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Graduated in 2024

Aryan Arora, Mathematics (MATH) 2024, Beyond Arrow: Revealing True Preferences

Adrian Balvuena, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2024, BOYS IN THE SUN

Henry Bowman, Physics (PHYS) 2024, Here Comes the Sun: An Overview of Semiconductor Photovoltaics

Amy Chen, Biology (BIOL) 2024, Targeting proteins in the midgut of mosquitoes to prevent transmission of the malaria parasite

Vanessa Czerniecki, Biology (BIOL) 2024, Disordered Flanking Regions of Viral Short Linear Motifs potentially enhance Antibody Recognition

Cecilia Ehrlichman, Batmend Batsaikhan, Mary Blanchard, Andreas Miller, Petrichor Park, and Hugh Shanno, Computer Science (CS) 2024, The Match: An ILP Application

Avery Hall, Sophie Boileau, Jeremiah Mensah, Armira Nance, Brie Sloves, Victor Huang, and Muno Siyakurima, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Algorithmic Fairness in Clustering: A Study in Replication

Trevor Jones, Biology (BIOL) 2024, The Molecular Pathology and Therapeutic Potential of Autophagy in Alzheimer's Disease

Ren D. Manuel, Studio Art (ARTS) 2024, Painting Punctum

Alice McClain, Biology (BIOL) 2024, Gardening the reef: future-proofing approaches to coral conservation

Shreya Nair, A. J. Ristino, Serafín Patiño Jr., Phi Rapacz, Zev Goldhaber-Gordon, and Jack Owens, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Short-Read Sequence Alignment using the Burrows Wheeler Transform

Alistair Pattison, Mathematics (MATH) 2024, An Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory

Sophie Rast, Studio Art (ARTS) 2024, The Ant Hill

Brenna Russell, Biology (BIOL) 2024, Butyrate’s Maintenance of Colonic Homeostasis via PPARγ Activation

Vasilii Vaganov, Biology (BIOL) 2024, Decoding the Intricacies of Cajal Body Formation: Unveiling the Sequential Cascade of RNA Seeding, Coilin N-Terminal Oligomerization, and Coilin C-Terminal Recruitment

An Vong, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2024, Home for the Holiday

Eleanor Weston, Studio Art (ARTS) 2024, Shoreline and Canoe Watercolors

Kevin Xiong, Economics (ECON) 2024, Illiquid Assets Affecting Personal Bankruptcy

Jisoo Yeom, Biology (BIOL) 2024, Deciphering the Role of Phosphorylation in Period2 Using Frequency as a Model

Yichen Zhang, Philosophy (PHIL) 2024, Between ren and Community: how does one die with moral value?

Graduated in 2023

Collin Adams, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Multifaceted Role of Codon Usage Bias in Regulating Gene Expression

Luisa Alves Escosteguy, PJ Sangvong, Etienne Richart, Duc Nguyen, and Shirin Sharma, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Wiki Addition Viewer: An extension to add insights to your Wikipedia experience

Evangel Anyiwe, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, Justice: Political Structure’s Effect on Sentence Length

Jancyn Appel, Political Science (POSC), Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, Equality isn’t the Goal, but the Expectation: An Investigation of the Constitutionality of Racialized Policies through the Lens of Thurgood Marshall’s Supreme Court Opinions

Kelsie Armstrong, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Acclimation and Fluctuating Temperatures Affect Ecological Performance and Development in Frogs

Laurie Avila, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Tangles, Trips, and Treatment: An Overview and Analysis of the Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelic Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Hannah Babcock, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Body and place

Juliana Bachulis, Linguistics (LING) 2023, Phonological Approximation in Computer-Mediated Communication: Governance of Deletion and Lengthening in SMS

Juliana Bachulis, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, Xi’s China and Trong’s Vietnam - The Emergence of Populism in the Authoritarian Context

Sophie Baggett, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Alzheimer's Disease: Turning Towards Tau

Avigail Bailon, Dominic Calicdan, and Chloe Truebenbach, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Environmental Justice Curricula in Interdisciplinary Environmental and Sustainability Programs: Examining the Variance of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Institutions that Include Environmental Justice Curricula.

Lucille Baker-Stahl, Geology (GEOL) 2023, The Hidden Falls Member: Lithostratigraphy and Depositional Insights Into the Platteville Formation, Southeastern Minnesota

Maya Bannatyne, Geology (GEOL) 2023, Geochemistry, U/Pb ages, and Hf isotope analyses of plutons in Southeastern Alaska: Implications for the Resurrection plate debate and associated magmatism

Nicolas Bell, Geology (GEOL) 2023, Investigating Environmental Effects on Sediment Trapping and Binding by Microbial Mats

Lillian Berets, Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) 2023, Sharing Our Roots: A Radical Economy of Community Carework

James Berger, Computer Science (CS) 2023, PictaPhone: Using smartphones as Controllers

Aaron Berkowitz, Biology (BIOL) 2023, ApoE-TREM 2 Interaction: An Important Regulator of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis

Raine Bernhard, History (HIST) 2023, “By Virtue of a Bond”: Overseas Familial and Financial Connections between Loyalist Refugees and Americans after the Revolutionary War

Eledon Beyene, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Eledon's Fall Comps

James Bice, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, 3 Phone Calls

Indigo Bistrup-Peterson, English (ENGL) 2023, Between Meals

Sam Blair, Economics (ECON) 2023, International R&D Spillovers, Trade, and Welfare

Sawyer Blair, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Wood and Clay: A Material Study

Avery Blumenthal and Lucas Cantrell, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Politics and Economics in the Endangered Species Act: Evaluating Endangered Species Delistings

Zoe Bonnell, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, From Gratitude to Grief: Conceptions of Identity and Belonging Among Chinese American Transracial Adoptees

Marte Borgmann, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Labors of the Heart: Experiences of Refugee Resettlement Organization Workers

Maddie Boulis, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Human Cytomegalovirus RNA2.7 aids Viral Immune Evasion

Sean Boyce, Emma Watson, William Stepanksi, Lucy Shapiro, Ania Hoang, Nell Shafer, William Chang-Stucki, and Nora Caballero, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, A Molecular Perspective on Ammonia Chemistry in Atmospheric Water Droplets

Robert Breyer, Economics (ECON) 2023, The October 2019 Conundrum: Testing How Zero-Commission Trading Has Influenced Market Efficiency

Anders Brodnax, Economics (ECON) 2023, How the Paycheck Fairness Act Would Reduce the Gender Wage Gap

Harper Brooks-Kahn, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, "The 90 Minute Patriot": Sports and Secessionism through Time-Series Regression Analysis

Lauren Bundy, French and Francophone Studies (FREN) 2023, « Ça n'existe pas, l'humour sans frontières » : Corporalité discursive chez Blanche Gardin

Emma Burke, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Virtue/Vice

Ross Burnside, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Common Is Not Always Optimal: The Reasons for Using Rare Codons in Genes

Cole Cadaram, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Modern Techniques in Electrochemical Organic Synthesis

Eway Cai, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Targeted Protein Degradation and Genome Editing as Novel Applications of Chemical Inducers of Proximity

Cristina Camarillo, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Maintaining and Creating Relationships with Rural Homeland Communities: An Ethnographic Study of Regalitos Being Exchanged between México and Texas

Lee Camp, Linguistics (LING) 2023, Breaking the Binary: Evaluating Gender Inclusivity in Neural Coreference Algorithms

Emma Carlson, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Codon usage bias as a regulatory mechanism of gene expression

Jalen Causey, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Love, Truth, and Healing: An Integrative Discussion of Childhood and Generational Trauma

Isabella Cha, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Case For Paid Maternity Leave: Reducing Inequities Between Low-Income and High-Income Women

Ben Chao, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Electrodeposition of p-Type Mixed Metal Oxide Semiconductors from Aqueous Metal Nitrate Solution

Susan Charlie, Economics (ECON) 2023, Overturning Roe v. Wade: Economic Implications of Abortion Access on Women

Isabella Charlton, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Regulation of Abiotic Stress Response in Arabidopsis Via Alternative Splicing

Robin Cheatham, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Reflection On Self

Eleanor Chen, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Torpor-Associated Thermoregulation and Appetite Regulation in Endothermic Mammals: A Concerted and Tailored Process

Jared Chen, Thomas Zeng, Teagan Johnson, and Nathan Hedgecock, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Replication of "Counterfactual Fairness in Text Classification through Robustness"

Kevin Chen, David Chu, Anna Neiman-Golden, Chisom Oguh, Ben Aoki-Sherwood, and Lita Theng, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Is a Dollar Worth a Thousand Words? Visualizing the Connections Between U.S. Congress Members’ Funding and Speech

Emma Chin, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, (In)Visibility: Analyzing Media Coverage of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes in the Wake of COVID-19

Yoonho Choi, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Producing Semiconductors Suitable for Water Splitting with Metal Nitrates

Thomas Chown, Economics (ECON) 2023, How Economies Recover from the Shocks of War

Sophia Chuen, Linguistics (LING) 2023, The Role of Affect and Social Bias in Perception and Language Attitudes towards Chinese-accented English

Jackson Cleveland, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, PHAding Away - Marine Biodegradable Polymers and the Potential of PHAs

Annabel Cohen, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Keeping the Faith: Being Jewish in Officially Christian Academic Spheres

Canute Collins, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Behavioral Torpor Regulation of the Little Brown Bat

Justin Crawmer, Biology (BIOL) 2023, SRSF1 is an Oncoprotein and is a Key Regulator of Bcl-x Alternative Splicing in Lung Cancer

Isaac Crown, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Who is living in my father's house?

Cassie Cunniff, Diaraye Diallo, Beck Woollen, and Zia NoiseCat, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Watering the West: An Exploratory Case Study of Indigenous Water Rights in the Colorado River Basin

John Daley, History (HIST) 2023, Block Communities Inc.: Less than helpful hands during the War on Poverty.

Thang Dao, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Anthropogenic Noise Modulation of the Avian Gut Microbiome Drives Phenotypic Differentiation Between Urban and Rural Environments.

Charles Davison, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, A Cross Cultural Comparison of Trauma Symptoms

Nicolo Del Negro, Art History (ARTH) 2023, Peggy Guggenheim Matron of Modernism: How Friends, Money, Love, and Luck Forged an Art Collection

Nicolo Del Negro, History (HIST) 2023, “To Centralize, or not to Centralize–that is the Question:” Evaluating the Changes Proposed in the 1963 NYC Charter

Aisha Dem, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Navigating Space on The Cultural Identity Spectrum: How Second Generation Gambians Form and Express Identity in Minnesota

Helen Desta, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Evaluating the Measurement of Sense of Belonging in Schools

Maya Donovan, Economics (ECON) 2023, Choosing Living & Care Arrangements: Informal Care Receipt and the Decision to Enter a Nursing Home

Maya Donovan, Philosophy (PHIL) 2023, Extending Loving Attention to Strangers

Charlotte Drake, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Impact of Landlord Type on Housing Insecurity: Evidence from Corporate and Individual Owners in the New York City Rental Housing Market

Adela Dujsikova, Biology (BIOL) 2023, SRSF1 and SRSF3 regulate the crosstalk between apoptosis and autophagy through interactions with Bcl-x and BECN1.

Aarnie Dushime, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Effect of the Liberalization of African Airline Markets on the Development of African Economies

Charles Dvergsten, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Ineffective Erythropoiesis and Anemia in Myelodysplastic Syndrome with Ringed Sideroblasts: The Role of SF3B1 Mutation

Noah Eckersley, Classics (CLST) 2023, Athena and Democracy in the Eumenides and the Ajax

Alyssa Ehrhardt, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Interactions Between Copper Dysregulation and Biological Markers of Alzheimer's Disease

Kaylin Eliza Engerman, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Large-Scale Consequences of Ecological Mismatch between Bark Beetles and Their Host Trees

David Espinoza, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Mi Vecina, La Llorona

Abraham Faber, Political Science (POSC) 2023, Who Defends Democracies in Crisis? Discerning How Groups Advocating Electoral Reform React to Democratic Backsliding

Sebastian Fallon, Physics (PHYS) 2023, The Anomalous Zeeman Effect

Grace Farwell, Linguistics (LING) 2023, Third Language Acquisition: Investigating the Roles of L2 Proficiency, The Typological Primacy Model, and the L2 Status Factor Model on German Vowel Perception in L1 English, L2 French Individuals

Max Felland, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Calcium Hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease: A view on NMDA receptors and Calcium Homeostasis Modulator Proteins

Will Feng, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Epstein-Barr Virus uses MicroRNAs as part of its Strategy for Host Immune Evasion