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Graduated in 2024

Adrian Balvuena, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2024, BOYS IN THE SUN

Henry Bowman, Physics (PHYS) 2024, Here Comes the Sun: An Overview of Semiconductor Photovoltaics

Trevor Jones, Biology (BIOL) 2024, The Molecular Pathology and Therapeutic Potential of Autophagy in Alzheimer's Disease

An Vong, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2024, Home for the Holiday

Yichen Zhang, Philosophy (PHIL) 2024, Between ren and Community: how does one die with moral value?

Graduated in 2023

Luisa Alves Escosteguy, PJ Sangvong, Etienne Richart, Duc Nguyen, and Shirin Sharma, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Wiki Addition Viewer: An extension to add insights to your Wikipedia experience

Kelsie Armstrong, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Acclimation and Fluctuating Temperatures Affect Ecological Performance and Development in Frogs

Hannah Babcock, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Body and place

Sophie Baggett, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Alzheimer's Disease: Turning Towards Tau

Avigail Bailon, Dominic Calicdan, and Chloe Truebenbach, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Environmental Justice Curricula in Interdisciplinary Environmental and Sustainability Programs: Examining the Variance of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Institutions that Include Environmental Justice Curricula.

James Berger, Computer Science (CS) 2023, PictaPhone: Using smartphones as Controllers

Raine Bernhard, History (HIST) 2023, “By Virtue of a Bond”: Overseas Familial and Financial Connections between Loyalist Refugees and Americans after the Revolutionary War

Eledon Beyene, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Eledon's Fall Comps

James Bice, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, 3 Phone Calls

Sawyer Blair, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Wood and Clay: A Material Study

Avery Blumenthal and Lucas Cantrell, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Politics and Economics in the Endangered Species Act: Evaluating Endangered Species Delistings

Zoe Bonnell, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, From Gratitude to Grief: Conceptions of Identity and Belonging Among Chinese American Transracial Adoptees

Marte Borgmann, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Labors of the Heart: Experiences of Refugee Resettlement Organization Workers

Maddie Boulis, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Human Cytomegalovirus RNA2.7 aids Viral Immune Evasion

Sean Boyce, Emma Watson, William Stepanksi, Lucy Shapiro, Ania Hoang, Nell Shafer, William Chang-Stucki, and Nora Caballero, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, A Molecular Perspective on Ammonia Chemistry in Atmospheric Water Droplets

Robert Breyer, Economics (ECON) 2023, The October 2019 Conundrum: Testing How Zero-Commission Trading Has Influenced Market Efficiency

Anders Brodnax, Economics (ECON) 2023, How the Paycheck Fairness Act Would Reduce the Gender Wage Gap

Emma Burke, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Virtue/Vice

Ross Burnside, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Common Is Not Always Optimal: The Reasons for Using Rare Codons in Genes

Cole Cadaram, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Modern Techniques in Electrochemical Organic Synthesis

Eway Cai, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Targeted Protein Degradation and Genome Editing as Novel Applications of Chemical Inducers of Proximity

Cristina Camarillo, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Maintaining and Creating Relationships with Rural Homeland Communities: An Ethnographic Study of Regalitos Being Exchanged between México and Texas

Lee Camp, Linguistics (LING) 2023, Breaking the Binary: Evaluating Gender Inclusivity in Neural Coreference Algorithms

Emma Carlson, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Codon usage bias as a regulatory mechanism of gene expression

Ben Chao, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Electrodeposition of p-Type Mixed Metal Oxide Semiconductors from Aqueous Metal Nitrate Solution

Isabella Charlton, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Regulation of Abiotic Stress Response in Arabidopsis Via Alternative Splicing

Robin Cheatham, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Reflection On Self

Eleanor Chen, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Torpor-Associated Thermoregulation and Appetite Regulation in Endothermic Mammals: A Concerted and Tailored Process

Jared Chen, Thomas Zeng, Teagan Johnson, and Nathan Hedgecock, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Replication of "Counterfactual Fairness in Text Classification through Robustness"

Kevin Chen, David Chu, Anna Neiman-Golden, Chisom Oguh, Ben Aoki-Sherwood, and Lita Theng, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Is a Dollar Worth a Thousand Words? Visualizing the Connections Between U.S. Congress Members’ Funding and Speech

Emma Chin, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, (In)Visibility: Analyzing Media Coverage of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes in the Wake of COVID-19

Yoonho Choi, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Producing Semiconductors Suitable for Water Splitting with Metal Nitrates

Sophia Chuen, Linguistics (LING) 2023, The Role of Affect and Social Bias in Perception and Language Attitudes towards Chinese-accented English

Jackson Cleveland, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, PHAding Away - Marine Biodegradable Polymers and the Potential of PHAs

Annabel Cohen, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Keeping the Faith: Being Jewish in Officially Christian Academic Spheres

Canute Collins, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Behavioral Torpor Regulation of the Little Brown Bat

Justin Crawmer, Biology (BIOL) 2023, SRSF1 is an Oncoprotein and is a Key Regulator of Bcl-x Alternative Splicing in Lung Cancer

Isaac Crown, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Who is living in my father's house?

Cassie Cunniff, Diaraye Diallo, Beck Woollen, and Zia NoiseCat, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Watering the West: An Exploratory Case Study of Indigenous Water Rights in the Colorado River Basin

John Daley, History (HIST) 2023, Block Communities Inc.: Less than helpful hands during the War on Poverty.

Thang Dao, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Anthropogenic Noise Modulation of the Avian Gut Microbiome Drives Phenotypic Differentiation Between Urban and Rural Environments.

Charles Davison, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, A Cross Cultural Comparison of Trauma Symptoms

Maya Donovan, Economics (ECON) 2023, Choosing Living & Care Arrangements: Informal Care Receipt and the Decision to Enter a Nursing Home

Maya Donovan, Philosophy (PHIL) 2023, Extending Loving Attention to Strangers

Adela Dujsikova, Biology (BIOL) 2023, SRSF1 and SRSF3 regulate the crosstalk between apoptosis and autophagy through interactions with Bcl-x and BECN1.

Aarnie Dushime, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Effect of the Liberalization of African Airline Markets on the Development of African Economies

Alyssa Ehrhardt, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Interactions Between Copper Dysregulation and Biological Markers of Alzheimer's Disease

Kaylin Eliza Engerman, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Large-Scale Consequences of Ecological Mismatch between Bark Beetles and Their Host Trees

David Espinoza, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Mi Vecina, La Llorona

Abraham Faber, Political Science (POSC) 2023, Who Defends Democracies in Crisis? Discerning How Groups Advocating Electoral Reform React to Democratic Backsliding

Sebastian Fallon, Physics (PHYS) 2023, The Anomalous Zeeman Effect

Grace Farwell, Linguistics (LING) 2023, Third Language Acquisition: Investigating the Roles of L2 Proficiency, The Typological Primacy Model, and the L2 Status Factor Model on German Vowel Perception in L1 English, L2 French Individuals

Max Felland, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Calcium Hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease: A view on NMDA receptors and Calcium Homeostasis Modulator Proteins

Will Feng, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Epstein-Barr Virus uses MicroRNAs as part of its Strategy for Host Immune Evasion

Will Feng, Alex Rowell, Allison Teichman, Ethan Li, Gavin Hazen, Helen Jin-Lee, Michaela Polley, Tommy Lisko, and Tony Qiang, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, A Gold Star Approach: Using Gold Nanostars as a Drug Delivery Vehicle for Cancer Treatment

Ryan Flanagan, Political Science (POSC) 2023, The Olympic 'City of Exception' and the Subversion of Pluralism: Observing Convergence between Beijing and Rio de Janeiro

Will Fleming, Economics (ECON) 2023, How Does Zoning Impact Affordable Housing? What Can Be Done To Better Achieve Affordable Housing Goals?

Allie Fridkin, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Phenological mismatch and specialist pollinators: a comparison of current hypotheses and case studies

Molly Furlong, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Stupid Little Place

Alex Gallin, Economics (ECON) 2023, Does the Federal Reserve Have an Advantage When Forecasting Housing Data?

Maia Li Garby, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems: An Analysis of Soil Carbon Storage, Sequestration, and Respiration

Thomas Gatewood, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Epstein-Barr Viral Proteins EBNA1 and vIL-10 Facilitate Immune Evasion by Supporting a Latent-Lytic Cycle of Infection

Sam Gloss, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Effect of Parental Leave Policy on Children's Outcomes and Reommendations for Optimization with respect to Childhood Development

Darius Goodman, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Quality of Life from Being Pro-Life: Analyzing the Impact of the Overturning of Roe v. Wade on the Economic Lives of Black Women

Eve Gorman, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Gorman Studio Arts Comps Fall 2022

Faith Hanshaw, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Balancing the Autonomic Regulation of Metabolism in Diving Mammals During Voluntary Dives

Elliot Hanson, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Genomic Plasticity in Prokaryotes and its Benefits in Dynamic Environments

Joshua S. Hanson-Kaplan, Physics (PHYS) 2023, The Higgs Boson, a Portal to the Dark Sector?

Bailey Harmon, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Viral Inhibition of MHC I Pathways: Essential for Enhanced Efficacy of Oncolytic Virotherapy

Abdisalan Hawadle, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Sponge Microbial Response to Thermal Stress and Ocean Acidification is Species-Specific

Sophia Heidebrecht, English (ENGL) 2023, “Teeming with blasphemy”: Robin Hood, Joseph Ritson, & the Radical History of the Ballad

Ella Hein, Wenlai Han, Hala Soliman, Alek Rabago, Rainey Tilley, Leah Stroebell, Elijah Shore, and Vasilii Vaganov, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, A Greener Oxidation: Aminoxyl Mediated Electrocatalysis

Kenta Hikino and Kairah Foster, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Live or Die: Survival Strategies of Organizations Promoting Clean Cooking

Emily Hirshman, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Canine Aggression & the Brain: How Neuroplasticity Could Be Used to Understand & Treat Aggressive Dogs

Naomi Hochman, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Comparing the Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Juvenile Offenders

Henry Holcomb, Simran Kadam, Jane Zeman, and Francine Legba, Environmental Studies (ENTS) 2023, Environmental Art: Reflections of America's Ecological Consciousness

Lillian Horne, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, "Wonder is Wonderful": How Children Give Us License to See Nature Differently

Elise Hudson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, The Feminine Grotesque

Kristin Hultgren, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Evaluating Prosocial Behaviors: Outcomes, Measurements, & Future Directions

Kyosuke Imai, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Remembering

Christian Irons, Political Science (POSC) 2023, Brexit Voting Inconsistencies Throughout the Celtic Fringe: Analyzing the Interplay of Pro-Brexit Populist Movements With Devolved British Systems of Multi-Level Governance

Claire James, Biology (BIOL) 2023, An Un-Bear-ably Incredible Phenomenon: Atrophy Prevention via IGF-1/Akt Signaling Pathway in Skeletal Muscle of Hibernating Bears

Connor Jansen, Religion (RELG) 2023, The Five Treasures of the Great Snow: Misconceptions of Buddhist Sacred Landscape in Sikkim, India

Ben Jeweler, Economics (ECON) 2023, Wind Turbines and Property Values: Disamenity Costs in New Brunswick, Canada

Caroline Jimenez, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Altered Perceptions

Tatiana Jimenez, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Humans and Nature

Anika Jones, History (HIST) 2023, The 1921 March Action: Ongoing Negotiations Between Russian and German Communist Leadership and their Relation to Power in the Comintern

Chloe Jones, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Impacts of Arctic Warming on Vegetation and Migratory Caribou (Rangifer tarandus): The Case for Ecological Mismatch

Elijah Jones, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Role of Climate Change and Microbial Communities in Increased Coral Reef Disease Prevalence

Diana Kachman, English (ENGL) 2023, "Your Loud Self, Your Loud Eyes, and Your Loud Guilt: Race and Representation in Fairview" and "Environmental Justice and Nature’s Healing in Through the Arc of the Rainforest and “The Lament of Swordy Well”"

Maya Kalmus, Economics (ECON) 2023, Gender Bias in Promotion Rates in the United States

Connor Kelly, Economics (ECON) 2023, The effects of Microfinance on poverty in Central Ghana

Nadia Khayat, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Impact of Ocean Acidification on the Marine Food Web: Low pH Alters Marine Invertebrate Behavior via Chemical Cue Reception Impairment and Drives Predation Rate

Katherine Kimball, History (HIST) 2023, Reflections in the Water: Placing Salt Lake Valley's Warm Springs in History

Samuel Kim, Statistics (MAST) 2023, Using Statistical Classification Methods to Predict Hits Using Statcast