Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Sociology and Anthropology Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.

In addition to this digital archive, physical copies of past Sociology and Anthropology comps are available for browsing in the Sociology and Anthropology office (Leighton Hall 226).


Submissions from 2011

Mary C. Paulette, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2011, Changing the Channel: Televison's Effects on Educational Attitudes in Catatao, Honduras

Sarah Margaret Prather, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2011, Awakening Youth to Le Developpement: Formally Educated Togolese and their Home Associations

Lyssa Alexandra Searcy, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2011, Welcomed as "New" Minnesotans or Framed as Responsible "Others"?: Exploring the Media Framing of Somali Immigrant Health and Wellness in Minnesota between 1996 and 2010

Iosif Sorokin, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2011, From the Scroll to the National Language: Linguistic Ideology in the Hebrew Revival

Kelly Marie Thomas, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2011, Holy Representations of Themes and Cultural Ideas, Batman!: A close examination of representations of themes and characters in the Batman franchise from 1939 to the present day

Shakita Shavonne Thomas, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2011, From Access to Success: Social Capital and Posse Scholars

Submissions from 2010

Emily Yuko Cousins, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, Culture and Legal Change: An Examination of Japan's New Criminal Justice System

Rebecca Wintringham Dougherty, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, Buying the Miracle:Reproductive Tourism and Commercial Surrogacy in India

Kaitlin Elizabeth Forsberg, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, H1N1 in the Carleton Community: Blame, Morality, and Joking on Campus

Kaitlin Meredith Justin, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, Fuertes y Adelante: Music and National Crisis in 1970's Chile

Anne Frances O'Gara, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, New Family Transitions: Considering Dissolution in a New Era of Family Formation

Joseph Andrew Sigrin, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, Distant Relations: The Formation of the Sephardic Imagined Community

Michael Aaron Stevens, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, Only Way You Gonna Take It Is if I'm Dead and Cold: Masculinity and Sexual Assault in Minnesota Prisons

Anne Elizabeth Triest, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2010, The Way that Can Be Told: Examining Popular Western Books on Daoism

Submissions from 2009

Lauren Blacik, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, We are them and then is now: the unique presentation of the past at U.S. World Heritage Sites

Emily Brosius, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, "You are normal" : negotiating personhood within an adult day program for older adults with dementia

Sasha Houston Brown, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Reproductive conquest and the seizure of life : a biopolitical analysis of government sponsored sterilization among native American women

Andrea Duron, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, I like boys, I like sports : gender performance among female athletes

Marissa Fischer, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Egbe aya efutoo mbia (The hawk never gets lost in its journey to other lands) : brain drain, transnationalism, and the migration of the Nigerian Igbo

Christa Frintner, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Gender imbalance of fields despite equal opportunity : gender and higher education decision-making processes at Carleton College

Charlotte Goodrich, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Beyond nation-state paradigms : globalization and classic sociological theory

Hope Harvey, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Insisting on integration : Jefferson County, Kentucky

Nora Mahlberg, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, A demand to be made whole : a critical examination of environmental justice movement theory and uranium contamination on the Navajo Reservation

Michelle Margoles, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, The "Saint Louis-ism" of Mame Coumba Bang : a gendered perspective of changing perceptions and observances of a river goddess in Saint Louis, Senegal

Caitlin McMurtry, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, The relationship of housing type, isolation, and hopelessness to involvement in risk behaviors among adolescents in low income neighborhoods

Carolyn Morales, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Taking the time to care : Hallmark cards and the commodification of time

Sabrina M. Peterson, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, The Islamist movement in Saudi Arabia : an interaction of structure and culture

Don Smith, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Students for sale : how YOU can take our money

Nathan Stephens, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Come be citizens with the rest of us : Ecuadorian selves and indigenous others in Ecuadorian constitutional law

Ariel VandeVoorde, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) 2009, Transforming education for social change : student experiences grounding academic civic engagement in social theory