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Graduated in 2023

Nadia McPherson, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Deconstructing Nostalgic Configurations of Home: The German (Anti)Heimat Film

Sidra Michael, Art History (ARTH) 2023, Inventing a “Self”: An Exploration of the Self-Portraiture of Nicolas Poussin and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Suad Mohamed, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Impacts of Increasing Drought on the Functioning and Stability of the Grassland Soil Microbiome

Rylyn Monahan, Art History (ARTH) 2023, War, Art and Memory: The Tensions between Historical Accuracy and Mythmaking in the Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama

Sydney Mone, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Effect of a Country’s Healthcare System on their Population’s COVID-19 Attitudes and Outcomes

Elena Morales-Grahl, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Vital Role of Microglia and Astrocytes in Synaptic Loss and Disruption in Alzheimer’s Disease

Noah L. Mueller, Tatiana Jimenez, Connor Grayzel, Ellie Vandel, Eledon Beyene, Meredith Klay, Michael Berler, Seraphel Grosser, and Weiland Wang, Chemistry (CHEM) 2023, Detecting Diseases: Three Remarkable Biosensors

Anwesha Mukherji, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Impact of Climate Change on Juvenile Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) Freshwater and Marine Juvenile Development

Charlotte Nahley, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Importance of F. prausnitzii and Butyrate Production in the Development of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Rehana Naik Olson, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Neuroplasticity, Sleep, and Recovery in the Adult Visual Cortex

Sam Nelson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, when the weather has been above freezing for a week I am going to buy baba ghanoush

Liora Newman, History (HIST) 2023, "We Have No Intention of Creating Another Chicago:" A Tactical Comparison of the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention Protests and Mayday 1971

Jake Oberg, Classics (CLST) 2023, Empowerment, Reversal, and Reunion: Examining Three Relationships in Supergiant Games' Hades

Brett Olson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Reasonably Rural: Non-Narrative in Print

Beck Page, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Role of Zoning in the Affordable Housing Crisis

Kanishk Pandey, Physics (PHYS) 2023, Exploring the Images of the James Webb Space Telescope, a $10 Billion Time Machine

Madeleine Parr, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, Mothers and Monsters: Nationalism, Religious Extremism and Gender Norms

Kayla Passino, Cognitive Science (CGSC) 2023, Beyond Learning Styles: Applying Cognitive Science in the Classroom

Cate Patterson, Biology (BIOL) 2023, All a-bat the UPRER: A Cellular Stress Response in Hibernating Bats

Georgia Paulig, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, The Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale: Literature Review and Analysis of Psychometric Properties

Sophie Perfetto, English (ENGL) 2023, Anthropocene

Astrid Petropoulos, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The “D”ebate: The Association Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Periodontal Disease

Ben Pham, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Influenza A mRNA splicing disrupts host mRNA splicing

Kevin Phung, Economics (ECON) 2023, How does the Federal Open Market Committee’s Press Conference affect various asset returns: A Machine Learning Approach

Michaela Polley, Rachel Ziems, Riley Madsen, Isaac Fried, Tia Ahmed, Michael Dreger, Andrea Ramos, and Raine Bernhard, Mathematics (MATH) 2023, Unpacking Algebra: 98 Lessons with Applications

Olivia Potter, Latin American Studies (LTAM) 2023, Subjectivity of Success: Mexico's Prospera Program

Isabella Pozzi, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Role of Microglia and Tau in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology

Sophia Prichard, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Not So Silent: The influence of codon usage bias on gene expression

Sophia M. Quast, History (HIST) 2023, State-making and Abortion in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest

Tyler Quitmeyer, Biology (BIOL) 2023, SRSF1 Enhances Splice Site Recognition through an ESE-Independent Mechanism

Joe Radinsky, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2023, Getting Off: Uses and Expectations of Pornography Among LGBTQ+ College Students

Utsha Rai, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Subjective Nature of Optimality in Biology: Exploring Codon Usage Bias

Trent Ramirez, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Boric Effect: An Analysis on the Impact of Political Events on Chilean Stock Returns

Lora Randa, Biology (BIOL) 2023, [4Fe-3S] Clusters Mediate Oxygen Tolerance in [NiFe] Hydrogenases

Eleanor Reinhold, English (ENGL) 2023, "Equal As We Are": Female Self Worth in Pamela and Jane Eyre

Gabrielle Lindy Reynaga, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, Novel Pharmacotherapies for Female Sexual Assault Survivors with PTSD Could Aid Research on Female Sexual Dysfunction

Scout Riley, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Valley Fever

Rhesel Rivera, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Upregulation of the UPR Signaling Pathway via IRE1⍺-XBP1 Splicing Favors ZIKV Infection and Maternal-Fetal ZIKV Transmission

Daven Rock, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Zika Virus Induced Downregulation of Tight Junctions and the Extracellular Matrix Disrupts Intercellular Integrity and Enhances Transplacental Pathogenesis

Hannah Rosenberg, History (HIST) 2023, Swing It On: Resistance, Respectability, and Lindy Hop at the Savoy Ballroom

Henry Rousseau, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Mutant SRSF2 cooperates with mutant Isocitrate Dehydrogenase ll to progress myelodysplastic syndrome to secondary acute myeloid leukemia.

Tate Russell, Linguistics (LING) 2023, Null In Void: Can null resumptive pronouns fill L2 island gaps?

Amer Said, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Zika Virus Entry into Host Cells Is Mediated By Axl TAM Kinase and Its Associated Ligand Gas6

Caroline Saksena, Biology (BIOL) 2023, TDP-43 Protein Aggregation Leads to Missplicing of Neuronal Growth Proteins

Zachary Sather, History (HIST) 2023, Visions of a Wisconsin State Prison: Statebuilding and the Rehabilitative Ideal, 1836 - 1852

Adi Satish, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Human Disease in a Fluctuating World

Ellen Schlick, American Studies (AMST) 2023, The Innocent Outlaw: How Extralegal Violence Built Western Democracy

Keaton Schuelke, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Market Needs the Meat: The effects of the 2017 Brazilian Meat Scandal

Srishti (Shelly) Seth, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Mechanisms for Codon Usage Bias and its Influence on Translational Efficiency and Gene Expression

Ming Shen, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Host MicroRNAs Provide Means of Innate Immune System Evasion During Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infection

Hannah Sheridan, English (ENGL) 2023, Rewriting the City: The Transgressive Flâneuse in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and Caitriona Lally’s Eggshells

Grant M. Singer, Geology (GEOL) 2023, Spring Creek Springs: Locating Prairie du Chien Springs in Cowling Arboretum, Northfield, Minnesota

Jonathan Singleton, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Climate change induced mismatches between various predator-prey interactions in different life stages of the anadromous Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.)

Kailey Smith, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, The Consequences of the Unchanged Economic Inequality in America

Natalie Soehnlin, Physics (PHYS) 2023, Global Warming and Its Effects on Astronomical Observations

Mikhalina Solakhava, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, Por Las Familias y La Revolución, #CóDigoSí: Imagining the National Family in Cuba

Mikhalina Solakhava, Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) 2023, Wives and Witches of the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom: Translation Politics and Gender Discourses in Belarusian Fairytales

Frank Sottrel, Physics (PHYS) 2023, Quantum Decoherence and the Problems it Solves

Jackson Stinebaugh, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Memorial

Maya Stovall, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, We Need to Save Us: Climate Justice as Revolution

Aravindh Subramanian, Japanese (JAPN) 2023, Understanding Mishima Yukio: A Thirst for Ecstacy

Irene Sullivan, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Effects of Mental Health on Labor Market Consistency Across Racial Groups

Karina Suwal, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Microglial activation propagates tau pathology of Alzheimer's Disease

Dane Swanser, History (HIST) 2023, “Dear Harry” : Love, leverage, and literary tradition told through the gay worlds of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana

Andriana Taratsas, English (ENGL) 2023, The Cross-Dresser's Dilemma: The Reader as the Answer to Literature's (Im)mobility Problem

Bahar Tas, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, A La Turca

Bahar Tas, Economics (ECON) 2023, From Parliamentary to Presidential System: Turkey’s Stock Market Response

Neda Tehrani, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Nostalgia, Memory, and Illusions of the Past

Neda Tehrani, Biology (BIOL) 2023, The Protective Immune Role of 17β-Estradiol against HCV Infection, Proliferation, and Progression

Suhani Thandi, Psychology (PSYC) 2023, The Effects of Parenting Styles on Academic Achievement: A Systematic Review

Andrew Thompson, Physics (PHYS) 2023, Optimizing the Ballistic Performance and Safety of Centerfire Rifles

Erin Timmins, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

Ben Turner, Physics (PHYS) 2023, The Physics of Satellite Internet: Formation of a New Artificial Constellation

Kelsea Turner, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, WILD Pilot

Caroline Tyree, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) 2023, Happy For Now: A New Cycle of the American Romantic Comedy Film

Sebastian Vander Ploeg Fallon, Aaron Schondorf, Thomas Zeng, and Nick Fitzhugh, Mathematics (MATH) 2023, A New Model for Random Square-Tiled Surfaces

Cameron Velasquez, Economics (ECON) 2023, Potential Solutions to the Hold-Out Problem in the Context of Sovereign Debt Restructuring

Isaiah Vijil, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Untitled

Eleazar Villagomez, Economics (ECON) 2023, Rethinking Sovereign Debt Restructuring

Bryson Walker, Economics (ECON) 2023, Remittance Volumes and Transaction Costs; Sensitivity Under Different Economic Environments

Alex Washburn, Economics (ECON) 2023, Changes in Environmental Amenity Values during and after COVID-19 Lockdowns in Ramsey County, Minnesota

Emma Watson, Geology (GEOL) 2023, A U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopic Reevaluation of Archean Rocks from the Minnesota River Valley: Implications for Early Tectonics

Clark Webster, Economics (ECON) 2023, The Effect of Technological Advancements on the Racial Wage Gap Senior Integrative Exercise

Julian White-Davis, Political Science/International Relations (POSI) 2023, Dwelling in America

Tori Winter, Biology (BIOL) 2023, RNA Binding Protein Rbfox1 is Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder Through its Dual Role in Alternative Splicing and Gene Expression

Lauren Witmer, Linguistics (LING) 2023, I've Eaten, Drank, and Slept: An Investigation of the Preterite in Place of the Participle

Ian Wojtowicz, Physics (PHYS) 2023, The Interiors of Neutron Stars

Patrick Wolesky, Economics (ECON) 2023, Opening the Doors for Opportunity: Reimagining Inclusionary Zoning and Affordable Housing Policies in Major American Cities

Ella Woodruff, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Dive to Survive: Dive Response, Myoglobin, and Antioxidants in Aquatic Mammals

Magdalena Worman, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Empty White Space

Matt Wyffels, Economics (ECON) 2023, Solutions to the Affordable Housing Crisis

Daisuke Yamada, Yilong Song, and Antonio Marino, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Replicating "Image-Adaptive GAN Based Reconstruction"

Zhihan Yang, Mathematics (MATH) 2023, An Introduction to Markov and Hidden Markov Models with Applications

Darryl York III, Angela Ellis, Aishwarya Varma, and Aldo Polanco, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Debasing Word Embeddings

Karina Yum, Religion (RELG) 2023, Evangelical Conversion and LGBT Coming-Out Narratives: Changing Articulations of Essence, Identity, and Transformation

JoJo Zhang, French and Francophone Studies (FREN) 2023, Art contre action: Agentivité et activisme dans Le consentement de Vanessa Springora

Jimmy Zhong, Biology (BIOL) 2023, Coral And Symbiodinium: The Role of Disrupted Nutrient Cycling in Coral Bleaching

Graduated in 2022

David Ahrens, Biology (BIOL) 2022, A Tale of Many Mutations: The Role of Primary Cilia-Localized ARL13B in Joubert Syndrome

David Ahrens, Chinese (CHIN) 2022, Un|readable art: Xu Bing's Conceptions of Text Beyond Culture

Eva C. Airoldi, Oliver A. Calder, Tom S. Patterson, Antonia L. Ritter, and Rebekah I. Stein, Mathematics (MATH) 2022, Applications of Ensemble Analysis to Gerrymandering in Minnesota and Texas