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Awarded in 2019

Juliette Bobrow, Exhibiting Empire: London’s India Museum as a Contested Site of Imperial Display, 1875-1914, 2019, History (HIST)

Elizabeth Budd, Re-Centering Agency: Hearing the Voices of the Poor in Late Nineteenth-Century London, 2019, History (HIST)

Jen Chan, Kymlicka's Aporia: Arguing for a Culturally Adaptive Model of Multicultural Liberailsm, 2019, Political Science/International Relations (POSI)

Russell Li, Debating Ancient History in Early Italian Renaissance: Antiquarian Historiography, Morality, and Politics in the Scipio-Caesar Controversy, 2019, History (HIST)

Fabio Silva, Financial Development and Economic Growth - Channels of Transmission at Different Stages of Economic Development, 2019, Economics (ECON)

Awarded in 2018

Jared Oak Johnson, Composition and Production, 2019, Music (MUSC)

Awarded in 2017

Malcom Halpern Fox, Buying Elections in a Post-Citizens United World: The Effect of Campaign Spending in House Elections Since 2010, 2017, Political Science (POSC)

Noriega Alondra Rodriguez, Power in Positive Advertising? Spanish Political Campaigns Say Sí, 2017, Political Science (POSC)

Awarded in 2016

Claire Anne Kelloway, Cows, Colleges, and Conservation: How Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges managed erosion and promoted biodiversity on their rented agricultural lands, 2016, Political Science (POSC)

Hannah Jean Nayowith, Being Palestinian, It's a Curse: Non-Activist Women's Perspectives on Palestinian National Liberation, 2016, Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

I-Hsuan (Claire) Su, Madeleine Lewis, YaQin (Jessica) Zhou, and Camila de la Vega, The promise and threat of copper-sulfide mining near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: How sense of place shapes opinions and perceptions of the recent mining proposals., 2016,

Awarded in 2015

Samantha Chao, Ellen Currier, Grace Fremont, Sarah Meister, and Sarah Olson, Carleton College English Theatre & Literature in London: A Commonplace Book, 2016, English (ENGL)

Anna Kathleen Lascher Guasco, Anacapa and the American Sublime: Perceptions and Representations in Channel Islands National Park, 2016, American Studies (AMST)

Ian R. B. Reeves, Seismology in Theory and Practice: Translation of the Disputatio Philosophica De Terraemotibus Anni 1670, 2015, Geology (GEOL)

Kathy Yu, Crystal Lai, and Benjamin Russell, A solution to the arithmetic problem of finding a number which, divided by given numbers, leaves behind given remainders [translated from the original Latin by Carleton math students], 2015, Mathematics (MATH)

Awarded in 2014

Alexander Monroe Deetz, Formation of Chlorosilyl Pincer-Type Rhodium Complexes by Multiple Si-H Activations of Bis(phosphine)/Dihydrosilyl Ligands, 2015, Chemistry (CHEM)

Will A. Gray, Emilean Self-Sufficiency, Or, Rousseau's Education of Cosmopolitan Love, 2014, Political Science (POSC)

Danny William Shields, The Impact of the Competitive Balance Tax on Major League Baseball: Does the Luxury Tax actually work?, 2014, Economics (ECON)

Awarded in 2013

Linnea Monroe Bullion, ... AND FOR A MOMENT, TIME STOPS, 2013, Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS)

Andrew Alan Chael, Sitting at the Feet of the Ancients : Gerbert of Auillac's Search for Meaning in the Classical World, 2013, History (HIST)

Awarded in 2012

Margaret Constance Holladay, Issues and Questions in Language Endangerment and Revitalization, 2014, Religion (RELG)

Colin Prescott MacArthur, Finding the Lost Navigation Guidelines: Next Generation Website Usability Guidelines, 2012, Psychology (PSYC)

Awarded in 2011

Anna Hare Newman, Investigating flowering in Chamaecrista fasciculata: Unpacking genetic and environmental influences, 2011, Biology (BIOL)

Samantha Leigh Thompson, Emissions from the Construction-Related Grinding of Metal and Carpet Glue, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Hillary Jane Doesche Wiener and Amy S. Teller, Variation in bitter taste perception between moral vegetarians and non-vegetarians, 2011, Environmental Studies (ENTS), Psychology (PSYC)

Awarded in 2008

Kate Webb, Dwellings in the Cradle of American Slavery: An Archaeological Analysis of Slave Household Structures in the Early Chesapeake, 2011, Undeclared