Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Economics Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2015

Caitlin Mary Throne, Economics (ECON) 2015, The Helicopter Effect: Parental Participation's Impact on Academic Achievement in India

Devint Martin Tomson-Moylan, Economics (ECON) 2015, Content Villagers and Unhappy Urbanites: Exploring the Rural-Urban Happiness Divide

Shenlun Wang, Economics (ECON) 2015, Examining the effect of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Act on Bank Risks and Derivatives Risks

Shuchao Wang, Economics (ECON) 2015, To hoard, or not to hoard? Motives for reserve accumulation and its long-run economic consequences

Claire Hannah Willeck, Economics (ECON) 2015, Is Education the Key to Happiness? An Examination of the Impact of Educational Attainment on Female Life Satisfaction

Yue Zhang, Economics (ECON) 2015, Payment Method on Spending: The Impact of Payment Transparency on Consumer Behavior

Submissions from 2014

Michael Aaron Chappell, Economics (ECON) 2014, The Labor Market Effects of National Health Insurance: Evidence from Singapore

Jeffrey Andrew Dsida, Economics (ECON) 2014, Spend it Like Beckham

Joshua Estes, Economics (ECON) 2014, Does Scoring Matter? The Effects of Scoring on Team Revenue and and Player Salaries in the NBA

Daniel A. Geiger, Economics (ECON) 2014, An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between the New York Yankees World Series Performance and U.S. Equity Markets

Taylor Carl Hanson, Economics (ECON) 2014, The Impact of Contracts and Guaranteed Money on Production in the NBA

Michael Knutson Hovick, Economics (ECON) 2014, Examining the Flight-to-Quality Phenomenon in Europe during the Global Financial Crisis

Yuqing Lin, Economics (ECON) 2014, Exchange Rate Risk on Stock Market: Evidence from 2008 Financial Crisis

Micah Benjamin Muhr, Economics (ECON) 2014, Shooting to Win: An Analysis of the Effects of Team Performance Metrics on Winning in the NBA Playoffs and the Regular Reason

Joseph Herman Pedtke, Economics (ECON) 2014, The Effects of Fiscal Policy on Output during Different Periods of the Business Cycle: Evidence from the United States

Ha Thao Pham, Economics (ECON) 2014, The Effects of Personality on Wages in Germany

Cole Alexander Rystedt, Economics (ECON) 2014, Do Right-to-Work Laws Really Matter? An Analysis of Right-to-Work Legislation and its Impact on Union Membership

Yichen Shen, Economics (ECON) 2014, Interest Rate Pass-through and Capital Market Development: An Empirical Analysis

Danny William Shields, Economics (ECON) 2014, The Impact of the Competitive Balance Tax on Major League Baseball: Does the Luxury Tax actually work?

David Ascher Stillerman, Economics (ECON) 2014, Punishment Past the Cell: An Analysis of Employment and Earnings of Ex-Offenders

Tiantian Teng, Economics (ECON) 2014, The impact of national debt on economic growth

Huaiyu Wang, Economics (ECON) 2014, To Work or Not to Work: That is the question. An Intergenerational Approach to Female Labor Market Behavior

Cody James Young, Economics (ECON) 2014, The Federal Bailout of General Motors and Chrysler Fails to Improve Housing Prices in Proximate Municipal Economies

Submissions from 2013

Benjamin Raymond Bedore, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Behavioral Effects Of Early Intervention For Children From Low- Income Households

Gilah Benson-Tilsen, Economics (ECON) 2013, Air Quality and Health Outcomes in Washington State

Cooper Drew Buss, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Future of an Opiate Illusion: A Theory Based Empirical Analysis of Secularization

Charlie Carbery, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Effect of a Congestion Charge on Public Cycle Hires: A London Case Study

Sam Nelson Espeland Carruthers, Economics (ECON) 2013, Buying the Green: A Hedonic Pricing Analysis of Hybrid Cars in the American Car Market

Katherine Logan Claiborne, Economics (ECON) 2013, Coal, Education, and Per Capita Income in Kentucky Counties, 1969-2011

Anna Helen Coonrod, Economics (ECON) 2013, Financing with the Stars: The Effects of Media on Financial Literacy and Financial Practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Daniel Michael Elder, Economics (ECON) 2013, How Has the University of Minnesota's New Stadium Affect Surrounding Housing Values

Tyler Randall Goetz, Economics (ECON) 2013, Role of the Border Effect in the Failure of the Law of One Price

Elise Corinne Gurney, Economics (ECON) 2013, Determining the Impacts of Local Food Movements on Large-Scale Trade Patterns for Agricultural Goods in the United States

Phillip Peter Juda, Economics (ECON) 2013, Are Public Utilities Really Greener?

Alice Lee Leno, Economics (ECON) 2013, Sources of Competition among Micro Finance Institutions: Political Institutions and Openness

Fay Xiao Li, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Domestic Oil Firms and Alternative Energy Firms: an Event Study of the Persian Gulf War

Jens Richard Lillehei, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Effect of Corruption and Government Institutions on the Size of Microfinance

Yurui Liu, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Balassa-Samuelson Effect and Cross-Regional Labor Mobility in Central and Eastern Europe

Asim Viladi Oglu Manizada, Economics (ECON) 2013, Resource Discovery Announcements: The Pre-Dutch-Disease Syndrome

Barbara Marchevsky, Economics (ECON) 2013, State of New York, et. al. v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: An Event Analysis of Impact on the Nuclear Industry

Adam Michael Miller, Economics (ECON) 2013, Are There Any Economic Benefits To Drinking? A Macro Study of Alcohol's Effects on Education, Income, and Life Expectancy

Sana Rafiq, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Effect of Microfinance on Human Capital Formation: Evidence from Rural Thailand

Wenli Rui, Economics (ECON) 2013, A Microstructure Approach to Exchange Rate Determination in the Chinese Foreign Exchange Market

Adam Edward Scherling, Economics (ECON) 2013, Tipping the balance of innovation: Who takes advantage of intellectual property rights in developed and developing countries

Benjamin Geoffrey Southgate, Economics (ECON) 2013, LOOP and the Internet Marketplace

Kana Suzuki, Economics (ECON) 2013, How much more do people value safety? Estimating the impact of the March 2011 Fukushima disasters on residential land prices in Fukushima Prefecture

Scott Anthony Theisen, Economics (ECON) 2013, The Impact of Economic Development on Biodiversity

Maxwell Gustav Miller Timm, Economics (ECON) 2013, The impact of Eurasian watermilfoil on residential lakeshore property value in Washington County, MN

Jeremy Tilton Wadsworth, Economics (ECON) 2013, The 'Border Effect' Between the United States and Canada: The Role of Nominal Exchange Rate Variability in the Creation of Price Level Volatility

Submissions from 2012

Jacob K. Alcorn, Economics (ECON) 2012, The Effect of Airport Noise A Spatial Investigation into the Relationship between Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport's Noise Pollution and Property Values

Linghao Chen, Economics (ECON) 2012, Real Exchange Rates and Commodity Prices

Ngoc Do, Economics (ECON) 2012, Attention Allocation, Financial Integration and Exchange Rate Volatility as Driving Forces for Home Equity Bias

William Lief Esbenshade, Economics (ECON) 2012, Choice and Policy Shocks in Minneapolis Public Schools

Erin Nur Gudul, Economics (ECON) 2012, Playing to Win, or Playing Not to Lose? The Prevalence of Loss Aversion at Wimbledon

Gnagna Lam, Economics (ECON) 2012, The Effect of School Quality on House Values

Jonathan Marshall Lien, Economics (ECON) 2012, The Effect of a Rule Change on the Strategies of NFL Return Teams

William Robert Moritz, Economics (ECON) 2012, Age and Performance on the PGA Tour

Patrick Philley, Economics (ECON) 2012, The Effect of Professional Sports Franchise Relocations on Local Employment

Submissions from 2011

Louise Catherine Buckler, Economics (ECON) 2011, The Tiger Woods Effect: An Analysis of Tournament Performance When Competing Against a Superstar

Walton Chan, Economics (ECON) 2011, What Motivates CEOs to Work Harder for the Shareholders in the IT Industry?

Meghan Niketa Gajare, Economics (ECON) 2011, The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment Regulations on Economic Growth in Developing Countries

Nicholas Donald Holschuh, Economics (ECON) 2011, A Systematic Analysis of Potential Leading Indicators in the United States through Vector Autoregression

Sungwook Hwang, Economics (ECON) 2011, Leaving Classrooms for a More Employable Future

Taimur Ali Khan, Economics (ECON) 2011, Cointegration of International Stock Markets: An Investigation of Diversification Opportunities

Neil Kevin Kolstad, Economics (ECON) 2011, Foreign Aid and Economic Growth: Bilateral and Multilateral Aid Unconstrained

Katharine Marie Lindquist, Economics (ECON) 2011, Horizontal Educational Inequalities and Civil Conflict: The nexus of ethnicity, inequality, and violent conflict

Chang Liu, Economics (ECON) 2011, Commodity Prices Movements Forecasting: Time Series Analysis with Macroeconomic and Financial Factors

Sahil Mehra, Economics (ECON) 2011, An empirical analysis of the impact of membership in regional trading agreements on economic development

Hang Thi Viet Nguyen, Economics (ECON) 2011, Stock Returns and Expected Inflation: Measurement of Expected Inflation and the Evolution of the Relationship over Time

Tyler Palin, Economics (ECON) 2011, Forecasting the U.S. Unemployment Rate: The Impact of Stock Market Volatility

Chen Sun, Economics (ECON) 2011, An Empirical Analysis of the Employment Outcome Differentials between Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans and Non-veterans

Rebecca Wang, Economics (ECON) 2011, Remittances and Public Spending on Health: Substitutes or Complements?

Jason Richard Weischedel, Economics (ECON) 2011, The Effects of School Choice on Student Achievement: Evidence across the United States

Joseph Weise, Economics (ECON) 2011, The Effect of Performance Incentive Bonuses: Evidence from Running Backs in the NFL

Zhe Yang, Economics (ECON) 2011, R&D and Productivity Growth

Submissions from 2010

Gina Marie Allen, Economics (ECON) 2010, If You're Healthy and You Know it Clap Your Hands: An Exploration of the Relationship between Self-Rated Happiness and Self-Rated Health

Brett Anthony Amick, Economics (ECON) 2010, Competitive Balance within a Cartel Design: A Case Study on the National Hockey League's Original Six

Chuck Hans Anderson-Weir, Economics (ECON) 2010, How Does the Stock Market React to Corporate Environmental News?

Jonathan Robert Blaufuss, Economics (ECON) 2010, Identifying the Effect of Fossil Fuel Reserves on National CO2 Emissions using a Variation of the STIRPAT Model

Susan Purcell Blaylock, Economics (ECON) 2010, Asset Ownership and Health

Kyle Pearson Burkhardt, Economics (ECON) 2010, Racial Discrimination Among Major League Soccer Referees

Robert Carlton, Economics (ECON) 2010, Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among Youth and Young Adults: Economic Complements or Substitutes?

Jonathan Carter, Economics (ECON) 2010, Justifying the NIMBY Argument: A Multi-Site Hedonic Analysis of Wind Energy's Pricing Effects on Residential House Values

Moses Rotich Cherono, Economics (ECON) 2010, Quantifying the Economic Value of a Soccer Player: An Econometric Analysis

Hannah Julia Goldberg, Economics (ECON) 2010, Gender Differences In Response To Incentives: An Econometric Analysis Using Men's And Women's Professional Tennis

Marcel Gozali, Economics (ECON) 2010, Macroeconomic Impacts Of Oil Price Levels And Volatility On Indonesia

Jaebeom Hong, Economics (ECON) 2010, How Do Asian Players' Salaries Differ from Other Players in Major League Baseball?

Saaniya Jairath, Economics (ECON) 2010, An empirical cross-country Analysis of the Impact of International Trade on Environmental Quality

Chase Edward Kimball, Economics (ECON) 2010, Seasonal and Weekend Effects on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Kyungmin Kim, Economics (ECON) 2010, The Impact of Expenditure Cap on Competitive Balance in Formula One Racing

Brian Lambert, Economics (ECON) 2010, How does Positive and Negative Framing Affect Sustainability Decisions at the Firm Level for Negative Public Goods Games?

Zun-Ho Lee, Economics (ECON) 2010, Asian Dust Stocks?: A Myth Created by the Media

Daniel Matthew Lindvall, Economics (ECON) 2010, Estimating the Value of Water in the High Plains Aquifer

Steven Andrew Merry, Economics (ECON) 2010, The Relative Efficiency of Medicaid Programs in America

Megan Emily Mileusnic, Economics (ECON) 2010, The Wage Effects of Obesity in the U.S. Labor Market: Are Obese Paid Less Because of Health Insurance?

Winston Kyungwoo Park, Economics (ECON) 2010, Serving Under Pressure

Reza Rahnema, Economics (ECON) 2010, The Determinants of Aggregate Health Care Expenditure: the Role of Institutional Factors

Andy Rooks, Economics (ECON) 2010, Competition and Consumer Utility: Evidence from the Healthcare Industry

John D. Schlaefer, Economics (ECON) 2010, The Impact of Flex Fuel Technology in Brazil on the Cointegration of São Paulo Consumer Gasoline Prices and Sugar No. 11 Futures Prices

Joseph Stephen Sjoberg, Economics (ECON) 2010, Cartel Enforcement and Competitive Balance: Evidence from Men's College Basketball