Submissions from 2018

Evan Robert Anderson, Revisability in Text-Based Communication: Turn-Taking and Collaborative Efficiency, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Sophie Louise Bokor, The Synergistic Effect of Unwanted Pregnancy and Low Socioeconomic Status on Adverse Outcomes for Child Health and Psychosocial Development, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Azucena Briones, Cognitive and Social Motivations for Codeswitching, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Jeremy Aaron Brog, Depressive State Personality: A Review of Personality and Depression Literature, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Brandon Allen Carrillo, Putting the FAKE in FAKE NEWS: The relationship between trust-relevant social priming and judgments of truth, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Emily Bliss Cudhea-Pierce and Maryam Hedayati, Are Transfer Effects in the Cards? Mnemonic training on Speed Cards and its effects on other cognitive tasks, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Katie Li Eppard, Investigating conservation of number in cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) and young children (Homo sapiens) when motivation is increased, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Nnenna O. Ezem, STEM vs Fem: A Cognitive and Social Approach to Examining the Different Factors Potentially Keeping Black Women Out of STEM Fields, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Anna Marie Flitner, Examining the Influence of Intervention Programs on Kindergarten Readiness: An Evaluation of Bridges to Kindergarten, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Maurice Edward Hicks, Lucid Dreaming Therapy as an Effective Cognitive Approach in the Treatment of PTSD, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Paulina Men Min Hoong, Examining Self-Presentation in Online Dating Using Social Exchange Theory, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Dorrian Sage Jaffe, The Effects of Irregular Ghrelin, Leptin, and Dopamine Levels on the Development of Anorexia Nervosa, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Sophia Campbell Jenkins, Schemas and Narrative: The Effect of Stories Read on Stories Told, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Lauren Grace Kempton, Time to give up on a single animal model of autism spectrum disorder, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Sandy Lor, Parental Traumatic Experiences May Predispose Children to Develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Later in Life: An Epigenetic Perspective, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Sarah Wynne Magid, Ilia Harat Widman, and Theresa Marie Green, Effect of Prior Consensual Sexual Activity and Perpetrator Reputation on Rape Blame, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Byronlyn Evelyn Agnes Mappy, Primary Use of MRI and fMRI in ADHD Assessment as a Qualitative Tool to Counter the Effects of Clinician Bias, Age, Gender, and SES, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Vanessa Martinez-Hernandez, Do We Work Harder When We Receive Less? Comparing Pigeon and Human Effort Toward Easy and Difficult Schedules of Reward, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Paula Caley Mattlin, Potential Applications of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Middle School Students Across Levels of Functioning, Well-Being, Diagnosis, and Lack of Diagnosis, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Adam Gabriel Moreno-Mendelson, Sister Morphine: Treating Adolescent Opioid Addiction, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Aidan Francis Mullan, My Group is Better Than Yours: Perception of Personality and Character Differences Under Minimal Groups, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Nina Emily Muller, Resilience Through Dog Ownership and its Applications, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Timothy K. Oliver, Gender and Partner Type Have Significant Effects on Theory of Planned Behavior Variables Regarding Condom Use, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Helen Anne Paglia, ΔFosB/FosB expression in the ventromedial hypothalamus as an indicator of the rewarding aspects of olfactory/auditory cues of mating in sexually naïve female rats, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Kelsey T. Plank and Wendy Lo, Conceptual Pacts: Optimizing the Spectrum of Flexibility for Effective Communication, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Laudie Rose Soltero Porter, "Though this be madness, yet this is method in 't" The role of dialectic shifting in the comprehension of Shakespearean verse, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Abigail Sharer, Exercising Effectiveness: Examining the Relationship Between Exercise, Self-Efficacy, and Anxiety, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Steve Muhammad Toure, Media Representation: Effects on Perception of Women and Gendered Performances, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Katie Olsen Tritschler, Learning in Two Languages: Examining Language Allocation Practices in Immersive Primary Education, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Alperen Turrkol, Remembering Ads: Relationship between Types of Recall and Effectiveness of Advertisements, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Sabrina Ellena Velasco, The Link Between the Brain-Gut Axis and Depression via Tryptophan Metabolism and Microbes, 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Caroline McConnell Wheeler, Statistical Inference in College Students and Cotton-Top Tamarins (Saguinus oedipus), 2018, Psychology (PSYC)

Submissions from 2017

Gabrielle Bierlein-De La Rosa, Increased Fos Expression in the Right Prefrontal Infralimbic Subregion of Sexually Experienced Female Rats, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Daniel Max Black, Pair Bonding and Romantic Love are Driven by Parallel Reward Areas but Differ in Recruitment of Cortical and other Sub-Cortical Areas, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Allison Anna Brown, The Comorbidity of Psychopathy and Substance Abuse Disorder, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Violet Aurora Brown, More Than Meets the Ear: Contributions of Vision to Spoken Word Recognition, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Jocelene Caballero, Exploring Prejudice Reduction Models: How effective is Intergroup Contact in Reducing Prejudice in School Children?, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Sijin Chen, Tactical Deception in Cotton Top Tamarins (Saguinus oedipus), 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Peter James Dehkes, Does false familiarity affect confidence?, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Kara Reid Forde, Laughing Away Our Troubles: How Humor Functions as a Mechanism for Coping with Stress, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Elissa Ann Koele, The Effect of Emotional Valence on Primacy/ Recency Memory in College Students, Geriatric Patients, Alzheimer's Patients, and Cotton-Top Tamarins, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Joshua Huang Kwan and Erick Sirisoukh, Was That a Compliment? The Costs and Benefits of Positive Stereotypes Through the Lens of the Asian American Model Minority Stereotype, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Leslie Shuying Mei, The Effect of Feedback Presentation on Perceptions of Personality Assessment, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Madeleine Merchant, Group Differences in Audiovisual Integration, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Austin Reid Neureiter, ADHD: A Cross Cultural Examination of Measured Prevalence, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Rachel Elizabeth Olson, Factors Contributing to Eating Disorder Prevalence in Post-Communist Czech Republic, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Acer Kaiaina Takeo Pahukoa, Perceived Differences and Stigma Associated with Gender in Sports, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Riley Jacob Phelps, Choking Under Pressure in Sport and the Ameliorating Effects of Education, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Katharine Johanne Picard, The Role of Family in the Development and Treatment of Eating Disorders, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Pombie Silverman, Dietary Patterns and Self-Harm Risk in Adolescents, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Pombie Sarah Camilla Magalhaes Silverman, Dietary Patterns and Self-Harm Risk In Adolescents, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Melanie Hagen Teruya, I told you not to listen! Do warnings decrease the effect of Social Contagion on false memory formation?, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Claire Lorane Thallon, The Pathophysiology of Alzheimer's in the Entorhinal Cortex: Evidence for an integrative model on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Ethan Joel Trujillo, Ian Kodjovi Kpachavi, and Ria Sekhawat, Brand Recognition: The Impacts of Fear and Humor, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Stephanie Valle and Kelsey Qu, The Effect of Attributional Retraining on Self Efficacy for Math Abilities in Middle School Students, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Marcus A. van Ginkel, Cognitive Enhancement Effects of Adrafinil on Spatial Working Memory of Rats, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Martha Lynn Waterfield, Do Classic Hallucinogens Have Therapeutic Properties? A Focus on Depression Treatment, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Sarah Elizabeth Whisler, The Beneficial Use of Dog Therapy as a Complementary Non-Traditional Treatment in the Elderly Population, 2017, Psychology (PSYC)

Submissions from 2016

Corey Pence Allred, The role of anxiety levels in cognitive performance: A study of the emotional Stroop test, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Jessica Hellring Arnell and Alexandra Sophia Jordan Dulles, What You Did Not Nose About Olfaction: The Psychobiology of Smell, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Caleb Eisen Flack, The Effects of Supplementing the Brain Disease Model of Mental Illness with Non-Dangerousness Information on Public Stigma, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Grace Elizabeth Gilmore, SAD all Winter: The Biological Basis of Seasonal Affective Disorder, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Sam Hayward, The Role of Language and Culture in the Better Than Average Effect: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between India and the United States, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Halie M. Langanki, An Effective Model of Alzheimer's Disease, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Aidan Robin Larse, Caffeine can increase incidence of musical chills: Interactions with song familiarity, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Jae Eun Lee, Can Reframing the Label Feminist Reduce its Stigma?, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Nicoletta Irey LoVerso, Effects of Social Anxiety on Visual Perspectives in Memory and Episodic Future Thought, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Brandon Lamar Marks, Correlation of Identity Style and Personality with Prosocial Behavior, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Alice Mei, He Said, She Said: Exploring Cognitive Processing and Gender in Perceived Influence of Speech, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Caroline Leigh Roberts, Positive Outcome in Siblings of Children with Developmental Disabilities, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Zach Franklin Rubin, Visual Search in Cotton-top Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus) and College Students, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Erwin Daniel-Saah Swaray, Influence of an Odor's Emotional Salience when Acting as a Retrieval Cue for Episodic Memory, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Alexander Coffin Welna, How Students' Drinking Choices Impact Perceptions of their Gendered and Socially Desirable Traits in College, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Laura Elinor Westneat, Psychological Profiling of Criminal Psychopaths: An Investigation into the Relationship between Behavior and Personality, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Jessica Zhou, Neuroplasticity of Addiction, 2016, Psychology (PSYC)

Submissions from 2015

Kate Alison Cieslowski, Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Disorder: A Case for Inclusion in the DSM, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Sophie Alexandra Guterl, The potential for progesterone to protect against cocaine-primed relapse in females, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Zachary David Heinrich, Educational Interventions for Preschoolers in Poverty: A Literature Review & A Proposed Optimal Model, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Sarah Hena Jang, Biases in Suspect Lineups: The Prototype Effect in Face Recognition, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Stacey Rae Grace Johnson and Sophia Taylor Roman, In the Mind of a Criminal: A Seminar Development on the Psychological Factors Behind Criminal Behavior, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Zoe Levin, Young Adults' Pornography Consumption: Is there an Association with Sexual Behavior Preferences and Sexual Expectations?, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Abby Lewis, Instant Messaging: Can different turn-taking methods improve communication?, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Jessica Marie Link, Effects of Niacin in an Animal Model of Schizophrenia: Apomorphine-Induced Behaviors in Rats Chronically Treated with Haloperidol, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Tanner Austin McNamara, Hands-On Neuroscience: Teaching Content, Critical Thinking, and Communication, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Yer Moua, Mus Pw Tuag Tes Tuag Taws: Sleep Experiences as Predictors of Sleep Paralysis of Hmong College Students, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Scarlet Park, What Triggers Activity-Based Anorexia? An Investigation of the Interaction between Diet Restriction and Activity and the Necessity of Gonadal Hormones, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Alyssa Christine Puritz, The cross-sensitization of the dopaminergic system by sex and amphetamine in female rats, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Skylar Masuko Tsutsui, Audviovisual Speech Integration and Cultural Differences in Gaze Aversion, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Elizabeth Thessalon Walcott, Psychology of Psychopathy: a five week course, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Chavonn Williams, Is Poetry A Therapeutic Tool To Heal Survivors of Sexual and In Partner Violence?, 2015, Psychology (PSYC)

Submissions from 2014

Marcos Ernesto Beltran, Tool-Use and Functionality in Cotton-Top Tamarins, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Eleanor Marta Brown, Empathy Deficits in Psychopathy, ASD, and Schizophrenia: Implications for Empathy Functioning and Structure, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Mitchell Robert Campbell, From Antipathy to Acceptance: The Process of Overcoming Internalized Homophobia, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Sanchez Elizabeth Castillo, The Effect of Taste on Supertasters' Moral Judgments, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Loren Rae Cherry, Assumed Common Ground in the Language of Advertisements, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Yuna Lee Choi, Schizophrenia Pathophysiology a Product of NMDA Receptor and GABA Interneuron Dysregulation in the Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Claire Cocroft, Musical Experience and the Shared Syntactic Integration Resource Hypothesis, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Polly Garfield Durant, Peer Interactions Throughout Development in Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Nicole Althea Forner, Effects of Exercise Intensity on Explicit Memory and Implicit Memory, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)

Wataru Kay, Dopamine Pathway Development during Puberty in Female Rats: Understanding the Organizational Impact of Ovarian Hormones, 2014, Psychology (PSYC)