Most Recent Additions*


LosCat: A Tool for Source Code Monitoring
Anders Bruihler, Ari Conati, Sebastian Kimberk, and David White


Revisionist History: Predicting Wikipedia Article Quality With Edit Histories
Jonah Fisher, Narun Raman, Nathaniel Sauerberg, and Addison Partida-Vasquez


Code Retrieval and Summarization
Max Bremer, Paul Butterfield, and Nathaniel Macarthur-Warner


Analyzing Collaborative Documentation of the Hong Kong Protests on Wikipedia
Kirby Mitchell, Jackie Chan, James Gardner, and Junyi Min


Carleton Classifieds
John Mullan, Josh Oettinger, Tresa Xavier, Danielle Eisen, and Sophia Maymudes


The Physics of Star Trek
Lawrence Lin


CSI(L) Carleton: Forensic Librarians And Reflective Practices
Danya Leebaw, Heather Tompkins, and Iris Jastram


Play Among the Stars
Emily (Pilot) Irwin


Benchmarking SQL and NoSQL Database Systems: Baking a New Enchilada
Nathan Rowley, Kelsey Krantz, Thais Del Rosario, and Eric Stadelman

*Updated as of 05/28/20.