Graduated in 2018

Benjamin Nicholas Alexander, The Language of Architecture, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

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Brandon Allen Carrillo, dysphoric, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

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Victor Manuel Huerta, Echoes of the Law: Madrigal v. Quilligan and the Reproduction of Hierarchy in the Twentieth Century, 2018, American Studies (AMST)

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Senjie Ma, An Investigation of the Rhodium-catalyzed Asymmetric Hydroformylation of Terminal Alkene, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Daihui Meng, Untitled, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Avinash Moorthy, Do Students Benefit from an Extra Year of High School? A Study of Ontario's Removal of Grade 13, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Anna Nachbor, The Diseased Environment of the Cystic Fibrosis Lung: The Interplay of Lung Health, the Microbiome, and Chronic Settlers, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

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Noah von Schulthess Scheer, The Micrographic Art of Emanuel Listnau, 2018, Art History (ARTH)

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Alexandra Shin, The Undercover Agents of Addiction: How Drugs of Abuse Alter Silent Synapses in the Nucleus Accumbens, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Lucy Thorne Soule, Neural Crest Migration: The Push and Pull Of Collective Movement, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Lia Yili Spencer, TGF-β’s Role in the Development of Endometriosis, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Sylvie Elizabeth Stanback, Jewelry comps, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Emma Jeannette Starr, Women's Participation in the Public Sphere: an Examination of the Epistolary Evidence, 2018, Classics (CLST)

Lucy Kepford Stevens, In My Pocket, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

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Claire H. Tan, The State of Captivity, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

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Jepheny Paajyi Thao, The Anti-inflammatory Roles of Neutrophils in Gout, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Elaina Grace Thomas, Effects of dispersal ability and spatial scale on niche and neutral processes, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Eliza May Thomas, Bank stability of Spring Creek, Northfield, Minnesota, between 1999 and 2017: A comprehensive analysis of natural bank recovery after substantial flooding, 2018, Geology (GEOL)

Madeline Topf, A high-fiber diet-associated gut microbiota protects against obesity, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Allison S. Tucker, So Far from Community: Concerts, Collaborative Consumption, and the Commodification of Community, 2018, American Studies (AMST)

Danielle Briana Vasiliev, Neutrophil NETs: Crucial Mediators of Deep Vein Thrombosis, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Michael Vue, Txiv Neeb - Shaman, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Alexander Theodore Walker, On Christmas Morning I Woke Up to a Blizzard, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Emma Fierro Wallace, 30 Chickens, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Emma Lee Nesbitt Westbrook, A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Emma Lee Nesbitt Westbrook, Disparate Truths: An examination of the ethics of political art, 2018, Art History (ARTH)

Andrew Liebenstein Wheeler, Membrane Permeability and the Origin of Cellular Life, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Catharine McCurdy Williams, Intuit, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Solomon Blake Yanuck, Exercise Induces Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation in a Platelet-Dependent Manner, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Will Daniel Yetvin, The Organization Formerly Known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: HIAS' Organizational Development and the Invention of Jewish American Tradition, 2018, American Studies (AMST)

Eddy Zaragoza, Fra;le, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Jia Zhang, The Palladium Mediated Aromatic-Trifluoromethylation Reactions, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Elizabeth Zheng, Re-Poopulating the Gut: Why Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) is a more effective treatment of Clostridium difficile infections, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Graduated in 2017

Lori Valesca Barrientos Sanchez, III. beginning, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Lynn Nicole Daniel, Afterimage, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)