Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Linguistics Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2019

Yitong Chen, Reflexive Constructions in Maltese, 2019, Linguistics (LING)

Nathaniel Chew, Reanalyzing the Past: An Experimental Study on Non-standard -ed in Singapore Colloquial English, 2019, Linguistics (LING)

Kaitlyn Jeanette Hamers, A Syntactic Account of Tense, Mood, and Aspect in the Haitian Creole Preverbal Marker System, 2019, Linguistics (LING)

James Smith, Radical multilingualism in Junot Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, 2019, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2018

Leila Omar Awad, Historical Explorations of the Modern Chinese Passive Construction, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Daniel Deliyannides Brodkin, Backward Control in Minangkabau, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Anny Lei, On the Non-existence of Japanese Internally-headed Relative Clauses: Puppet Head Noun no, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Kelcie Malia Molina, Tawkin Enikain at Sku: An Examination of Hawaiʻi Creole English in an Academic Setting, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Abigail Lucille Sheldon, Semantic Motivations and Consequences of Scrambling in Japanese, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Anne Sophie Zanger, All of Our [dʌdz] in a Row: Individual Differences in the Effects of Intervening Vowels on Consonant Assimilation, 2018, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2017

Lydia Ding, What's with 'why? On the non-existence of why-clefts in Nukuoro, 2017, Linguistics (LING)

Amanda Jin Yu Owensby, Interpreting [e]: The Reformulation of a Gricean Framework in Understanding Null Categories in Mandarin Chinese, 2017, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2016

Joshua Ryan Elmore, Gender, Animacy, and Variable Constraints: An OT Analysis of Leísmo, Loísmo, and Laísmo, 2016, Linguistics (LING)

Alexander Richard Kulacki, Dialectal Variation in German Verb Cluster Ordering, 2016, Linguistics (LING)

Ilana Joy Mishkin, Ladino Copular Variation: A Case Study of Seattle Ladino Heritage Speakers, 2016, Linguistics (LING)

Dana Wells Spencer, Il y a des problèmes ici: An analysis of current theories of preposition stranding through the lens of Canadian French, 2016, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2015

Helena M. Howard, Syllables? Sign me up! Defining and motivating the syllable in American Sign Language, 2015, Linguistics (LING)

Sarah Anne Milstein, To be or not to be, that is the copula, 2015, Linguistics (LING)

Johanna Maren Hjelle Olsen, Sarcasm Detection Using Grice's Maxims, 2015, Linguistics (LING)

Zachary Walter Richmond, Appealing to a Higher Projection: Determining the Possibility of a Unified Analysis of Algonquian Relative Clauses, 2015, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2014

Emily Suzanne Manahan, At the College was Performed an Experiment: An Analysis of Locative Inversion and Unaccusativity, 2014, Linguistics (LING)

Karen Sue McCleary, Pardon My French: Loanword Pronunciation and Language Prestige, 2014, Linguistics (LING)

Nicole Moriah Rhodes, Clitic and Suffixes are Different: Accounting for one side of Turkish suspended affixation, 2014, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2013

Francesca Giovanna Garcia, Resolving lexical polysemy: "with" corpora & collocations, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Scott Lewis Graber, Words and Rules, Les Mots et Les Regles: The Dual Mechanism Model of Morphology in French, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Tamarae Marie Hildebrandt, An Examination of Turkish Scrambling in Single Wh-phrase Constructions, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

William Christopher Johnston, Focus, Too, and Conjunction, Too: The Syntax and Semantics of Japanese mo-Coordination, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Evan Robert Leibowitz, The Verbhood of Mandarin ba and its Role in Resultative Constructions, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Kyung Soo Liu, Korean Vowel Harmony: An Optimality Theoretic Account, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Andrew Thomas Peters, Take a Chance on /d/: Mexican Spanish Spirantization and Probability in Optimality Theory, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Johanna Amy Schmidt, Motivating the Impoverishment: A Morphosyntactic Analysis of Deletion Processes in Agreement, 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Deborah A. Shapiro, Morphological Acquisition or: How I Learned to Stop Overregularizing and Love the "Brought", 2013, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2012

Emily Rose Barter, The Case for a Reanalysis of Case in Sinhala, 2012, Linguistics (LING)

Kellianne Ellen Bennett, Syntax vs. Pragmatics and Grammaticality Judgments: A Perspective from Korean Honorification, 2012, Linguistics (LING)

Julia Hansell Clark, From discord, find harmony: A new perspective on vowel harmony in Ainu, 2012, Linguistics (LING)

Julia Anne Larson, SignWriting for American Sign Language: From Phoneme to Poem, 2012, Linguistics (LING)

Karl Snyder, Russian Default Stress and the Effect of Lexically Weak Roots, 2012, Linguistics (LING)

Rochelle Zheng, The Acquisition of Sound Symbolism in Japanese, 2012, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2011

Edwin A. Avalos, Nasal Spreading in Theory, 2011, Linguistics (LING)

Grace Elizabeth Lewis, The Role of Language Discrimination in Mutual Exclusivity as shown by 2-yr-old Simultaneous Bilinguals, 2011, Linguistics (LING)

Alison Elizabeth Wechsler, Morphological Decomposition in a Second Language: An Experimental Study of Spanish Participles, 2011, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2010

Elizabeth Haworth Evison, Topic, and Wa: Resolving the topic debate, 2010, Linguistics (LING)

Jennifer Krafft, Syntactic Category Influence and Irregularity in Rendaku, 2010, Linguistics (LING)

Mikaela Lee Van Sistine, Pragmatic Particles in Colloquial Malaysian English: Description and Analysis in a Politeness Theory Framework, 2010, Linguistics (LING)

Submissions from 2009

Rosalind Brayfield, Daa gweyn Aa gweyn: questions and foci in the Belizean Creole, 2009, Linguistics (LING)