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Studio Comps
Bea Crow


Bird Transformers: Modifying Bird Images Using Natural Language
Orlando Zuniga, Kyra Wilson, Will Schwarzer, and Emma Qin


Plastic Art and Activism: How Artists are Taking on Plastic Pollution
Joe Liesman, Jared Kannel, and Nasra Mohamed


Six Alternatives to Squinting Really Hard: A Comparison of Image Segmentation Algorithms
Henry Pearson, Jessie Baskauf, Bryan Richter, Miriam Gorra, Toni Eidmann, and Gabe Brookman


Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System
Dillon Lanier, Cameron Kline-Sharpe, Kellen Dorchen, Carlos Garcia, Javin White, and Emilee Fulton


Virtual Gressenhall
Austin Mason, Florence Wong, and Susannah Ottaway


Network Analysis Algorithms for Disease Gene Prioritization
Chris Padilla, Andy Younkins, Charlie Broadbent, Oscar Smith, Sam Chen, and Kate Finstuen-Magro

*Updated as of 04/07/20.