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Graduated in 2019

Levi Atkinson, Untitled (44.623731, -122.723401), 2019, Art History (ARTH), Art Studio (ARTS)

Michael Bruno, The Lonely Hero of Someplace Else, 2019, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Tris Dodge, The curious case of the cane toad (Rhinella marina): using local context to predict top-down trophic cascades driven by invasive, allelochemically-defended prey, 2019, Biology (BIOL)

Anne Guttridge, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”: Exploring the Narratives of Female Documentary Filmmakers, 2019, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Christopher Kwon, Histological Analysis of Age-dependent ß-Amyloidosis and Reactive Astrogliosis in a Primate Model (Saguinus oedipus) of Alzheimer’s Disease, 2019, Psychology (PSYC)

William E. Lanzillo, Reimagined Sculpture, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS), Psychology (PSYC)

Annabelle Leahy, Lung Resident CD8+ T cells: Crucial Players in Rapid Clearance of Influenza Infection, 2019, Biology (BIOL)

Cecilia Ann Leone, Chronology of Selective Responses against X-Chromosome Meiotic Drive Determined by Existing Climate and Population Genetics: Temperature and the Evolution of Mating Behavior, Suppressors, and Female Choice, 2019, Biology (BIOL)

Henry Liedl, A Review of Histone Dynamics in the Nucleus Accumbens as a Result of Cocaine Exposure, 2019, Biology (BIOL)

Xinyi Liu, The Possession Pills & Harmony, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS)

Akiko E. Nace, Umisen, Yamasen, 2019, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Jona Plevin, Masculinization of the brain via epigenetic modifications of estrogen receptor-α, 2019, Biology (BIOL)

Stephan Snyder, Remnants, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS)

Jonas Sun, Be Thy Sight, 2019, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Justine Szafran, Ink Wash Documentation, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS)

Maddie Talamantes, Improving homing-based gene drives in Anopheles to prevent the transmission of Plasmodium falciparum, 2019, Biology (BIOL)

Abby Walling, DNA Methylation is a Dynamic Process Necessary for Creating and Storing Persistent yet Adaptable Memories, 2019, Biology (BIOL)

Amanda Zeilinger, Closeness Generator, 2019, Studio Art (ARTS)

Graduated in 2018

Wisdom Akpan, Brittany Brookner, Byun Ben, Isaac Donnell, Lydia Hanson, Hiroshi Nakajima, Austin Rae, Malu Suresh, and Aditya Vaze, Engineering Life: Exploring Novel Applications of Directed Evolution, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Benjamin Nicholas Alexander, The Language of Architecture, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Saki Amagai, Anirudh Appachar, Sam Diaz de Leon, T.J. Lynch, Isaac Martinez, Katherine Ortell, Paul Peterson, and Sam Purfeerst, Chemical Evolution: An Exploration into the Origins of Life, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Evan Robert Anderson, Revisability in Text-Based Communication: Turn-Taking and Collaborative Efficiency, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Daniel Evan Atkins, Blood Runs Thicker than Cerebrospinal Fluid: Interactions Between the Vasculature and B1 Stem Cells in the Neurogenic Subventricular Zone, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Lisa Au, Using Nanofibers for PM2.5 Filtration, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Leila Omar Awad, Historical Explorations of the Modern Chinese Passive Construction, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Ammar Babar, Claire Tagoe, Robert Lord, Emma Posega, Kilian Roberts, and Nick Spinale, Coding Without Borders, 2018, Computer Science (CS)

Gray C. Babbs, Fractured: Differential Cytokine Signaling in the Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Bone-Bone Marrow Stem Cell Niche, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Taylor Moore Barnhill, SallekhanA, Suicide, and Selfhood: Constituting Religious Freedom in a Secular Indian Nation-State, 2018, Religion (RELG)

Lori Valesca Barrientos Sanchez, III. beginning, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Estelle Bayer, Martha Durrett, Brendan Friesen, Adam Klein, Bard Swallow, and Sam Wiseman, Hot Topics: Topic Modeling of Latin Text, 2018, Computer Science (CS)

Jake N. Bechstein, Consumption in the Age of Rising Student Debt: A Comparison of Student and Non-Student Debt Burdens Effects on Consumption, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Sophie Louise Bokor, The Synergistic Effect of Unwanted Pregnancy and Low Socioeconomic Status on Adverse Outcomes for Child Health and Psychosocial Development, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Griffin Alexander Bolte, Must Cop, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Naomi Borowsky, Transcending Wilderness-Out-There, 2018, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Liam John Bradney, How Does the Relative Generosity of an Individual to a Third Party Affect Reciprocity in the Trust Game?, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Azucena Briones, Cognitive and Social Motivations for Codeswitching, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Damali Nzinga Britton Collman, When the Stranger is No Longer Imaginary: An Argument for an Ethos of Care, 2018, Political Science/International Relations (POSI)

Daniel Deliyannides Brodkin, Backward Control in Minangkabau, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Jeremy Aaron Brog, Depressive State Personality: A Review of Personality and Depression Literature, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Joe Brommel, On Reading Pale Fire, 2018, English (ENGL)

Emma Magdalen Bruhl, Redoubt Falls: Local Impacts of Alaska Native Reparations, 2018, American Studies (AMST)

Emma Hahn Buechner, The Hidden Sisterhood of Antigone and Ismene: Uncovering Male Anxieties both Onstage and Off in Sohpocles' Antigone, 2018, Classics (CLST)

Aidan Warner Burdick, aleoecological phytolith investigation of anthropogenic vegetation change in Umstead State Park, North Carolina, 2018, Geology (GEOL)

Maximiliano Aldo Burgess, The Raman Effect and Raman Spectroscopy, 2018, Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)

Gabriel Sebastian Bury, Curvature of Spacetime: the Kerr metric, 2018, Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)

Roy Lee Cady-Kimble, Tocqueville and Trump: Democracy Unleashed, 2018, Political Science (POSC)

Brandon Allen Carrillo, dysphoric, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Brandon Allen Carrillo, Putting the FAKE in FAKE NEWS: The relationship between trust-relevant social priming and judgments of truth, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Sandra Elaine Carson, Hematopoietic Stem Cells Adapt and Survive During Acute Myeloid Leukemia, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Ryan Casperson, Soda Taxes: Necessary or Unnecessary?, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Adriana Castillo, Mi Tienda: Finding a Home Away from Home and Cultural Importance Within a Business, 2018, American Studies (AMST)

Sarina Chaiken, Elianna Frank, Keaton Mertz, and Carl Thomas, Heavy-atom Quantum Tunneling, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Madison Anne Chambers and Christina Marie Sieben, Fisher, 2018, English (ENGL)

Avery Cheng, Functional diversity as a measure for the effects of climate change on ecosystem functioning, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Kuan Chen, The South Korean Conscription Law: Why Is It Unjust?, 2018, Philosophy (PHIL)

Jonathan Brian Chow, Collected Sounds, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Ben Nealon Clark, "From Euclid to Poncelet: The Rulers of Geometric Constructions", 2018, Mathematics (MATH)

Nick Cohen, Beyond Emergency Measures: Normative Politics after a Sucessful Securitization, 2018, Political Science/International Relations (POSI)

Julia K. Connelly, Joey Long, Kevin Kowalewski, Yijun Wang, Nicki Polyakov, and Noah Brackenbury, Taking the Winter Wellness Challenge Mobile, 2018, Computer Science (CS)

Donson Jeryco Allen Cook Gallardo, The Neurological Basis for Cocaine Addiction, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Ben Corman, Chenxi Sun, Madeline Chosy, Raksha Kandel, Clausell Stokes, Kitty Miao, Olubusayo Bolonduro, Kate Faber, and Jack Buckner, Earth's Next Top Model: Constraining Uncertainties in the Carbon Cycle, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Emily Bliss Cudhea-Pierce and Maryam Hedayati, Are Transfer Effects in the Cards? Mnemonic training on Speed Cards and its effects on other cognitive tasks, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Emily Culver, “Every now and then I have to Google community organizing. I mean…am I doing that?”: Unpacking the Process of Social Capital Development in a Local Non-Profit Organization, 2018, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Lynn Nicole Daniel, Afterimage, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Lynn Nicole Daniel, Angel Villa, Yuhao Wan, and Maya Davis Banks, Recovering Edge Conductivities in Electrical Networks, 2018, Mathematics (MATH)

Trixie Dao, The Child as a Consumer: Issues with Child-Directed Advertising, 2018, Cognitive Science (CGSC)

Rebecca Anne DeLand, The Treatment and Reception of a Female Philosopher, 2018, Classics (CLST)

Annmarie Delfino, Silver Witness, 2018, English (ENGL)

Diana Laura Delgado, Neither a Good Wife nor a Wise Mother: Destabilization of Female Gender Conventions in Japanese Detective Fiction, 2018, Asian Studies (ASST)

Ian Carroll Doherty, Atomic Aggrandizement: Considering the Role of Nuclear Weapons on Inter-State Rivalry and Conflict, 2018, Political Science (POSC)

Jonas Tyler Donnenfield, Recent paleoceanographic history of the San Diego margin, California: A benthic foraminiferal perspective, 2018, Geology (GEOL)

Merrick Thomas Ducharme, Addiction Related Plastic Mechanisms: A Tale of Shifts in Receptor Permeability, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Emma Ruth Duggan, Looted, Stolen, or Confiscated: The Histories in the Restitution of Nazi Art since the Washington Principles, 2018, History (HIST)

Michael Beelo Ebako-Hodgson, Bridging the Gap between Tribes: Trust and National identity. The Case of Equatorial Guinea, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Abe Eichner, From Moderates to Militants: Building a Model for Social Movement Organization Tactical Choice on a Moderate-Radical Axis, 2018, Political Science (POSC)

Nathan John Eisner, The Effect of Knowledge on Testing the Rational Expectations Hypothesis, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Katie Li Eppard, Investigating conservation of number in cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) and young children (Homo sapiens) when motivation is increased, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Rachel L. Everett, Stripped Down, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Nnenna O. Ezem, STEM vs Fem: A Cognitive and Social Approach to Examining the Different Factors Potentially Keeping Black Women Out of STEM Fields, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Brandon Bernard Fabel, Pay and Performance in the National Football League: An Analysis of How Contract Type Affects Quarterback and Running Back Salaries, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Rebecca Jean Fairchild, The Role of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation in HIV Infection, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Declan Robert Falls, The Aum Shinrikyo Puzzle: Explaining the Rarity of Chemical Weapons in Terrorist Attacks, 2018, Political Science (POSC)

Ziyu Fan, Applications of Nano-structured Lipid Carrier as an Improved Drug Delivery Vehicle in Cosmetic/Dermal Products, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Alexa Layne Feeney, In The Flesh, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Henry Jackson Fisher, A Novel Mechanism of Eosinophil Recruitment, Activation, and Degranulation During Allergen Exposure in the Lungs and Gut, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Anna Marie Flitner, Examining the Influence of Intervention Programs on Kindergarten Readiness: An Evaluation of Bridges to Kindergarten, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Maximilian Foster, An even briefer history of time, 2018, Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)

Maximilian Foster, Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market: The Economic Effects of Native Country's Religious Composition, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Kayla Renae Frank, Educational Exchange Programs as a Soft Power Strategy: Testing the Relationship between the US and Countries of Foreign Fulbright Alumni Turned Heads of State, 2018, Political Science (POSC)

Archibald McDermott Fraser, Jerrilyn Goldberg, and Zifeng Wang, Spatial misallocation of utility-scale renewable energy across Minnesota, 2018, Environmental Studies (ENTS)

Benjamin Stolte Frerichs, The International Impacts of Federal Reserve Unconventional Monetary Policy, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Michael William Frett, The Coral-Algal Balance Between Temperature Induced Bleaching, Response, and Resilience, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Brendan Austen Layard Friesen, Affinity, 2018, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Benjamin Gauthier Gagnon, Picking Favorites: A Study on the Effects of Changing Competition Incentive Structure on Gambling Behavior, 2018, Economics (ECON)

Rachel Cantrell Gallagher, "Hopes, Dreams, but No Plans": Aging Parents of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2018, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Vianne Ran Gao, A different perspective on the intestinal stem cell niche: Gut microbes influence intestinal stem cell proliferation during intestinal regeneration, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Madeline Kennedy Garcia, Mental Spaces I,II,III, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Andrew Addison Gerber, NETosis facilitates the progression of rheumatoid arthritis through the release of PAD4 into synovial fluid, 2018, Biology (BIOL)

Nathan Kyler Gibes, Diluting Political Influence: The Appointment of Monetary Committee Membership and Inflation, 2018, Economics (ECON)

David Carey Goodell, Lindsey Morgan Chavez, Russell Gray Smith, Rachel Marie Moore, and Jack Lincoln Wines, The Key: Improved Data Management for the Union of Youth, 2018, Computer Science (CS)