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Graduated in 2022

Caroline Tsui, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Keep Calm And Choose Lead: A Graphic Novel

Walter Williamson, Biology (BIOL) 2022, Evaluating the Importance of SARS-CoV-2 Respiratory Droplet Dispersal and Persistence in Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Graduated in 2021

Will Altaweel, Psychology (PSYC) 2021, How Should We Practice Gratitude?: A Systematic Review of Variability among Gratitude Interventions

Kano Amagai, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Bats Exhibit Suppressed Inflammation Upon Viral Infection Due to Flight-Induced Oxidative Stress

Isabel Arevalo, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Pain as Transformation: Healing in the Body

Louisa Ballinger, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2021, "Tetherball" Pilot

Gianmarco Bommarito, Marcella Manivel, Bo Peng, and Marguerite Shaya, Mathematics (MATH) 2021, Bernoulli Numbers and the Class Groups of Cyclotomic Fields

Sonja Borgmann, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2021, Reframing Gender in War: Syria through the eyes of Arab Women Journalists

Grace Brindle, History (HIST) 2021, Between Fascism and Democracy: The Allied Occupation of Sicily

Travis Brown, Marko Jurkovich, Vincent Gu, and Andrew Vance, Statistics (MAST) 2021, Predicting COVID-19 Using SIR Models

Maddie Bryant, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2021, "Partisan Spillover and the Political Frames of Super Bowl Advertisements After the 2016 Election"

Charles Bushman, Physics (PHYS) 2021, Physical Reservoir Computing for Classification of Temporal Data

Lydia Chau, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, On Dealing with the Aftermath

Gregor Dairaghi, Physics (PHYS) 2021, Graphene-Based Smartphone Technologies

Maris Daleo, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Victims of Humanity

Evan Michael David, Ian Klein, Benjamin Colby Richardson, and Sameer Swarup, Mathematics (MATH) 2021, Northcott’s Theorem: An Adventure in Preperiodic Points of Rational Functions

Danielle Dudley, Biology (BIOL) 2021, SARS-CoV-2 Induced Cytokine Storm Inhibits mTOR Function in CD8+ T cells

Andrew Fitch, Bat-Orgil Batjargal, Daniel Kleber, and Alvin Bierley, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Evolvers of Catan

Tyrell Floyd, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Penjamonial

Elizabeth Franchot, Economics (ECON) 2021, Age and Negative Framing: Pitting Influences of Altruism Against Each Other

Elizabeth Franchot, Psychology (PSYC) 2021, Influence of Dark Personalities on Interpersonal Relationships: A Systematic Review

Kyle Fraser-Mines, Physics (PHYS) 2021, The Causes and Effects of the Carrington Event

Beatriz Furtado, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Studio Art Comps Project

Ben George, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Genomic and Epigenetic Variance in HPV16 Affect Viral Carcinogenicity and Cervical Cancer Outcomes

Emma Greenlee, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Invasive Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Alter Biogeochemical Cycling in Native Ecosystems

Charles R. Grogan-Kaylor, Mathematics (MATH) 2021, Tensors, differential forms, and computer graphics

Anna Grove, Linguistics (LING) 2021, Pedagogical Methods of Indigenous Language Revitalization and Second Language Acquisition in Dakotah

Nia Harris, Economics (ECON) 2021, The Impact of Changes in the Federal Funds Rate on Stock Returns: Portfolios Sorted by Size and Book-to-Market Equity Ratio

Karah Haug, Andrew Farias, and Jack Schill, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2021, Cows, Colleges, and COVID: A Single Case Study into Northfield’s Climate Action Plan Implementation During the 2020 Pandemic

Cedar Heffelfinger, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Mending

Mash Ibtesum, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Irradiance

Emma Ismail, Linguistics (LING) 2021, A Minimalist Approach to Causative Structures in Dakota

Erin Jenson, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Tracking Transmission of Measles Virus by Sequencing Various Regions of the Genome

Brennan Johnson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Dreaming, Dying

Marko Jurkovich, Economics (ECON) 2021, The Effect of Anti-Immigrant Sentiment on Immigrant Income in Spain

Allison Kim, Cole DiIanni, Katharine Münger, Maya Murphy, and Nathaniel Reid, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Keystroke Dynamics for Usable Passwords

Emma Korosei, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Bean Fish

Zach Kulstad, Biology (BIOL) 2021, PD-1 and Tim-3 Cooperate to Inhibit TCR Signaling in Severely Exhausted CD8+ T Cells

Rie Kurita, Catalina Alvarez-Ruiz, Kate Grossman, Ellie Mamantov, and Starr Wang, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Dragon Architect

Spencer S. Lekki, History (HIST) 2021, Violence and Materiality in the Irish Rising of 1641

Grace Leuchtenberger, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Every Breath (of COVID-19) You Take: Aerosols Driving COVID-19 Superspreader Events

Amy Lin, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Porphyromonas gingivalis Induces MyD88- and LPS- Independent Inhibition of PROS1 Anti-Inflammatory Function

Gracie Little, Kaeden Berg, Tony Ngo, and Chris Kitchen, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Digital Divide in Northfield

ZhaoBin Li, Mathematics (MATH) 2021, Brownian Motion and Its Applications

Emery Louie and Aubrey Rawles, Psychology (PSYC) 2021, Rising to the Occasion: Group Identity and Helping Behavior in a Natural Disaster Context

Jaylin Lowe, Statistics (MAST) 2021, Generalized Additive Models

Kaela Mali, Biology (BIOL) 2021, ARF We There Yet?: The H. pylori Driven, Subnuclear Translocation of ARF Protein

Ellie Mamantov, Psychology (PSYC) 2021, How Trusting Should We Be of Trust Measurements?

Laura McCarron, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Laura McCarron's Studio Art Comps

Zach McCrary, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Weight

Pierce McDonnell, History (HIST) 2021, Daniel Thomas and the First Tennessee: Seeking National Unity During the Spanish-American War

Cara Meyer, English (ENGL) 2021, “The terrors of direct experience”: Resolving Trauma in “The Machine Stops” and My Year of Rest and Relaxation; The Role of the Community in Enduring Racial Oppression in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and The Island

Jack L. Moran, Mathematics (MATH), Statistics (MAST) 2021, Introduction to the Simple Branching Process

Maxime Munyeshyaka, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Uncovering Mechanisms of Oligodendrocytes in Learning and Memory

Andie Nakahira, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Crying Over Spilled Kombucha

Lucy Neumann, Biology (BIOL) 2021, The Applicability of the Costly Signaling Hypothesis and the Index Hypothesis as Adaptive Explanations for Honest Quality Signaling in Carotenoid-Based Male Bird Plumage

Maggy Osha, Biology (BIOL) 2021, The Role of Repeat RNA in TriNucleotide Repeat Disease Pathology and Treatment

Alli Palmbach, Political Science (POSC) 2021, New Political Opinion Leaders: Applying Previously Established News Repertoires to a Liberal Arts College and the American Public

Alex Poeschla, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Tim-3 Mediates Cytotoxic T Cell Exhaustion in Cancer but Beneficially Maintains Maternal-Fetal Tolerance in Pregnancy

Molly Potter, Statistics (MAST) 2021, Spatial Data Analysis with Applications in Epidemiology

Lizbeth A. Ramirez Gaytan, Linguistics (LING) 2021, Looking at Cross-Language Expressive Gaps in Spanish-English Bilinguals with Varying Linguistics Exposure: Study Proposal and Pilot Study

Sophia Rogers, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, You used to say our freckles were angel's kisses

Laura Savage, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2021, Age and Distraction: A Misunderstanding of Memory

Ben Schnieders, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Critical Factors Predict Whether Evolutionary Rescue Will Occur in Bats and Amphibians Threatened by Novel Fungal Pathogens: Chytridiomycosis and White-nose Syndrome

Anna Schumacher, Psychology (PSYC) 2021, Identity and Social Change: Connecting and Expanding Identity-Based Models of Collective Action

Lakshya Seth, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Blimp-1: A Key Transcription Factor in Mediating T cell Response to Persistent Antigen Stimulation

Ben Sirulnik, Chemistry (CHEM) 2021, Developments in Biological Nanosensors

Risa Stiegler, Linguistics (LING) 2021, Tukted Taku Uƞ He? or, What is Where?: Dakota Wh- or T-Questions and Intervention Effects

Irene Stoutland, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Constructed Nature

Martha Sudderth, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Baby Teeth

Ethan Ta, Chemistry (CHEM) 2021, Exploring Graphene - A Semiconductor for the Future

Raba Tefera, Biology (BIOL) 2021, Role of Constitutive Expression of Type I Interferons and the Effects of Virus Coevolution in Bats

Sean Topel, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Studio Art Comps Sean Topel

Emily Wight, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, A Story Through Scars

Justin Yamada, Alexis Engel, Matt Stecklow, Luna Yee, Ankit Sanghi, and Danny Maya, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Practicum

Bill Yang, History (HIST) 2021, The Influence of Medical Professionalization on British Parliamentary Debate of Compulsory Vaccination, 1806-1861

Luna Yee, Linguistics (LING) 2021, Divergent Semantics of Reduplication in Present-Day Dakotah: Exploring the Intra- and Intergenerational Effects of Language Suppression

Gavin Young, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, The bowl as an Intimate Object

Gabriela A. Zegarra Sam, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Happy birthday, over the years

Yifei Zhu, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, What If

Daniel Zin, Cindy Guo, and Erika Mino, Statistics (MAST) 2021, Twitter’s Reaction to Mask Mandates: A Network Analysis

Graduated in 2020

Daniel Alexander, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Optimizing CAR T Cell Signaling Domains to Modify Metabolism and Increase Efficacy Against Neuroblastoma

Evan Allgood, English (ENGL) 2020, This Body, Unbound

Iris Arbogast, Economics (ECON) 2020, A “Slippery Slope” to Higher Labor Supply Inequality in Mexico, Indonesia, and Brazil

Alleana Austin, English (ENGL) 2020, Freedom, Sexuality, and Rebellion in the Coquette and “We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?” And Pretended Purity and Mixed Heritage in A Man of the People and “The True Born Englishman”

Nof Babajide, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Incidence of Autism in Response to Changes in Brain Asymmetry

Nicholas Baer, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Role of Ion Channels in ATP-Induced Microglial Chemotaxis

Julie Bailard, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Cation Channels Cooperate to Influence Microglial Necroptosis and Inflammatory Signaling in White Matter Neurodegenerative Disease

Marshall Basson, Physics (PHYS) 2020, Physics of a Classic Rock Album

Noam Benkler, Economics (ECON) 2020, Do Biometric Smartcards Help the Neediest Most?

Henry Bensen, Economics (ECON) 2020, Is the Democrat versus Republican Macroeconomic Performance Gap Explainable?

Halle Beshouri, History (HIST) 2020, Constructing Communism: Khrushchev's Housing Program and a New Communist Contract

Grace Betz, Physics (PHYS) 2020, The Physics of Spacecraft: The Ascension

Eric Biddulph-West, Physics (PHYS) 2020, A Hypothetical Concentrating Solar Dish Engine for Energy Autonomous Communities

Liam Bidwell, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2020, Green and Red: Losing Meat and Keeping Men

Adam Bigelow, Economics (ECON) 2020, Non-Western Technology Intensity of Use and Long Run Productivity Gains

Stan Birdsong, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Effects of Habenular Nuclei Asymmetry on Behavior

Madeline Birnbaum, English (ENGL) 2020, “The Most Unexpected of Interpretations”: Expanding Narrative Possibilities of the Northern Irish Troubles in Anna Burns’ Milkman

Caroline Boroughs, Biology (BIOL) 2020, Initiation of Parturition in Humans

Am Bovornvirakit, Biology (BIOL) 2020, The Cascading Effects of Intraguild Predation and Refugia on Animal Behavior