Most Recent Additions*


The Arrow of Time
Daniel Cantrell Kupetsky


Classical Laser Cooling and Trapping
Winston T. Goldthwaite


The Physics of Auroras
Caroline Ann Mather


Oh, Buoy!
Hebba Ashraf Gouda


RuntimeSearch: Debugging Made Easier
Noah James Someck, Anton Karl Nagy, Thomas Scruggs, and Joshua Gerstein


Storytelling with Skynet
Benjamin Krischer Greene, Galen William Quinn Berger-Fletcher, Tenzin Dophen, and Malcolm Grossman


Keyping Track: Creating a data collection web app for the Northfield Union of Youth
Tina Liu, Jordan Sybesma, Jordon O'Kelly, Kha Huynh, Sonia Moreno, and Martin Hoffman


Beyond the Buzzword: Demystifying Blockchains
Sophia Colette Moore Buehrer, Nathaniel Lovin, Mahdi Hassan Mohamed, Benjamin Stone, and Kiran Tomlinson


The LAN Ranger: Monitoring Network Traffic to Determine IoT Device Security
Jonathan Reichman, Mark Roth, Quinn Schiller, Nathan Mannes, Alex Schneider, and Joh Farmer


Building Big: Globalizing the Open Food Network
Samuel Michio Nozaki, Isaac Martin Haseley, Yanhan Lyu, Ziyang Gao, Kevin Foss Christianson, and Syed Usama Amer


Is Your Food Real? Improving Workflow for the Real Food Calculator to Facilitate Sustainable and Transparent Food Purchases
Claudia Sorcha Naughton, Bryce Thomas Barton, Chae Won Kim, James Yang, and Sydney Laura Botz


Burst Your Bubble
Ritvik Kar, Aidan White, Tate Bosler, and Kaixing Wu


Using Natural Language Techniques to Identify the Hero, Villain, and Victim in News Articles
Tianna Avery, Quinn Mayville, Yingying Wang, and Megan Zhao

*Updated as of 07/20/19.