

Callen M. Inman, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Why are some mimics more precise than others?: how predator psychology drives the evolution of imperfect Batesian mimicry

Cullen Irvine, Eavan Donovan, Benjamin Greenvall, Casey Lee-Foss, Adam Nijhawan, and Zoya Siddiqui, Chemistry (CHEM) 2019, Nanocrystal Conductivity: Paving the Road for Electrons

Kohl Johnson Sparrman, Physics (PHYS) 2019, MRI Imaging: An Investigation of the Underlying Physics

Shelby Jones, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2019, Making Space or Tacking Space: A Study on Allyship at Carleton College

Camille Jonlin, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2019, Time in Loops and Lines: The Social Construction of Time

Cheyenne Joshua, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Neonaticide, Infanticide, and Filicide: The Role of Mental Illness as a Precipitating Factor

Melanie Kane, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2019, "I Have the Utmost Respect for Women": A Content Analysis of the Celebrity Sexual Misconduct Response Statement

Anna Karmel, Biology (BIOL) 2019, The Evolution of Sexually Deceptive Pollination in Orchidaceae

Ritvik Kar, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2019, You Are What You Eat

Ritvik Kar, Aidan White, Tate Bosler, and Kaixing Wu, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Burst Your Bubble

Matt Kaye, Economics (ECON) 2019, Transit Ridership and Life Satisfaction

Ruby Kazemi, Chemistry (CHEM) 2019, Cancer Cell Survival and Proliferation: Remodeling of the Cell's One-Carbon and Glutamine Metabolism

Dallas Keate, Economics (ECON) 2019, Credit Growth & The Equity Premium: Evidence Supporting Intermediary Asset Pricing

Pavana Khan, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Lamin A/C Uses Two Pathways to Synergistically Regulate Mechanosensitive Differentiation

Yoojin Kim, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Do Humans Crave Violence? Motivations for Enjoyment of and Engagement in Violent Media

Caroline Kirchherr, Economics (ECON) 2019, An Analysis of the Competitive Effects of Charter Schools on Public School Outcomes in Michigan

Daniel Cantrell Kupetsky, Physics (PHYS) 2019, The Arrow of Time

Piper Kurtz, Economics (ECON) 2019, Crime and Punishment: An Analysis of the Effects of the Three Strikes Law on Deterring Crime

Christopher Kwon, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Histological Analysis of Age-dependent ß-Amyloidosis and Reactive Astrogliosis in a Primate Model (Saguinus oedipus) of Alzheimer’s Disease

Erik Lagerquist, Physics (PHYS) 2019, The Technological Feasibility of Electric VTOL Aircraft for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Dimitri Laing, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Stress, Trauma, and ACEs Define Epigenetic Fate

William E. Lanzillo, Studio Art (ARTS), Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Reimagined Sculpture

Randa Larsen, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2019, “A Strong Nation is a Healthy Nation”: The Significance of Food Sovereignty in Community Development and Cross-Cultural Relationship Building

Annabelle Leahy, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Lung Resident CD8+ T cells: Crucial Players in Rapid Clearance of Influenza Infection

Cecilia Ann Leone, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Chronology of Selective Responses against X-Chromosome Meiotic Drive Determined by Existing Climate and Population Genetics: Temperature and the Evolution of Mating Behavior, Suppressors, and Female Choice

Chris Leppink-Shands, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, nterspecies Cooperation in Cooperative Breeders: A Cooperative Button-Pushing Task with Cotton-Top Tamarins (Saguinus oedipus)

Kaitlin Libbey, Biology (BIOL) 2019, The direct and indirect effects of warming on methane emissions from peatlands

Henry Liedl, Biology (BIOL) 2019, A Review of Histone Dynamics in the Nucleus Accumbens as a Result of Cocaine Exposure

Russell Li, History (HIST) 2019, Debating Ancient History in Early Italian Renaissance: Antiquarian Historiography, Morality, and Politics in the Scipio-Caesar Controversy

Charlotte Liu, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Re-examining the Immigrant Paradox on Adolescents’ Internalizing Mental Health: The Mediating Roles of Family and School Support

Tina Liu, Jordan Sybesma, Jordon O'Kelly, Kha Huynh, Sonia Moreno, and Martin Hoffman, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Keyping Track: Creating a data collection web app for the Northfield Union of Youth

Xinyi Liu, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, If It Bleeds, It Leads: Human Curiosity Regarding Negative Social Events

Xinyi Liu, Studio Art (ARTS) 2019, The Possession Pills & Harmony

Viola Li, Biology (BIOL) 2019, New Model for the Origin of Animal Multicellularity: From Temporal to Spatial Cell Differentiation, Advancements in GRNs

Will Loner, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Insect Outbreaks as a Potent Control Over Carbon and Nitrogen Flux: Effects, Feedbacks and Complications of Climate Change

Nathaniel Lovin, Economics (ECON) 2019, Research Growth: The Effects of Basic and Applied Research Spending on GDP Growth

Becky Luh, Biology (BIOL) 2019, HIV Initiation of a Microbial Translocation and Inflammation Cycle

Haley Lunde, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2019, Wildfire

Calvin Lundy, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2019, Military Interventions by Authoritarian States: A Comparison of Cuba in Angola and Zimbabwe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Charles K. Lutvak, Political Science (POSC) 2019, "Devils With a Cause": How Rural and White Working Class Resentment Made Trump President

Charles K. Lutvak, Music (MUSC) 2019, (III+I) movements for (3+1) keyboard [excerpts]

Alexander S. Mackiel Jr, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Aggression as a Strategy for Solving Adaptive Problems of Mating

Hailey Mair, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Interplay of DNMT3B and TET enzymes in reducing differentially methylated regions of iPSCs and hESCs

Jessica Makori, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Phenotypic Plasticity as a Metabolic Strategy for Plasmodium falciparum in Malaria Transmission

Alysala Malik, Geology (GEOL) 2019, U-Pb dating of detrital zircon from turbidites of the Chugach and Prince William terranes, Alaska: Implications for the significance of the Contact fault system as a terrane boundary

Marshall Ma, Psychology (PSYC), Statistics (MAST) 2019, Do App-Based Mindfulness Programs Reduce Stress and Increase Well-Being?

Maya Margolis, American Studies (AMST) 2019, Water Bottles, Mosques, and Bombs: Found Objects in the Barry M. Goldwater Range

Andrew David Maris, Physics (PHYS) 2019, Detecting gravitational waves in space: the physics of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA)

Annika Martensson, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, The Effects of Photo-Based Social Media on Disordered Eating, Body Image, and Excessive Exercise

Caroline Ann Mather, Physics (PHYS) 2019, The Physics of Auroras

Aislinn N. Mayfield, Biology (BIOL) 2019, On Protocell formation: The co-assembly of a lipid compartment, informational polymer and catalytic network

Geoffrey Mo, Physics (PHYS) 2019, Cosmology of the Early Universe

Alief Moulana, Biology (BIOL) 2019, The pangenome paradox of the environmental microbes: between the adaptive accessory genome and the within-species genomic diversity

Alief Moulana, Nupur Bindal, Tim Schoch, and Ned Wang, Mathematics (MATH) 2019, Jackknifing Biodiversity

Kerrin Mulkern, English (ENGL) 2019, This Temporary Eclipse: Enjambment in H.D.'s Trilogy

Kevin Murphy, Geology (GEOL) 2019, Timber harvesting intensity and channel head distance-to-ridge in Elk River, California

Akiko E. Nace, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2019, Umisen, Yamasen

Joseph Nardi, Economics (ECON) 2019, College Choice: Matriculation Decisions of Underrepresented Minorities at Carleton College

Claudia Sorcha Naughton, Bryce Thomas Barton, Chae Won Kim, James Yang, and Sydney Laura Botz, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Is Your Food Real? Improving Workflow for the Real Food Calculator to Facilitate Sustainable and Transparent Food Purchases

Sarah Nazarino, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2019, J(oel) NAZARINO

Nam Anh Quoc Nguyen, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, Revenge in Romantic Relationships and Intimate Partner Violence

Selam Nicola, Economics (ECON) 2019, Is Trade Good for The Poor In Sub-Saharan Africa? A Panel Data Analysis of Trade’s Impact on Poverty in Years 1992-2010

Samuel Michio Nozaki, Isaac Martin Haseley, Yanhan Lyu, Ziyang Gao, Kevin Foss Christianson, and Syed Usama Amer, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Building Big: Globalizing the Open Food Network

Evie Odden, Women's and Gender Studies (WGST) 2019, Politicizing Pedagogy: Student Anti-Rape Activism at Carleton College, 1986–1992

David O'Dea, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Oxidative Stress Prompts Macrophage Polarization Toward Inflammation in Obesity

Sarah Ogle, Geology (GEOL) 2019, Atmospheric River Families and their Relationship to Landslides in Washington State

Jona Plevin, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Masculinization of the brain via epigenetic modifications of estrogen receptor-α

Sylvie Polonsky, Geology (GEOL) 2019, Ceramic Applications of two Rice County Clays

Julianne Pyron, Physics (PHYS) 2019, Astrophysics in Film: The Physics of Interstellar

Rum Ravi, Geology (GEOL) 2019, Biotic and Abiotic Sulfide Oxidation: The Use of Elemental Sulfur Particles as Biomarkers

Jonathan Reichman, Mark Roth, Quinn Schiller, Nathan Mannes, Alex Schneider, and Joh Farmer, Computer Science (CS) 2019, The LAN Ranger: Monitoring Network Traffic to Determine IoT Device Security

Isabelle Rieth, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, The Role of the VMHvl in Aggression and Reproductive Behaviors: Implications for Sexual Violence

Noah Robiner, American Studies (AMST) 2019, “A Store for the Neighborhood”: Kowalski’s Markets and a Vision for Democratic Renewal

Jenni Rogan, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Trophic Dynamics, evolutionary maintenance, and predator cognitive patterns in two anti-predator adaptations

Edylwise Romero, Psychology (PSYC) 2019, “He shot at us as we ran away”: Filial Piety and Intimate Partner Violence in the Philippines

Morgan Ross, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2019, Quantifying Self-Phones: The Effects of Smartphone Usage on Self-Extension

Sarah Rost, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2019, When Ramps Aren't Enough: Carleton Students' Perceptions of Disability

Matt Rubin, Economics (ECON) 2019, Event Study: The Effect of Movie Releases on Movie Distribution Stock Market Trade Activity

Ayumi Sakamoto, Biology (BIOL) 2019, Early Exposure General Anesthesia Induces Cognitive Impairment Through the Dysregulation of BDNF

Sam Sauerhaft, Political Science (POSC) 2019, Political Humor for the Mobilized Masses: Late-Night Comedy and Political Participation in the 2012 and 2016 U.S. Elections

Kaitlin Schaible, Geology (GEOL) 2019, Mapping the floor of Lake Powell: Preliminary discussion of CHIRP data along the San Juan Sediment Delta