Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Economics Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2020

Siang Wongrattanapiboon, Economics (ECON) 2020, The Relative Importance of Monetary Transmission Channels in Thailand: Evidence from a FAVAR Model

Yihuang Wu, Economics (ECON) 2020, Post-privatization Performance of Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Submissions from 2019

Jack Atkins, Economics (ECON) 2019, Fake News and Social Media: How an Oversupply of Information Results in Negative Policy Outcomes

Tate Bosler, Economics (ECON) 2019, Cryptocurrencies, Regulatory Changes, and Market Efficiency

Hans Carlson, Economics (ECON) 2019, Adopting a New Monetary Policy Decision Making Structure: A Discussion of Discretion, Rules, and Frameworks

Ursula Clausing, Economics (ECON) 2019, Should Congress Require the Federal Reserve to use the Taylor Rule?

Laura DeMane, Economics (ECON) 2019, Blunts and Borders: Marijuana Market Segmentation Over State Lines

Ethan J. Ellis, Economics (ECON) 2019, Preferences for Nonwage Amenities in Early Career Job Choices of Undergraduate Seniors: A Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Survey Approach

Brendon Fischel, Economics (ECON) 2019, New Product and Earnings Announcements’ Effect on Stock Returns: A Case Study of The Mobile Phone and Tablet Industry

Spencer Francis, Economics (ECON) 2019, Internalizing the Cost of Injuries and Game-Day Attendance: An analysis of the National Football League from 2009 -2018

Matt Ganter, Economics (ECON) 2019, Inefficiency in the Market for National Football League Kickers

Pedro Girardi, Economics (ECON) 2019, The Impact of Inflation on Wages of the Brazilian Poor

Daniel Gold, Economics (ECON) 2019, Little League, Big Bucks? The Effect of Youth Sports Participation on Future Wages

Aaron Goodman, Economics (ECON) 2019, Do Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards Affect Firm-Level EBITDA and Stock Performance?

Matt Kaye, Economics (ECON) 2019, Transit Ridership and Life Satisfaction

Dallas Keate, Economics (ECON) 2019, Credit Growth & The Equity Premium: Evidence Supporting Intermediary Asset Pricing

Caroline Kirchherr, Economics (ECON) 2019, An Analysis of the Competitive Effects of Charter Schools on Public School Outcomes in Michigan

Piper Kurtz, Economics (ECON) 2019, Crime and Punishment: An Analysis of the Effects of the Three Strikes Law on Deterring Crime

Nathaniel Lovin, Economics (ECON) 2019, Research Growth: The Effects of Basic and Applied Research Spending on GDP Growth

Joseph Nardi, Economics (ECON) 2019, College Choice: Matriculation Decisions of Underrepresented Minorities at Carleton College

Selam Nicola, Economics (ECON) 2019, Is Trade Good for The Poor In Sub-Saharan Africa? A Panel Data Analysis of Trade’s Impact on Poverty in Years 1992-2010

Matt Rubin, Economics (ECON) 2019, Event Study: The Effect of Movie Releases on Movie Distribution Stock Market Trade Activity

Fabio Silva, Economics (ECON) 2019, Financial Development and Economic Growth - Channels of Transmission at Different Stages of Economic Development

Allan Thekkepeedika, Economics (ECON) 2019, Novelty in the America Invents Act: The Impact of First-to-File on Innovation

Byron Valenzuela, Economics (ECON) 2019, The Impact of Property Rights Protections for Women on Economic Growth

Submissions from 2018

Jake N. Bechstein, Economics (ECON) 2018, Consumption in the Age of Rising Student Debt: A Comparison of Student and Non-Student Debt Burdens Effects on Consumption

Liam John Bradney, Economics (ECON) 2018, How Does the Relative Generosity of an Individual to a Third Party Affect Reciprocity in the Trust Game?

Ryan Casperson, Economics (ECON) 2018, Soda Taxes: Necessary or Unnecessary?

Michael Beelo Ebako-Hodgson, Economics (ECON) 2018, Bridging the Gap between Tribes: Trust and National identity. The Case of Equatorial Guinea

Nathan John Eisner, Economics (ECON) 2018, The Effect of Knowledge on Testing the Rational Expectations Hypothesis

Brandon Bernard Fabel, Economics (ECON) 2018, Pay and Performance in the National Football League: An Analysis of How Contract Type Affects Quarterback and Running Back Salaries

Maximilian Foster, Economics (ECON) 2018, Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market: The Economic Effects of Native Country's Religious Composition

Benjamin Stolte Frerichs, Economics (ECON) 2018, The International Impacts of Federal Reserve Unconventional Monetary Policy

Benjamin Gauthier Gagnon, Economics (ECON) 2018, Picking Favorites: A Study on the Effects of Changing Competition Incentive Structure on Gambling Behavior

Nathan Kyler Gibes, Economics (ECON) 2018, Diluting Political Influence: The Appointment of Monetary Committee Membership and Inflation

Camille Mary Gordon, Economics (ECON) 2018, Does Foreign Health Aid Affect Health Inequality?

Kevin John Grow, Economics (ECON) 2018, Decisions Based on Receiver Knowledge of Advice: An Extension of the Dictator Game

Aaron Michael Hockett, Economics (ECON) 2018, All My Ex(Teacher)s Live in Texas: An Analysis of the Causes and Consequences of Public School Teacher Turnover

Liam Thomas Howe, Economics (ECON) 2018, Soccer, Stock Markets, and Investor Reactions: The Effects of World Cup Outcomes on European Financial Markets

Kevin Hurley, Economics (ECON) 2018, Effort Based on Circumstance: A Study of Prosocial Behavior

Marcus Irrthum, Economics (ECON) 2018, Kicking the Soda Pop Tax to the Curb: Why a Soda Pop Tax is the Wrong Policy and an Alternative Policy to Enact

Sebastian Lara, Economics (ECON) 2018, Effects of the ACA's Dependent Coverage Mandate on Job Mobility of Young Adults

Nicholas Paul Leeke, Economics (ECON) 2018, Beating the Record: The Effects of Recognition and Competition on Senior Gift Participation Rates at a Liberal Arts College

Clara Overbeck Livingston, Economics (ECON) 2018, Value of Emotion: Effects of Visceral Factors on Economic Behavior

David Cheng McKinley, Economics (ECON) 2018, Isolating Discrimination in the Sexual Orientation Wage Gap

Kevin Mei, Economics (ECON) 2018, Urbanization, Knowledge Spillovers, and Economic Growth: An Analysis of U.S. Cities from 2005 to 2016

Avinash Moorthy, Economics (ECON) 2018, Do Students Benefit from an Extra Year of High School? A Study of Ontario's Removal of Grade 13

Alyssa Nicole Neidhart, Economics (ECON) 2018, Does Female Labor Force Participation Impact Total Factor Productivity? A Time-Series Analysis of the United States between 1950 and 2014

Grant Stephen Patronik, Economics (ECON) 2018, ECB Monetary Policy Under the Rotational Voting Scheme: Do National Biases Exist?

Victoria Cragg Peterson, Economics (ECON) 2018, Woman Against Woman: An Experimental Approach to Single-Gender Competitive Performance

Laura Joan Rafferty, Economics (ECON) 2018, Can Bad Unemployment News Be Good for Stocks? A Sectoral Analysis of the Stock Market's Reaction to Unemployment Rate Announcements

Gina Marie Ray, Economics (ECON) 2018, The Effects of Social History on Beliefs of Reciprocity in the Trust Game

Andrew Herbert Ruvkun, Economics (ECON) 2018, Measuring the Contributions of Transportation Infrastructure to Economic Growth in the 21st Century

Chenoa Schatzki-McClain, Economics (ECON) 2018, Making it Work: the Added Worker Effect and the Labor Supply of Wives in Urban Indonesia

Alison Kate Tilson, Economics (ECON) 2018, It's a Man's World: How the Gender Wage Gap Impacts Economic Growth

Sarah B. Waldfogel, Economics (ECON) 2018, Avoiding the Bunching Effect: Evidence from the Lab

Alexander James Yeagle, Economics (ECON) 2018, Google Search Trends and the S&P 500: A Behavioral Explanation of Inefficient Markets

Submissions from 2017

Serena Rose Bernthal-Jones, Economics (ECON) 2017, Does Female Labor Force Participation Affect Fertility? A Time Series-Analysis of Sweden between 1974 and 2014

David William Coleman, Economics (ECON) 2017, Health vs. Home: An Analysis of the Impact of Health on Elderly Household Mobility

Lillie Catherine Cox, Economics (ECON) 2017, School Grades and Home Prices: An Empirical Exploration of the Housing Market within the Madison Metropolitan School District

Eric Bruce Tallman, Economics (ECON) 2017, The Environmental Impact of Single-Use Zoning: A Case Study of the Relationship between the Built Environment and Private-Vehicles in Chandigarh, India

Benjamin Madisen White, Economics (ECON) 2017, Assessing Flood Risk As Sea Levels Rise: The Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Flood Zone Risk Discounts In New York City

Wanchen Yao, Economics (ECON) 2017, Analyzing Police Behavior: A VAR Study on Police Budget and Arrest Rate

Submissions from 2016

Joshua Michael Aarons, Economics (ECON) 2016, Referee Bias: the Presence and Theory of Own-Nationality Favoritism in European Soccer

Reed Thomas Cammarota, Economics (ECON) 2016, The Mark of a Criminal Record: An Analysis of Post-Arrest Labor Market Outcomes

Max Flignor, Economics (ECON) 2016, The Impact of MLB Player Injuries on Team Performance and Player Valuation

Michael Ettel Archibald Habermann, Economics (ECON) 2016, Executive Compensation Tournaments: Competition Within and Across Corporate Boardrooms

Margaret Seidel Humm, Economics (ECON) 2016, Bringing it Home: Work, Wages, or Both?

Robert Dakota Krossa, Economics (ECON) 2016, Skill Spills: A Cross-Skill Group Analysis on Wage Spillovers of Good Jobs

Lindsey Kirk Main, Economics (ECON) 2016, How Efficient is the Art Market? An Analysis of Art Market Efficiency and its Evolution Across Time in Comparison with the Stock and Housing Markets

Anil Tomi Methipara, Economics (ECON) 2016, Income Inequality and Population Health Outcomes in Developing Countries: A Cause for Concern?

Florence Emily Pollard, Economics (ECON) 2016, The Relationship between Parent and Child Occupational Safety and Health Risk Levels in the African American Community

Emma Louise Russ, Economics (ECON) 2016, Higher Standards for Female Coaches: Gender Discrimination in Division I Women's College Basketball

Melanie Suzanne Taub, Economics (ECON) 2016, Who Pays for the ACA? The Differences in Compensation between Public and Private Sector Workers

Wing Hei Agnes Tse, Economics (ECON) 2016, Educational Mismatch, Wage Levels, and Wage Growth: A longitudinal analysis of the U.S. labor market

Erika Tyagi, Economics (ECON) 2016, The Effect of Mega-Events on Housing Prices: The 2012 London Summer Olympic

Jack Anthony Violetta, Economics (ECON) 2016, Entry-Level Productivity and Compensation: A Comparison between the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association

Jessica Kate Weaver, Economics (ECON) 2016, Does the ACA Break Down Barriers to Self-Employment? A Predictive Model to Measure an Individual's Probability of Being Self-Employed in the Years 2008-2015

Dylan Meyer Wells, Economics (ECON) 2016, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Emerging and Frontier Economies

Jianxiong Yu, Economics (ECON) 2016, Country Risk During the Great Recession: Does Financial Development Matter?

Submissions from 2015

Nolan Baker, Economics (ECON) 2015, Can Students Be Motivated to Work Harder? Examining the Impact of Compensation Schemes on Test Performance

Seana Ellen Buzbee, Economics (ECON) 2015, The Mitigating Power of Socioeconomics: Alleviating Malnutrition's Effect on Cognitive Development in Developing Countries

Worthy Mbuza Cho, Economics (ECON) 2015, Institutions and Foreign Direct Invest during the 2007 to 2009 Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Developing World

Dane Liles Christensen, Economics (ECON) 2015, Transmission of Macroeconomic Shocks Within The European Union: An Analysis of Fiscal Imbalances and Spillover Effects

Jan Aldrich Larsen Dela Paz Dela Cruz, Economics (ECON) 2015, The Role of Expectations: Effects of Terrorist Campaigns Versus Isolated Terrorist Attacks on Economic Growth in South East Asia

Paul Issara Elbow, Economics (ECON) 2015, What was the impact of the Great Recession on worker groups in Thailand? A closer look at unemployment during the global financial crisis.

Sarah Marcellina Ellis, Economics (ECON) 2015, Do Nice Guys Actually Finish Last? Determinants of Game Attendance in the National Basketball Association

Louis Enriquez-Sarano, Economics (ECON) 2015, IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY

Sam Garbrecht, Economics (ECON) 2015, Constraints on Healthy Eating Habits Among Low-Income Families: An Analysis of Time-Cost Effects

Graeme Harten, Economics (ECON) 2015, Foreign Currency Exposure: An Analysis of the 2014 Yuan Depreciation in China

Claire Marie Helsel, Economics (ECON) 2015, GIPSIs, Tramps, and Thieves: Perception and Bias as Additional Causes of the Euro-Periphery Sovereign Debt Crises

Benjamin Chung-Yu Huang, Economics (ECON) 2015, The Effects of Eurozone Membership on Sovereign Bond Yield Spreads for European Union Member States after the Global Financial Crisis

Jake Daniel Kramer, Economics (ECON) 2015, Production offshoring's impact on a common pool resource: an analysis of Germany and Russia

Kelsey Wynne Moede, Economics (ECON) 2015, Economic motivations in self-presentation strategies: an experiment on how online dating affects the presence of deception

Robert Asher Olney, Economics (ECON) 2015, The Growth Wall of China: A Study of Provincial Fertility, Mortality, and Income

Theodore Spring Retzloff, Economics (ECON) 2015, Be Careful What You Wish For: Competition, Profit Orientation, and Repayment Crisis in Microfinance

David Reiss Reynolds, Economics (ECON) 2015, An Examination of Health Savings Accounts' Effect on the Utilization of Healthcare

Samantha Suzanne Rix, Economics (ECON) 2015, Messing with Motivation

William Spencer Salon, Economics (ECON) 2015, Productividad y NAFTA: A Comparative Analysis of Mexico's Maquiladora Industry

Rachel Julia Schuh, Economics (ECON) 2015, Are Good Neighbors Good Insurance? The Role of Social Capital in Informal Mutual Insurance