Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the History Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2021

Grace Brindle, History (HIST) 2021, Between Fascism and Democracy: The Allied Occupation of Sicily

Alex Chertoff, History (HIST) 2021, Occupation and Opportunity: Nice and its Jews during the Holocaust

Aaron L. Forman, History (HIST) 2021, Far Apart but Never Closer: Diasporic Unity in Twelfth-Century Jewish Travel Literature

Margaret Lachman, History (HIST) 2021, Medical Anxieties of the Raj: The British Investigation of Kala-Azar in Colonial India

Marcella Lees, History (HIST) 2021, Gerald of Wales and the Invention of Race in the Medieval Celtic Fringe: Gerald’s Irish, Welsh, and Angevin Depictions as They Relate to and Serve His Own Hybridity

Spencer S. Lekki, History (HIST) 2021, Violence and Materiality in the Irish Rising of 1641

Rebecca Margolis, History (HIST) 2021, Montana’s Indian Education for All Act: Indigenous Survivance in Education Policy

Pierce McDonnell, History (HIST) 2021, Daniel Thomas and the First Tennessee: Seeking National Unity During the Spanish-American War

Elizabeth Paulson, History (HIST) 2021, Russian Valkyries, Moscow Amazons, and Martyr-Heroines: Femininity and Terrorism in the Russian Radical Movement of the Nineteenth Century

Nathaniel E. Reid, History (HIST) 2021, Why They Built the Great Firewall

McLain Sidmore, History (HIST) 2021, Imagining the Last Frontier: The Creation and Adaptation of a Frontier Narrative at Alaska's Kennecott Mines, 1911-1938

Benjamin Wightman, History (HIST) 2021, A Paragon of Virtue: Conceptions of Imperial Authority in Fourteenth-Century Japan

Benjamin Wightman, History (HIST) 2021, The Effects of ‘Aṣabiyya and Ethnic Identity on the Politics of the Taifa Kingdoms

Carolyn Wood, History (HIST) 2021, Education in the Warsaw Ghetto: Preservation of Humanity, Jewish Identity, and a Better Future

Bill Yang, History (HIST) 2021, The Influence of Medical Professionalization on British Parliamentary Debate of Compulsory Vaccination, 1806-1861

Submissions from 2020

Halle Beshouri, History (HIST) 2020, Constructing Communism: Khrushchev's Housing Program and a New Communist Contract

Tyler Hruby, History (HIST) 2020, Global yet Local: Karatani Kōjin’s The Structure of World History as a Response to Japanese Socialist History

Russell Lack, History (HIST) 2020, Close to Home: Suburbanization, Residential Segregation, and Jewish-Black Relations in St. Louis Park and North Minneapolis, MN

Anna Lauriello, History (HIST) 2020, The Pox and the Strangling Angel: Anti-Vaccination in Philadelphia

Elise McIlhaney, History (HIST) 2020, Witches, Wells, and Demons: Popular Perspectives of the Scottish Witch-Hunt

Evelyn O'Neil, History (HIST) 2020, Deathworlds in Kenya

Joshua Small, History (HIST) 2020, Long-Distance Nationalism: Comparing the Success of Zionism and Pan-Africanism

Teddy Wolfe, History (HIST) 2020, The Yellow Fever Transition

Submissions from 2019

Yuta Baba, History (HIST) 2019, Redefining Nature: Makuzu Tadano and Her Bricolage of Thoughts

Ryan Baldwin, History (HIST) 2019, Constructing Coherence and Moralizing Change: The Cartographic Foundation of Bison Conservation and its Implications

Juliette Bobrow, History (HIST) 2019, Exhibiting Empire: London’s India Museum as a Contested Site of Imperial Display, 1875-1914

Elizabeth Budd, History (HIST) 2019, Re-Centering Agency: Hearing the Voices of the Poor in Late Nineteenth-Century London

Jen Chan, History (HIST) 2019, “The White Man’s Burden” in Liberating Enslaved Africans: Unspoken Paternalism & Rhetorical Humanitarianism in the Autonomous Decisions of Colonial Officials, 1833-1845

Andrew Hoyt, History (HIST) 2019, Tame and Untamed: Nature as Dichotomy in Two High Medieval Textual Traditions

Russell Li, History (HIST) 2019, Debating Ancient History in Early Italian Renaissance: Antiquarian Historiography, Morality, and Politics in the Scipio-Caesar Controversy

Ezra Sergent-Leventhal, History (HIST) 2019, "Neighborhood Schools" and "Willis Wagons" Ghettoization in Urban Space in 1960's Chicago

Submissions from 2018

Emma Ruth Duggan, History (HIST) 2018, Looted, Stolen, or Confiscated: The Histories in the Restitution of Nazi Art since the Washington Principles

Rachel Anna Harris, History (HIST) 2018, Preserving the Russian Identity: Environmentalism as a Platform for Literary Nationalism in the Village Prose Movement in the Soviet Union

Maureen Elaine Kalkowski-Farrand, History (HIST) 2018, Common Law Marriage and Society

Leo Willian Martin, History (HIST) 2018, A Problem for Solution: Opposing Destalinization and Hoxha's interpretation of Communism 1953-1962.

Julia Zieve Miller, History (HIST) 2018, "Simplicity for the Sake of Equality": Reform German-Jewish Death Practices in 19th Century Boston

Avery Laurel Naughton, History (HIST) 2018, Conservation Portrayed in Black and White: The Smithsonian's National Zoo's Representation and Use of the Giant Panda as a Symbol

Lydia Duchatellier Norris Symchych, History (HIST) 2018, Irradiated Bodies: Hibakusha & Radiation Stigma in Post-War Japan from 1945 to the 1980s

Submissions from 2017

Elizabeth Rose Durling, History (HIST) 2017, Setting the Boundaries of Sodomy Narratives of the Male Prostitute in the German Gay Rights Movement (1927-1932)

Elizabeth Devin Smith, History (HIST) 2017, Patient People, American Nurses' Battle with Tuberculosis, Gender Dynamics, and Professionalization in Early 20th Century Minnesota

Submissions from 2016

William Fritz, History (HIST) 2016, Castles as Control

Justin Grossman, History (HIST) 2016, The Prioritization of National Security and Local Distrust of Military Institutions in the case of Nomans Land Island, Massachusetts

Michael Andrew Heflin, History (HIST) 2016, The Real Eastern Front: A Grassroots View to the Wehrmacht Experience

Nora Anderson Katz, History (HIST) 2016, Mapping Norumbega: Aesthetics of Barren and Bountiful Landscapes in Samuel de Champlain's New France, 1607-1632

Julia Barritt Lisi, History (HIST) 2016, Wearing the Robes: Gender Performance, Religion, and Power

Joseph Deierhoi Lowry, History (HIST) 2017, King William II of Sicily, Muslim King? Ibn Jubayr and his Conflicted Attitudes toward Christians

Madison Lee McBride, History (HIST) 2016, "The Circle is Complete': Adoptive Heritage Tourism as a Structure in the International Adoption Complex

Grace McNeely, History (HIST) 2016, Bleeding Beyond the Frame: Understanding the Relationship Between Biblical Battle and Kingship in the Thirteenth-Century Morgan Picture Bible (MS M.638)

Lindsey Kay Walters, History (HIST) 2016, Confronting the History of Slavery: Seeking Retrospective Justice at Harvard and Brown

Lindsey Catherine Weber, History (HIST) 2016, Magic, Midwives, and the Grapevine: Negotiating Women's Healthcare in 18th-Century Colonial Mexico

Submissions from 2015

Rebecca Ryan Giles, History (HIST) 2015, Rogue Runaways and Wanton Women: Conceptualizing Colonial American Advertisements as Sites of Patriarchal Dominance

Kaylin Catherine Land, History (HIST) 2015, Soviet Motherhood in the Gulag, Lived and Remembered

Leslie Steltz Moore, History (HIST) 2015, Illustrating Women's Roles in the Civil War: An Analysis of Popular Illustrated Magazines' Female Propaganda and Its Impact on Northern Middle-Class Women

Jay Shen, History (HIST) 2015, Shades of Gray: An Examination of Joan Morgan's Hip Hop Feminism and Black Female Rappers' Connections with It

Robert Sanford Yeagle, History (HIST) 2015, Guiding Light: How the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 Changed the History of Electricity in the United States

Submissions from 2014

Marina Kathryn Herrera-Heintz, History (HIST) 2014, Stanley Baldwin's Cabinet and the Abdication of Edward VIII

Jonathan Geoffrey Kagan-Kans, History (HIST) 2014, THE ‘GOOD’ NAZI: SS-Obergruppenführer Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and the Role of Morality in the Holocaust

Ellen Jaret McKinstry, History (HIST) 2014, Depictions of Discord: Contemporary Images of Historical Memory in the Sectarian Murals of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sameera Nalla, History (HIST) 2014, Family Planning in India: The Fundamental Disconnect Between the Elite and the Poor

Emma Farmer Rapperport, History (HIST) 2014, Keeping the Link to the Land: Liberty Hyde Bailey, 4-H, Girl Scouts, and the Transition from the Pioneer Era into Industrial Modernity

Indigo Vesper Scott, History (HIST) 2014, Of Mountains and Men: Oxygen, Risk, and Authenticity on Everest

Submissions from 2013

Nora Kathleen Cassidy, History (HIST) 2013, The Front Page Farm Workers: The Relationship Between the United Farm Workers and the Print Media During the Delano Grape Strike of 1965-1970

Andrew Alan Chael, History (HIST) 2013, Sitting at the Feet of the Ancients : Gerbert of Auillac's Search for Meaning in the Classical World

Yonas Tensae Hailu, History (HIST) 2013, Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The Formation of a Preacher in 19th Century England

Charles Michael Rosenthal, History (HIST) 2013, Black and White Cultural Heritages in the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad, 1934-1975

Tony Johnston Stoeri, History (HIST) 2013, Make Him See That We Are French! Napoleonic French Soldiers and the Construction of National Identity

Stuart John Urback, History (HIST) 2013, A Playful Evolution: The Transformation of Game Theory* in the United States from the 1970s through the 2000s

Submissions from 2012

Nicholas Jordan Bellos, History (HIST) 2012, Crowded Cars, Contested Turf: Race-Making and the Everyday on Chicago Public Transit During World War II

Raphael Bennett Coburn, History (HIST) 2012, Grr... Les Bochs: Restoring the Youth Voice in Occupied France (1940-1944)

Lee Hannah Conrads, History (HIST) 2012, Quakers Don't Use Exclamation Marks: The Construction of Propriety in 18th Century Quaker Spiritual Autobiography

lina Feuerstein, History (HIST) 2012, The Desert a Monastery': The Natural World as Objective Monastic World In Egyptian Anchoritic Asceticism

Lina Feuerstein, History (HIST) 2012, The Transformation of PaterFilia Dynamics and the Creation of the Masculinized “Daughter” of Christ in The Martyrdom of Saint Perpetua

Scott Matthew Fox, History (HIST) 2012, The "Howl" of 50,000 Dirt Farmers: Minnesota's "Middle-Class" and Its Embrace of Farmer-Labor Politics, 1926-32

Emmamarie Catherine Haasl, History (HIST) 2012, Late Medieval Popular Rebellion and Redress in 1553: Religious and Secular Origins in the English Commons

Colin Jared Mahaffey, History (HIST) 2012, A Still Small Voice: The Importance of Silence in John Climacus's Ladder of Divine Ascent

Anne Isabel Mark, History (HIST) 2012, Edward VI, The Forgotten Defender: Reclaiming the Religious Authority of the Last Tudor King

Laura Rose Michel, History (HIST) 2012, 'Unhappy Children of Iniquity': The Invention of Juvenile Delinquency in the Anglo-Atlantic World

Caroline Aurelia Rosenfeld Millington, History (HIST) 2012, I Have Not Written As I Felt Like I Should: Late 19th-Century Mormon Eschatology and the Construction of Identity in Daily Narrative

Robin Sarah Reich, History (HIST) 2012, There is no contagion, there is no evil portent: Arabic Responses to Plague and Contagion in the Fourteenth Century

Lily J. Sacharow, History (HIST) 2012, Contingent Liberty: Congressional Unanimity in the Making of the Declaration of Independence

Peter Allen Schlesinger, History (HIST) 2012, The "Best Traditions of the Sea?": Contested Heroism in the Manchester Guardian's Reporting on the RMS Titanic

Benjamin Reeves Somogyi, History (HIST) 2012, 'Naš Narod:' The Development of Milošević and Tuđman's Nationalist Rhetoric

Nick Welna, History (HIST) 2012, Black Mondays: A Turning Point in Memphis's Civil Rights Movement

Submissions from 2011

Zack Paul Armstrong, History (HIST) 2011, Tacitus' and Suetonius' Concern for the Roman Social Hierarchy

Austin Blair Bell, History (HIST) 2011, From Guild Life to Guilded Age: Birmingham, Liverpool, and Urban History at the Dawn of Urban Modernity

Andrew Alan Chael, History (HIST) 2013, To Keep a Sleepless Emperor Awake: Alexios I Komnenos and the Imperial Ideal

Kittle Keely Evenson, History (HIST) 2011, Independence Through Immigration?: The Experience of German Women in German Southwest Africa, 1896-1914

Emmamarie Catherine Haasl, History (HIST) 2012, Conscience in Thomas More and the Age of Reformation: The Beginnings of Casuistry

Zoe Elizabeth Harris, History (HIST) 2011, Communities in the Ether: Depression Era Radio and the American Homemaker

Aaron Maurer Josephus, History (HIST) 2011, The Theory and Practice of Subterfuge in Byzantine Strategy: Alexius' Use of Deceit in War

Robert Ehrman Kaye, History (HIST) 2011, Bonneville Dam in the Media: Hopes and Fears in the Pacific Northwest

Hunter Elizabeth Knight, History (HIST) 2011, The Times Demand the Sacrifice of Our Convictions: Childhood Changed in World War I France

Daniel Henry Victor Wharton Lessin, History (HIST) 2011, Revolutionary Declarations: A Comparative Study of Dunmore and Clinton's Emancipation Proclamations

Katherine Sarah Madison, History (HIST) 2011, News from America: Extracts and Trans-Atlantic British Community in London, 1773-1776

Logan Deen Nash, History (HIST) 2011, Middle-class castle: Modernism, gentrification, and urban space at London's Barbican Estate

Mark Bradeen Olson, History (HIST) 2011, Incorporating Play, Reinforcing Class: "Recreational Upbuilding" and the Popularity and Perceptions of American Vacation Schools, 1880-1910

Julio Ignacio Rodriguez, History (HIST) 2011, Resistance under Franco (1959-1975): Exploring the role of Basque clergy and their involvement with Euskadi ta Askatasuna (ETA)

Rachel Alisa Schwartz, History (HIST) 2011, A Science of the Social: A Philanthropic Paradigm

Kristina Eiko Taketomo, History (HIST) 2011, Home is Where You Park It: Cold War Caravans and Mobile Domestic Space

Ian Edward Tonat, History (HIST) 2011, Courts and Culture: Native Americans in New England Courts, 1620-1700