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Graduated in 2023

Ryan Flanagan, Political Science (POSC) 2023, The Olympic 'City of Exception' and the Subversion of Pluralism: Observing Convergence between Beijing and Rio de Janeiro

Graduated in 2022

David Ahrens, Biology (BIOL) 2022, A Tale of Many Mutations: The Role of Primary Cilia-Localized ARL13B in Joubert Syndrome

David Ahrens, Chinese (CHIN) 2022, Un|readable art: Xu Bing's Conceptions of Text Beyond Culture

Eva C. Airoldi, Oliver A. Calder, Tom S. Patterson, Antonia L. Ritter, and Rebekah I. Stein, Mathematics (MATH) 2022, Applications of Ensemble Analysis to Gerrymandering in Minnesota and Texas

Michael Albrecht, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Lou

Kristin Albright, Hashir Safdar, Fabricio Rua-Sanchez, Rudra Subramanian, and Will Gershman, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Monitoring Network Traffic on Mobile Devices

Hank Aldridge, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Terrytop Hill

Carmel Al-Sheikh, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The Organization of Cilia in the Embryo and Its Role in Laterality of the Body

Luis Alvarez, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, Serotonergic Psychedelics: An Emerging Mode of Treatment for Substance Addiction

Isabel Anderson, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Grief Group

Alexander P. Battist, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Cis- and Trans-Acting Mutations to Retinal Genes Interrupt Alternative Splicing Mechanisms Causing Ocular Dystrophies

Ephraim Benson, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Deadbeat

Cassidy Bins, English (ENGL) 2022, Rewriting Womanhood: Duplicity in Pamela and Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Rachel Block, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, Beyond Clinical Orientation and Between Cultures: Factors That Affect the Therapeutic Alliance

Walter Boero, Economics (ECON) 2022, Mergers in the U.S. Airline Industry: How are Wages and Employment Affected at the Occupation Level?

Lydia Boyum, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Heterogeneity is Essential: Wildfire and Habitat Selection in North American Forests

Anna Bridgeman, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Human Development and Cancer Show Parallels in Alternative Splicing

Athena Brooks, Biology (BIOL) 2022, IRF4 as a Central Transcription Factor Determining Long Lived Plasma Cell Fate in the Germinal Center

Palina Buchanan, American Studies (AMST) 2022, Buchanans in the Pacific Northwest: Constructing Scottish Settler Belonging and Innocence Through Selective Family Oral Histories

Isabella Chaffee, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2022, Bounded Morality: To What Degree Are Moral Judgments Similar to Non-Moral Judgments?

Garrett Chappell, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The Role of Blimp-1 in the Metabolism and Resulting Longevity of Long-lived Plasma Cells

Allen Cheng, Biology (BIOL) 2022, BLIMP-1 is an Essential Master Regulator of the Metabolic Shift from Naïve B-Cell to Plasma Cell

Caitlin Chu, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, The Effects of Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences on the Development of Sleep Disorders

Leander Cohen, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2022, Progress or Power Grab? Gender Reform and Protest Masculinity in the Saudi-Iran Proxy Conflict

Mika Cooney, Ben Hafner, Shelby Johnson, and Sean Lee, Mathematics (MATH) 2022, The Effect of Habitat Fragmentation on Plant Communities in a Spatially-Implicit Grassland Model

Lucy Cui, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Bcl6 Regulates Expressions of Transcription Factors Blimp1, Irf4 and Bach2 Leading to Naïve B Cell Fate Decision

Lucy Cui, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Paper Ring

Reed Culverwell, Geology (GEOL) 2022, Physical Modeling of a Creeping-to-Locked Transition in Strike-Slip Fault Behavior: Implications for Off-Fault Deformation in the San Andreas Fault System, Central California

Bennie Dai, Biology (BIOL) 2022, CD28-Mediated Survival in Long-Lived Plasma Cells

Maia Danks, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Animal-based seed dispersal increases seedling establishment and species richness in tropical forest restoration

Maia Danks, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Making Connections Through Functional Design

Satya Das, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Mutations in the ciliary proteins, polycystin-1 and polycystin-2, inhibit the function of renal primary cilia and promote cystogenesis

Leif Dawson, Physics (PHYS) 2022, The Physics of Rivers as Energetic and Material Conduits

Kiran Digavalli, Physics (PHYS) 2022, Improving Airliner Efficiency Through Aerodynamic, Thermodynamic, and Metallurgical Design

Lydia DiIulio, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Mutations in IFT-B Proteins IFT52, IFT81, and IFT88 Cause Human Skeletal Ciliopathies by Disrupting Hedgehog Signaling through Alterations to the Structure of the Cilium

Jimena Dominguez, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Effects of multi-species interactions and trophic dynamic on declining kelp forest abundance and the implications for future ecosystem restorations

Keyra English, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Keep Walking

Pinchen Fan, Physics (PHYS) 2022, The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

Elizabeth Farr, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Comparing the Role of Cis- and Trans-Acting Factors in Regulating Alternative Splicing and Their Contribution to Human Disease

Eve Farrell, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The complex roles of plant-soil feedbacks in promoting and maintaining biodiversity in native grassland restoration attempts

Brie Forster, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The Utility of Trans-splicing as a Treatment for Genetic Disease

Rebecca Fox, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, “My Achy Breaky Heart”: The Impact of Culture on Somatization

Rebecca Fox, Maanya Goenka, Emilia Katari, Seth Romanenko, and Kuo Wang, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Usable Passwords Comps Winter/Spring 2022 (Do Emojis Make Better Passwords?)

Jude Furlong, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Changing Faces

Elijah Goldberg, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Hyperexpression of TNF-α Due to Severe Infection Promotes a STAT5 Mediated Reduction in T Follicular Helper Cells and Immune Memory

Michael Green, History (HIST) 2022, Planks, Parks, and Profit: New York's Aricultural Decline and the Making of Modern Flatbush

Grace Hague and Ceile Kronick, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, SCREWED

Emily Hall, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Mutated Ciliary Ultrastructure: Dysfunctional Motility and Implications for Clinical Outcomes

Yelena Hallman, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The Relationship Between Diet and Genomic Plasticity in the Human Gut Microbiome

Noah Hanson, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, The Vanifar

Nathan Hayes, Louis Ye, Phil Donnelly, and David Anderson, Computer Science (CS) 2022, WikiScore: Auto-Evaluation of (Simple) Wikipedia Articles

Rachel Heilbronner, History (HIST) 2022, Powder to the People: Growth Management and Environmental Justice in Aspen, Colorado

Vincent F. He, Physics (PHYS) 2022, Antimatter: Theoretical Foundations and Beyond

Rebecca Hicke, John Groos, Jade Kandel, Ephraim Benson, and Haruki Yoshida, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Practicum 2.0: An Interactive Tool for Practicing Introductory CS Topics

Paul Hinton, Economics (ECON) 2022, Early Childhood Intervention and Income Inequality: An Analysis on the Intergenerational Mobility of Head Start Participants

Paul Hinton, Mathematics (MATH) 2022, The Rationality of Economic Discounting

Alison Hong, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Constructing the Female Grand Narrative - Chantal Akerman in the 1970s

Anna Hori, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2022, Minnesota Television Coverage of Female Candidates in 2008 and 2016

Lilian Hurtubise, Economics (ECON) 2022, Monetary Policy Spillovers into Small Open Economies: The United States vs. The Euro Area

Maya Jensen, Economics (ECON) 2022, Credit Source and Consumption in Mongolia: Do Microloans and Informal Loans Impact Consumption Differently?

Zachary Johnson, Physics (PHYS) 2022, Reaching for the Stars: The Physics of Space Elevators

Julia Johnston, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, Chatting with Lucidity: The Connection Between Sleep Talking and Dream Disorders

Robert Josowitz, Theater Arts (THEA) 2022, The Effect by Lucy Prebble: A Theater Comps Production by Will Josowitz

Logan Knutson, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2022, A Foregone Conclusion? Race, Wealth, and the Modern Application of the American Death Penalty

Alec Kotler, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Alternative Splicing: A Focus on Disruptors to the Mechanism Leading to Disease and Illuminating Therapeutic Possibility

Todd Laffaye, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The Role of Cilia and Hedgehog Signaling in Medulloblastoma: Complex Drivers and Advantageous Targets for the Treatment of Shh-Dependent Oncology

Nghi Lam, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Alternative splicing: determinative role of cis elements and trans factors in disease and therapy

Kate Lanier, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, Climate Change and the Framing Effect

Bethany Lazo, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, Mind the Gender Gap: Examining Measurement of Violence Risk in Women

Grace Lee, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, The Extra(Ordinary)

Alec Leonetti, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The Evolution of the Role of Cilia in Asymmetric Left-Right Axis Patterning

Zachary J. Lewis, Biology (BIOL) 2022, The transcription factor Bach2 drives memory B cell differentiation from the germinal center as a result of low-affinity B cell receptor signaling.

Gabriel Lobet, Geology (GEOL) 2022, Soil Properties of Prairie Creek Wildlife Management Area in Rice County, MN: The Influence of Land Use History and Prairie Restoration

Carly Lo, Biology (BIOL) 2022, An Explosion of Aquatic Life: A Comparative Evaluation of the Impact of Wildfires on Freshwater and Marine Phytoplankton Communities

Jeremiah Mackin-Alonzi, Karryn Leake, Sagal Ahmed, and Henry Farnsworth, Statistics (MAST) 2022, Survival Analysis: An Application with Censored Head and Neck Cancer Data

Manjari Majumdar, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Bike Dream

Nothando N. Mangena, Biology (BIOL) 2022, In malaria, Interferon gamma induced T-bet expression increases B cell affinity but reduces their capacity to clear infection

Carl Marvin, Economics (ECON) 2022, Evaluating the Paycheck Fairness Act: Do Not Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good

Carl Marvin, Political Science (POSC) 2022, The Best of Both Worlds: Making the Most of the Middle Ground Between the US and China

Brooke McKelvey, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Roots

Christopher McTaggart, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Sardines

Ben Mellin, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Faunal Biodiversity and Pyrodiversity in Western North American Forests: Flaws in the Current Literature

Elie Mer, Chemistry (CHEM) 2022, Serial femtosecond X-ray crystallography as a tool for the characterization of protein structure and dynamics

Ayasa Michii, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Alternative Splicing in Development, Aging, and Diseases

Colleen Milligan, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Restoring Patchy Coniferous Forests through Prescribed Fires and Thinning Efforts to Better Prepare Them for the Effects of Climate Change

Ella Milliken, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Unique E. globulous Chemistry in Eucalypt Forests Influences Abnormal PyOM Production in Response to Fire Severity

Arya Misra, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, I HOPE YOU REMEMBER THIS MOMENT

Adam Nakasaka, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Revisited

Jordan Navarro, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2022, Effect of Religiosity on the Conjunction Fallacy

Adam N. Nik, Molly Kammann, Jack Rybarczyk, and Sue He, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Scenify: Using AI to Generate Scenic Walking Paths

Katherine Nowak, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Optogenetics as a Means to Improve Human Perception

Folasade Orepo, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2022, Rhythm Of Life

Mark Paine, Biology (BIOL) 2022, A Comparison of the Ciliary Mechanisms and Genetic Mutations Underlying Situs Inversus and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

Ben Perry, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Figure Gestures in India Ink

Noah Pinkney, Physics (PHYS) 2022, Quantum Biology, Photosynthesis, and Resonance Energy Transfer

Logan Plasch, Physics (PHYS) 2022, Physics of Nuclear Fusion Reactors

Ali Purdum, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2022, The Tic-Reducing Effect of Music on Tourette's Syndrome

Shaw Qin, Psychology (PSYC) 2022, What Makes Bilinguals Different from Monolinguals? A Systematic Review of Language Background Measurement in the Bilingual Cognitive Advantage Literature

Tyrone Quigley, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Seeing the Figure

Paul Ready, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Pancreatic cancer as a ciliopathy: the role of primary cilia in driving and suppressing tumorigenesis and metastasis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas