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Submissions from 2009

Thea Garon, Media censorship and control, the Argentine press campaign during the Malvinas War, 2009, History (HIST)

Peter Gill, The politics of land reform in Nepal, 1950-1964, 2009, History (HIST)

Amalia Lam, Founded on reason and choice: Moors, mastiffs, and establishing "Britishness" through marriage in the periodical literature of the northern British Colonies, 2009, History (HIST)

Emily Litwin, Nationalism, feminism, and the women of Ireland's Revolutionary Period, 2009, History (HIST)

John Olmsted, Poverty, the pulpit, and the polis: John Chrysostom's sermons on wealth and poverty, 2009, History (HIST)

Alexander Persaud, Rodney, history, and the dialectic: rethinking Walter Rodney's Marxist methodology, 2009, History (HIST)

Erica Prochaska, The imperial world of Verrier Elwin, 2009, History (HIST)

Lucy Robson, Reading past the label: exploring Second World War evacuation in Britain through the child's perspective, 2009, History (HIST)

Taylor Schieck, Merovingian kings and bishops: relationship of reciprocity, 2009, History (HIST)

David Schmidt, Ecology, nature and the national parks : redefining the relationship between science and the national park service, 2009, History (HIST)

Dominic Vendell, Feeding the body, feeding the soul: Swami Vivekananda, religious universality, and social welfare in an Anglo-American imperial world, 1893-1897, 2009, History (HIST)