Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Physics and Astronomy Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.

In addition to this digital archive, physical copies of the Physics and Astronomy Department comps from 1978 to 2013 are available at Gould Library.


Submissions from 2012

Samuel Steven Keller, Physics (PHYS) 2012, Wireless Energy Transfer

Micah Reed Koller, Physics (PHYS) 2012, Fundamentals of Neutron Star Formation, Structure, and Composition

Minty Kunkel, Physics (PHYS) 2012, The History and Physics of the Point-Contact Transistor

Kyle Morgan Leichter, Physics (PHYS) 2012, Advanced Prosthetics

Min Yao Lim, Physics (PHYS) 2012, The Physics of Food & Cooking: A Discourse on Three Courses

Emily Brook Petroff, Physics (PHYS) 2012, The Physics of the Interstellar Medium

Sarah Catherine Cederberg Schlotter, Physics (PHYS) 2012, The Making of Wootz Steel and Damascus Blades

Submissions from 2011

Jacob Lee Anderson, Physics (PHYS) 2011, The Physics of Baseball

Ryan Joseph Babbush, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Quantum Molecular Dynamics

Narula Bilik, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Laser-Based 3D Printing Technology

Sophie Maya Bushwick, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Graphene

Elizabeth A. Cannon, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Plug-In Vehicles: The Future of Transportation

Bradley John Eckelmann, Physics (PHYS) 2011, The Problem of Radiation Exposure in Manned Space Missions

David Matthew French, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Accretion onto Supermassive Black Holes: Fuel for Quasars

Jennifer Marie Goetz, Physics (PHYS) 2011, The Ocean in Motion: Circulation, Mixing and Climate

Alex Hand Kinsey, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Flexible Electronics

Michael Phan Knudson, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Solar Cell Function and Efficiency Considerations

Nathan Kenneth Lysne, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Branching Out, On the relationship between physics and biology as investigated through trees

Claire Elizabeth Murray, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Planetary Nebulae: A Study of Morphology

Peter Andros Rose, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Electromagnetic Cloaking

Laurel Schmidt, Physics (PHYS) 2011, How many protons does it take to turn on a light bulb?

Brian Howard Schuster, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Lightsails: Traveling the Cosmic Ocean

Michael John Servis, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Brownian Motion in Astrophysics

Matthew S. Strongin, Physics (PHYS) 2011, The Prospects and Physical Constraints of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage

Thomas Adam Sullivan, Physics (PHYS) 2011, The Physics of Spacecraft Propulsion

Shao Min Tan, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Falling Through Spacetime: A Study of Black Holes

Christopher Daniel Wilen, Physics (PHYS) 2011, Free Electron Lasers: Imaging the Ultra Small and Ultra Fast

Submissions from 2010

Cory Pate Barnes, Physics (PHYS) 2010, The Action Principle: An Exlporation into the Mathematical Framework of the Universe

Grace Allsman Elwell, Physics (PHYS) 2010, The Physics of Superheroes: How to Choose a Good Superpower

Ben P. Haynor, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Limits on the Computational Power of Nature

Samuel A. Kanner, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Current Issues Facing the Wave Energy Industry

Andrew Corby McClung, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Information, irreversibility, and the thermodynamics of computation

Anna Jolene Mork, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Molecular Electronics: Exploring the Limits of Small

Katherine Alexis Perry, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Superfluid Helium-3

Callie Jenna Sand, Physics (PHYS) 2010, The Evolution of a Megastructure: Skyscrapers and the American Way

Michael Jared Sanders, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Water Erosion of Topsoil: Fundamental Physical Concepts

Chelsea Phipps Scott, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Glacier dynamics: Using velocity and temperature profiles to understand climate fluctuations

Joseph Karl Swiggum, Physics (PHYS) 2010, Out of Silence: Sound Film Technology of the 1920s

Submissions from 2009

Elliot Bartis, Physics (PHYS) 2009, Physics and applications of pyroelectricity

Thomas Brenner, Physics (PHYS) 2009, The fundamentals of solar cells

Mikael Brucker, Physics (PHYS) 2009, Designing appropriate technology for the developing world

Tiffany F. Cox, Physics (PHYS) 2009, Molten rock: a perspective on magma genesis, magma chamber dynamics, and the effects of crystallization

Lukas Fried, Physics (PHYS) 2009, The sun and its spots

Marlea Iiams, Physics (PHYS) 2009, The physics of woodwinds

Tyler Keating, Physics (PHYS) 2009, Nuclear power: basic principles and future directions

Theodore Marschall, Physics (PHYS) 2009, Superstates: Bose-Einstein condensation in the states of matter

William Mueller, Physics (PHYS) 2009, Energetics of a hovering hummingbird

Sara L. Rothwell, Physics (PHYS) 2009, The quantum effects of light

Ryan Terrien, Physics (PHYS) 2009, Fringe science: optical astronomical interferometry

Submissions from 2005

John M. Floberg, Physics (PHYS) 2005, The physics of boron neutron capture therapy: an emerging and innovative treatment for glioblastoma and melanoma

Kira Grogg, Physics (PHYS) 2005, Harvesting the Wind: The Physics of Wind Turbines

Submissions from 2004

Joseph Durham, Physics (PHYS) 2004, Feedback Control