Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the History Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2012

Colin Jared Mahaffey, History (HIST) 2012, A Still Small Voice: The Importance of Silence in John Climacus's Ladder of Divine Ascent

Anne Isabel Mark, History (HIST) 2012, Edward VI, The Forgotten Defender: Reclaiming the Religious Authority of the Last Tudor King

Laura Rose Michel, History (HIST) 2012, 'Unhappy Children of Iniquity': The Invention of Juvenile Delinquency in the Anglo-Atlantic World

Caroline Aurelia Rosenfeld Millington, History (HIST) 2012, I Have Not Written As I Felt Like I Should: Late 19th-Century Mormon Eschatology and the Construction of Identity in Daily Narrative

Robin Sarah Reich, History (HIST) 2012, There is no contagion, there is no evil portent: Arabic Responses to Plague and Contagion in the Fourteenth Century

Lily J. Sacharow, History (HIST) 2012, Contingent Liberty: Congressional Unanimity in the Making of the Declaration of Independence

Peter Allen Schlesinger, History (HIST) 2012, The "Best Traditions of the Sea?": Contested Heroism in the Manchester Guardian's Reporting on the RMS Titanic

Benjamin Reeves Somogyi, History (HIST) 2012, 'Naš Narod:' The Development of Milošević and Tuđman's Nationalist Rhetoric

Nick Welna, History (HIST) 2012, Black Mondays: A Turning Point in Memphis's Civil Rights Movement

Submissions from 2011

Zack Paul Armstrong, History (HIST) 2011, Tacitus' and Suetonius' Concern for the Roman Social Hierarchy

Austin Blair Bell, History (HIST) 2011, From Guild Life to Guilded Age: Birmingham, Liverpool, and Urban History at the Dawn of Urban Modernity

Andrew Alan Chael, History (HIST) 2013, To Keep a Sleepless Emperor Awake: Alexios I Komnenos and the Imperial Ideal

Kittle Keely Evenson, History (HIST) 2011, Independence Through Immigration?: The Experience of German Women in German Southwest Africa, 1896-1914

Emmamarie Catherine Haasl, History (HIST) 2012, Conscience in Thomas More and the Age of Reformation: The Beginnings of Casuistry

Zoe Elizabeth Harris, History (HIST) 2011, Communities in the Ether: Depression Era Radio and the American Homemaker

Aaron Maurer Josephus, History (HIST) 2011, The Theory and Practice of Subterfuge in Byzantine Strategy: Alexius' Use of Deceit in War

Robert Ehrman Kaye, History (HIST) 2011, Bonneville Dam in the Media: Hopes and Fears in the Pacific Northwest

Hunter Elizabeth Knight, History (HIST) 2011, The Times Demand the Sacrifice of Our Convictions: Childhood Changed in World War I France

Daniel Henry Victor Wharton Lessin, History (HIST) 2011, Revolutionary Declarations: A Comparative Study of Dunmore and Clinton's Emancipation Proclamations

Katherine Sarah Madison, History (HIST) 2011, News from America: Extracts and Trans-Atlantic British Community in London, 1773-1776

Logan Deen Nash, History (HIST) 2011, Middle-class castle: Modernism, gentrification, and urban space at London's Barbican Estate

Mark Bradeen Olson, History (HIST) 2011, Incorporating Play, Reinforcing Class: "Recreational Upbuilding" and the Popularity and Perceptions of American Vacation Schools, 1880-1910

Julio Ignacio Rodriguez, History (HIST) 2011, Resistance under Franco (1959-1975): Exploring the role of Basque clergy and their involvement with Euskadi ta Askatasuna (ETA)

Rachel Alisa Schwartz, History (HIST) 2011, A Science of the Social: A Philanthropic Paradigm

Kristina Eiko Taketomo, History (HIST) 2011, Home is Where You Park It: Cold War Caravans and Mobile Domestic Space

Ian Edward Tonat, History (HIST) 2011, Courts and Culture: Native Americans in New England Courts, 1620-1700

Kate Trenerry, History (HIST) 2011, One Border, Two Walls: Conflict and Conceptualization Along the German-German Border, 1945-1972

Anna Wada, History (HIST) 2011, Imagining a Timeless Unity: The Moment of Silence in 1930s Japan

Colin John Wixted, History (HIST) 2011, The Pied Piper of Reform: De-Stalinization in the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland and East Germany in a Comparative Context

David Yamron, History (HIST) 2011, Forged in Fear: the Ku Klux Shadow State in Tennessee, 1867-1869

Roger Eli Yarett, History (HIST) 2011, Politics, Progress, and the End of Time: Evangelical Fundamentalism and the Making of a Political Movement

Submissions from 2010

Salomone Lewis Baquis, History (HIST) 2010, Marketing the Myth: Cold War Propaganda and U.S. Diplomacy, 1945-1959

Rebecca Bronwyn Canary-King, History (HIST) 2010, Seizing the Time and Seizing Power: Elaine Brown and Negotiations of Gendered Spaces in the Black Panther Party

Rory F. Collins, History (HIST) 2010, What Culture? Defining National Culture in Tanzania, 1961-1974

James Adam Devereux, History (HIST) 2010, Root Out White Chauvinism: Working Class Whiteness and the American Communist Party

Andrea Nicole Donahue, History (HIST) 2010, We Once More Take the Liberty of Writting: Ex-Slaves Negotiating Freedom in Britain's Sierra Leone Colony, 1791-1800

Jinhee Ha, History (HIST) 2010, (Uni)Forming Nazi Girls: Fashion as indoctrinization in the Bund deutscher Mädel

Erika Marie Huckestein, History (HIST) 2010, I'll Never Change. I'll Always Wear Green: New Representations of Erin in Irish Nationalist Political Cartoons, 1900-1921

Donald Ryan Hultstrand, History (HIST) 2010, Robespierre Remembered

Chantel Vantrice Johnson, History (HIST) 2010, Power to the People! Black Panthers from the Illinois Chapter Helping the Community

Andrew Conrad Kaplan, History (HIST) 2010, Martha's Vineyard in the 1970's: A Critique of Modern Environmentalism and a Model for Land Use in the United States

William Owen Latham, History (HIST) 2010, A Study of Working-Class Disunity: "Disorganized" Labor and the Outcome of Oakland's 1946 General Strike

Joshua Michael O'Brien, History (HIST) 2010, Locating Authority in Carolingian Debates on Image Veneration c.825: The Case of Agobard of Lyon's De picturis et imaginibus

Samuel Kipnis Ritter, History (HIST) 2010, To any which might take the pains to read it over: Authorial Authority in the Seventeenth-Century Sea Jounal of Edward Barlow

Nathaniel Rosenblum, History (HIST) 2010, Social Science and Rights: Destutt de Tracy and the Shaping of a Notion

Mio Shimma, History (HIST) 2010, Instrumentalization of Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere: How Three Indonesian Nationalists Promoted Indonesian Independence through Japanese Military Administration, 1942-45

Jordan Buchanan Smith, History (HIST) 2010, More Rude and Anticque than 'ere was Sodom: Piracy and the Tavern Community in Port Royal, Jamaica, 1680-1692

Naomi Kathleen Yoder, History (HIST) 2010, Scripture, Sexuality, and Society: Women and Authority among sixteenth-century Anabaptists

Submissions from 2009

Elizabeth Bonawitz, History (HIST) 2009, An honest Englishman of good plain sense and meaning? Or a "robust true-born Briton"?: English constructions of Englishness, Britishness, and Scottishness, 1690-1740

Thea Garon, History (HIST) 2009, Media censorship and control, the Argentine press campaign during the Malvinas War

Peter Gill, History (HIST) 2009, The politics of land reform in Nepal, 1950-1964

Amalia Lam, History (HIST) 2009, Founded on reason and choice: Moors, mastiffs, and establishing "Britishness" through marriage in the periodical literature of the northern British Colonies

Emily Litwin, History (HIST) 2009, Nationalism, feminism, and the women of Ireland's Revolutionary Period

John Olmsted, History (HIST) 2009, Poverty, the pulpit, and the polis: John Chrysostom's sermons on wealth and poverty

Alexander Persaud, History (HIST) 2009, Rodney, history, and the dialectic: rethinking Walter Rodney's Marxist methodology

Erica Prochaska, History (HIST) 2009, The imperial world of Verrier Elwin

Lucy Robson, History (HIST) 2009, Reading past the label: exploring Second World War evacuation in Britain through the child's perspective

Taylor Schieck, History (HIST) 2009, Merovingian kings and bishops: relationship of reciprocity

David Schmidt, History (HIST) 2009, Ecology, nature and the national parks : redefining the relationship between science and the national park service

Dominic Vendell, History (HIST) 2009, Feeding the body, feeding the soul: Swami Vivekananda, religious universality, and social welfare in an Anglo-American imperial world, 1893-1897