Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Economics Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2010

Spenser Drew Williamson, Economics (ECON) 2010, The effect contract position has on player performance in the NFL.

Xiaozhou Zhu, Economics (ECON) 2010, Goals and Gains:The Impact of the World Cup Tournaments on National Stock Markets

Submissions from 2009

Hal Baseman, Economics (ECON) 2009, Testing the effects of European monetary union on stock market interdependence using econometric analysis

Kane M. Bechstein, Economics (ECON) 2009, There's no wrong choice : personalizing incentives to maximize motivation

Sam Birnbaum, Economics (ECON) 2009, Have housing prices become more sensitive to the interest rate?

Ifrah M. Biyoow, Economics (ECON) 2009, Intrahousehold bargaining and decision-making : the case of Kagera, Tanzania

Robert Bradley, Economics (ECON) 2009, Paired risk preferences

Karen Campbell, Economics (ECON) 2009, Entitlement's influence on economic behavior : evidence from dictator and ultimatum games

Nick Cesarek, Economics (ECON) 2009, Estimating the demand for education

Aparna Dua, Economics (ECON) 2009, How does mother's education affect child health : evidence from India

Michelle Gajewski, Economics (ECON) 2009, Are you considered eligible for health? Medicaid and its effect on state-level aggregate health measured by infant mortality rate and mortality rate

Theodore J. Hickey, Economics (ECON) 2009, Are we sensitive to cost? Exploring the healthcare market given price distortions

Sam Kalar, Economics (ECON) 2009, Exploring stock market bubble phenomena : an adaptation of the classic Keynesian beauty contest

Timothy D. Kane, Economics (ECON) 2009, The moral hazard of mental health parity legislation

Aaron Kaufman, Economics (ECON) 2009, Can lifestyle predict health care expenditures? Creating a forecasting model using lifestyle risk factors

Seong-chang Koh, Economics (ECON) 2009, Change in effect of wage penalty for obese Americans

Rodney Kuhl, Economics (ECON) 2009, The causes of the obesity epidemic in the United States

Heung Jin Kwon, Economics (ECON) 2009, An experimental test of the generalized Anglo-Dutch auction

Yong Kwon Lee, Economics (ECON) 2009, Portfolios diversification and the determinants of bilateral investment flow

Thuy Le, Economics (ECON) 2009, Wrinkles in fiscal policy: an examination of the effects of aging demographics on public expenditures and revenues

Ayesha Mahmud, Economics (ECON) 2009, Health impact of microcredit programs : does microcredit participation have a positive impact on health-seeking behavior?

Reid Merriman, Economics (ECON) 2009, The determinants of demand for dental healthcare

Amy Mixa, Economics (ECON) 2009, Determining the ideal smoking ban for the United States : a quantitative analysis of workplace, restaurant, and bar bans

Samantha Morin, Economics (ECON) 2009, Business cycles and health : how the level of development of a country affects the relationship between the strength of its economy and the health of its population

Khanh Nguyen, Economics (ECON) 2009, The effect of monetary policy and openness to trade on total factor productivity : a cross-country analysis

Blake Nicholson, Economics (ECON) 2009, The college wage premium : changing skills and market returns

Arata Niizuma, Economics (ECON) 2009, Children as an investment for parents : a study on intergenerational transfer in Malaysia

Andrew Park, Economics (ECON) 2009, The internet and differences in state unemployment from 1998-2003

Paul Imon Pedtke, Economics (ECON) 2009, Construction investment, interest rates, GDP, and the S&P 500

Robert J. Phillips, Economics (ECON) 2009, Determining the predictive power of economic and financial indicators in the US stock market

Jared P. Plotz, Economics (ECON) 2009, Reevaluating the effect of futures positions on the direction of natural gas price movements

Jeffrey Potempa, Economics (ECON) 2009, Private and public third-party punishment in a public good game

Steven Ramey, Economics (ECON) 2009, The effects of declining home equity on household consumption patterns : new evidence from 2006-2008

Sarojini Rao, Economics (ECON) 2009, Do vegetable and fishpond technologies impact investment in human capital? Evidence from rural Bangladesh

Jacob O. Schak, Economics (ECON) 2009, The dynamic effects of changes in business and income taxes on output : evidence from American fiscal policy

Kaarin Taylor, Economics (ECON) 2009, Trade and the environment : the effects of trade liberalization on seven measures of environmental quality

Eirik S. Thoen, Economics (ECON) 2009, Seeking an optimal health care system : an empirical investigation in the context of cost and longevity

Yuan Tian, Economics (ECON) 2009, State mandates on health insurance and moral hazard : the case of diabetes

W. Patrick Whitehead, Economics (ECON) 2009, Exchange rate volatility and bilateral trade flows : evidence from the group of three

Andrew Ziller, Economics (ECON) 2009, Trust, reciprocity, and fairness : an ultimatum-trust experiment