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Graduated in 2020

Carlos Lua Pineda, Economics (ECON) 2020, Analyzing the Combination Effect of Corruption and Administration Type on Education

Heather Luedke and Emma Thomley, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2020, A Comparative Study of Climate Action Plans in Liberal Arts Colleges: Planning Processes, Climate Action Strategies, and Implementation Techniques

Jason Maier, Psychology (PSYC) 2020, The Brilliance of Resilience: Understanding and Measuring It

Alina Maki, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2020, Comparing Lies by Size, Medium, and Perspective

Noah Marcel, Chemistry (CHEM) 2020, Memristors as Synapse in Neuromorphic Computers

Anesu Masakura, Economics (ECON) 2020, Investigating the Interaction Effects of Social Polarization and Institutional Quality on Economic Growth

Ross Matican, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2020, The Buyback Boom: New York Times Coverage of Stock Repurchasing Programs in the New Economy

Ian McCarthy, Chemistry (CHEM) 2020, Electron Bifurcation

Michael McClurg, Physics (PHYS) 2020, Modeling the Galactic Spiral Structure

Mo McConnell, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2020, Nakano

Elise McIlhaney, History (HIST) 2020, Witches, Wells, and Demons: Popular Perspectives of the Scottish Witch-Hunt

Quinn McVeigh, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Complex Interplay of MicroRNAs and N6-methyladenosine Modifications for Precise Control of Messenger RNA Levels

Tanvi Mehta, Biology (BIOL) 2020, A Twisted Gut: Understanding Left-Right Asymmetry in Gut Morphogenesis

Cameron Meikle, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Alternative Roles for m6A Modifications During Flaviviridae Infection

Fletcher Metz, Biology (BIOL) 2020, A Bispecific CD8+ CAR-T Cell Therapy Optimized for Persistence, Exhaustion Resistance, Immunity from HIV, and Prevention of HIV Immune Escape

Ada Meyer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Impacts of Microplastics on Particle Flux and the Biological Pump in a Warming Ocean

Sam Miles, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2020, The Presence of Absence

Junyi Min, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Majulah Singapura

Kirby Mitchell, Jackie Chan, James Gardner, and Junyi Min, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Analyzing Collaborative Documentation of the Hong Kong Protests on Wikipedia

Keenan Moore, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Plastic Pollutants: Bisphenol A and Its Effects on Male Fertility

Adela Mu, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2020, In-Between Worlds: International Faculty at Minnesotan Liberal Arts Colleges

John Mullan, Josh Oettinger, Tresa Xavier, Danielle Eisen, and Sophia Maymudes, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Carleton Classifieds

Sarah Newsham, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Predicted Increase in Phytoplankton Abundance due to Climate Change: Importance of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Controls

Kate Nootenboom, Geology (GEOL) 2020, Measuring Deformation Band Orientations in the Etchegoin Sandstone: Implications for the Stress Field in Central California and the Accuracy of Emerging Orientation Measuring Technology

Peter Ohashi, Economics (ECON) 2020, The Environmental Kuznet's Curve: What About Those Other Gasses?

Evelyn O'Neil, History (HIST) 2020, Deathworlds in Kenya

Emika Otsuka, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2020, Beyond Contested Wartime History in East Asia: The Logic of Nationalism and The Potential for Cosmopolitan Memory

Fin Ouweleen, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Plumage Problem: Presence of Bird Display Is Affected by Selective Pressures from Parasitization and Predation

Chris Padilla, Andy Younkins, Charlie Broadbent, Oscar Smith, Sam Chen, and Kate Finstuen-Magro, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Network Analysis Algorithms for Disease Gene Prioritization

Henry Pearson, Jessie Baskauf, Bryan Richter, Miriam Gorra, Toni Eidmann, and Gabe Brookman, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Six Alternatives to Squinting Really Hard: A Comparison of Image Segmentation Algorithms

Annalise Peebles, Biology (BIOL) 2020, From Surface Water to Sediment: How Warming Temperatures Influence the Deposition of Microplastics in Marine and Freshwater Systems

Lily Peters, Linguistics (LING) 2020, The Role of Complex Dynamic Systems Theory in L2 Japanese Lexical Attrition

Conrad Phelan, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Cytoskeleton Is the Decisive Factor in C-Looping in the Chick Heart

Colin Pi, Economics (ECON) 2020, Who Wants Microloans? Dynamics of Demand for Microfinance Loans with Different Occupational Forms

Maya Powell, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Branching Corals Are Disproportionately Susceptible to Ocean Acidification Based on Diffusive Boundary Layer Variation

Maya Powell, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Repeated Refrains of Nature

Olivia Powell, Asian Studies (ASST) 2020, Changing Conceptions of Masculinity in Imperial China

Olivia Powell, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2020, Modeling the Impact of Systemic Shocks on the Radicalization Process

Maddy Prins, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2020, All The Firsts

Margaret Anne Puzak, Geology (GEOL) 2020, Building a Quercus macrocarpa (Bur Oak) Tree Ring Network to Reconstruct Historical Climate and Address the Issue of Forest Mortality in Nerstrand Big Woods State Park

Daniel Quintero, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2020, Disruption of CSF Glymphatic Flow after Anti-AQP4 Antibody and Bumetanide Injection

Peter Richieri, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Molecular to Organismal Chirality; a Possible Blueprint for Establishing Left-Right Asymmetry in the Bilateria

Katherine Rigney, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Effects of Vessel Noise on Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops sp.): Energetic Costs and Budgeting

Brian Rivera, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Indole Be All: E. coli Indole Production in Response to Stress

Daamir Robinson, Linguistics (LING) 2020, Morphological Variation in Turkic Languages

David Roizin, Economics (ECON) 2020, Is Inclusionary Zoning Right for Minneapolis? Theory and Evidence for a Growing City

Caleb Rosen, Geology (GEOL) 2020, Effects of the Wairarapa and Hikurangi Eddies on Chlorophyll Fluorescence off the East Coast of New Zealand

Kate Rosenfeld, Religion (RELG) 2020, iBelieve: Religiously Infused Consumerism in Apple's "Think Different" Campaign

Nathan Rowley, Kelsey Krantz, Thais Del Rosario, and Eric Stadelman, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Benchmarking SQL and NoSQL Database Systems: Baking a New Enchilada

Andrew Roy, Economics (ECON) 2020, The Effect of Airbnb Density on Housing Prices in San Francisco

B.J. Ryan, Latin American Studies (LTAM) 2020, California Transfronteriza: Dependency and Integration in the San Diego-Tijuana Borderlands

Elizabeth Sachs, French and Francophone Studies (FREN) 2020, Expressions of Non-Binary Identities in Montréal

Amie Salem, Political Science (POSC) 2020, Development as Freedom, A Case Study: Examining Rwanda's Development Status Using Sen's Development Framework

Molly Sandweiss, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Cracks and Chaos: Finding Meaning in an Infinite Universe

Mikkel Sawyer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Structural RNA Against the World (of Antibiotic Microbial Resistance): Riboswitches and Ribo- Regulators as Targets for Novel Antibiotic Therapies

Colleen Scallen, Theater Arts (THEA) 2020, 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane: A Comps Production by Colleen Scallen

Colleen Scallen, Psychology (PSYC) 2020, The Only Way Out Is Through: Drama Therapy as a Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Helen Schuda, Economics (ECON) 2020, Effects of the Green Line and Median Income on Home Prices: A Cross-Sectional Hedonic Analysis for Saint Paul, Minnesota

Anna Shao, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2020, Transcending the Self and Daemonic Philosophers in Plato’s Symposium

Jordan Shapiro, Geology (GEOL) 2020, Paleoclimate Study of Chub Lake in Eureka, MN: Investigating a Lake and Wetland Transitional System

Cora Showers, Spanish (SPAN) 2020, Leyendo Entre las Líneas: Cómo Distinguir Entre el Amigo y el Enemigo de la Revolución Cubana a Través de la Alfabetización

Milena Silva, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2020, Cities and Solidarity: The Potential of the Local as a Site for the Provision of Hospitality to Refugees

Joshua Small, History (HIST) 2020, Long-Distance Nationalism: Comparing the Success of Zionism and Pan-Africanism

Abbie Smith, Economics (ECON) 2020, International Reserves in Emerging & Developed Countries: An Analysis of the Effects of Different Types of Financial Crises

Florence Solomon, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Beauty From Ashes

Fares Soufan, Tenzin Kunsang, Elisa Loy, Taylor Yeracaris, and Jackie Chan, Mathematics (MATH) 2020, Guiding Mathematical Discovery: How We Started a Math Circle

Kaylin Steinberg, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Harnessing PD-1 in the Construction of HIV-Specific CAR-T Cells to Induce a Localized “Shock and Kill” of the Latent Viral Reservoir

Sarah Steinke, Linguistics (LING) 2020, A Syntactic Analysis of Focus Concord Constructions in Okinawan and Ikema

Kathleen Stoughton, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2020, Notions of the Nation: Nationalism and Role Theory

Nina Strand, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Invasive Marine Predators - Why Are There Not More of Them?

Anna Stubbs, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Exploration in Plywood, Paint, and Figures

Kelsey Sullivan, Psychology (PSYC) 2020, High Glycemic Index Diets Negatively Affect Memory: Why Changing School Lunches Can Mitigate Those Effects

Kelsey Sullivan, Spanish (SPAN) 2020, La loca en la casa: Las narradoras femeninas y la tradición literaria en ​La casa de los espíritus ​y Delirio

Alexander Swafford, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2020, Contradictions Between Rhetoric and Reality: Institutional Analysis of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative

Mika Takamori, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Stasis of Unresolved Conflicts Within the Mundane

Allegra Tashjian, Geology (GEOL) 2020, Examining the Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 and Warming on Soil Redox Potential in a Maryland, USA Tidal Wetland

Anika Thomas, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Asymmetrical Mammary Gland Development: A Genetic Predisposition to Left-Sided Breast Cancer

Charles Tierney, Geology (GEOL) 2020, Characterizing Fracture Spatial Arrangements in Cambrian Sandstone, Wyoming: Application of the Normalized Correlation Count Method

Tam Tieu, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Understanding Stem Memory T Cell Development and Differentiation to Combat HIV

Kevin Tran, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Orphan Methyltransferase CcrM Is an Epigenetic Regulator for Multiple Bacteria

Hannah Uttley, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of Microglial Ion Channel P2X7 in Depression

Margriet VanDerwerker, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of HLA-A2 CAR T Regulatory Cell Therapy, Foxp3, and CTLA-4 in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Nyx Vazquez, Linguistics (LING) 2020, Minimizing Optimality: A Theoretical Approach to Understanding Information Structure

Ezra Ward-Packard, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2020, Reclaiming Cinéma Vérité: Searching for Truth in the Contemporary Documentary Landscape

Justin Noble Webb and Akiko L.H. Williams, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2020, Pioneering Shipping Waste Management at Carleton College: How Individual and Institutional Behaviors Contribute to the Textbook Shipping Waste Stream

Luke Webb, English (ENGL) 2020, Chinua Achebe’s A Man of the People and William Shakespeare’s Henry V as Political Critiques of Unrestrained Self Interest

Luke Webb, English (ENGL) 2020, Transversalism in Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and The Lonely Londoners by Samuel Selvon: Writing to Right Misconceptions

Ryan Wetzel, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2020, Words Left Behind

Lewis White, Psychology (PSYC) 2020, Social Media Addiction: Worthy Of Inclusion In The DSM? A Comprehensive Review

Alex Whitis, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Marine Sessile Animals: Adaptations For Feeding And Implications Of Climate Change

Morgan Whyte, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2020, “We can only do our very best”: Physicians’ Perspectives on Social Determinants of Childhood Asthma in the Emergency Department

Kyra Wilson, Linguistics (LING) 2020, A Cross-Linguistic Overview of Allocutivity and its Syntactic Accounts

Timothy Winter-Nelson, Religion (RELG) 2020, (Dis)Respecting Difference: An Examination of Christian Pluralism

Teddy Wolfe, History (HIST) 2020, The Yellow Fever Transition

Siang Wongrattanapiboon, Economics (ECON) 2020, The Relative Importance of Monetary Transmission Channels in Thailand: Evidence from a FAVAR Model

Siang Wongrattanapiboon and Oscar Smith, Mathematics (MATH) 2020, Homological Algebra

Evan Wright, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Therapeutic Potential of Kv1.3 Inhibition by PAP-1 for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Yihuang Wu, Economics (ECON) 2020, Post-privatization Performance of Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Su Lance Xiong, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2020, Classy or Trashy? “Famous for Being Famous.” Kim Kardashian West and Embodied Celebrity

Kavie Yu and Grisel Vidal Munoz, Psychology (PSYC) 2020, Therapeutic Fasting and Ketogenic Diet for Treating Major Depressive Disorder via the Gut Microbiome