Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Computer Science Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2024

Ariana Borlak, Devin Lewis, and Charles Roslansky, Computer Science (CS) 2024, The Pipeline to Root: A Hackable Machine

Kevin Bui, Aaron Bronstone, Riaz Kelly, AJ LeSure, and Daniel Linder, Computer Science (CS) 2024, How Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis Articulate (Mis)Representation in Written Media

Cecilia Ehrlichman, Batmend Batsaikhan, Mary Blanchard, Andreas Miller, Petrichor Park, and Hugh Shanno, Computer Science (CS) 2024, The Match: An ILP Application

Avery Hall, Sophie Boileau, Jeremiah Mensah, Armira Nance, Brie Sloves, Victor Huang, and Muno Siyakurima, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Algorithmic Fairness in Clustering: A Study in Replication

Sung-Hee Kim, Alejandro Gonzalez, Aidan Lee-Gilligan, Peyton Bass, and T'airra Champliss, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Photo Life

Shreya Nair, A. J. Ristino, Serafín Patiño Jr., Phi Rapacz, Zev Goldhaber-Gordon, and Jack Owens, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Short-Read Sequence Alignment using the Burrows Wheeler Transform

Emma Roskopf, Lily Haas, Sam Bradie, Andrew Hong, Ian Mortensen, and Varun Saini, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Safety First: The Effects of Hyperparameter Tuning in Safe Reinforcement Learning

Lev Shuster, Adrian Boskovic, Chris Melville, Josh Moore, Thomas Pree, and Sam Johnson-Lacoss, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Explainable AI: Breaking Down the Black Box

Peter Tu, Sky Lu, Yuxin Lin, Jonas Bartels, Alice Cutter, and Sriya Konda, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Panda or Paintbrush? An Exploration of Adversarial Attacks on Image Classifiers

Kimberly Yip, Ashok Khare, and Sydney Nguyen, Computer Science (CS) 2024, Pen-testing

Submissions from 2023

Luisa Alves Escosteguy, PJ Sangvong, Etienne Richart, Duc Nguyen, and Shirin Sharma, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Wiki Addition Viewer: An extension to add insights to your Wikipedia experience

James Berger, Computer Science (CS) 2023, PictaPhone: Using smartphones as Controllers

Jared Chen, Thomas Zeng, Teagan Johnson, and Nathan Hedgecock, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Replication of "Counterfactual Fairness in Text Classification through Robustness"

Kevin Chen, David Chu, Anna Neiman-Golden, Chisom Oguh, Ben Aoki-Sherwood, and Lita Theng, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Is a Dollar Worth a Thousand Words? Visualizing the Connections Between U.S. Congress Members’ Funding and Speech

Katrina Li, Cathy Guang, Matthew Smith-Erb, and Emanuel Linton, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Social Bot Detection

Emily Litton, Henrie Friesen, Alia Babinet, Wenlai Han, Viktor Chekhovoi, and Kelly McGucken, Computer Science (CS) 2023, GeoDE: An Interactive Web Tool for Carleton's Geothermal Data

Daisuke Yamada, Yilong Song, and Antonio Marino, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Replicating "Image-Adaptive GAN Based Reconstruction"

Darryl York III, Angela Ellis, Aishwarya Varma, and Aldo Polanco, Computer Science (CS) 2023, Debasing Word Embeddings

Submissions from 2022

Kristin Albright, Hashir Safdar, Fabricio Rua-Sanchez, Rudra Subramanian, and Will Gershman, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Monitoring Network Traffic on Mobile Devices

Rebecca Fox, Maanya Goenka, Emilia Katari, Seth Romanenko, and Kuo Wang, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Usable Passwords Comps Winter/Spring 2022 (Do Emojis Make Better Passwords?)

Nathan Hayes, Louis Ye, Phil Donnelly, and David Anderson, Computer Science (CS) 2022, WikiScore: Auto-Evaluation of (Simple) Wikipedia Articles

Rebecca Hicke, John Groos, Jade Kandel, Ephraim Benson, and Haruki Yoshida, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Practicum 2.0: An Interactive Tool for Practicing Introductory CS Topics

Adam N. Nik, Molly Kammann, Jack Rybarczyk, and Sue He, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Scenify: Using AI to Generate Scenic Walking Paths

Yunping Wang, Yemi Shin, Michael Worrell, and Juanito Zhang Yang, Computer Science (CS) 2022, Aequitas: Automated Fairness Testing on Machine Learning Database

Submissions from 2021

Nicole Binder, Will Fletcher, Yuting Su, Eliot Huh, and Logan Peters, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Decrypting Cryptographic Algorithms

Judi Bush, James Craig, John Sherer, Matthew Stritzel, Kate Sweeney, and Harry Tian, Computer Science (CS) 2021, You Wouldn’t DDoS an Election: Security, Integrity and Availability in Electronic Voting

Andrew Fitch, Bat-Orgil Batjargal, Daniel Kleber, and Alvin Bierley, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Evolvers of Catan

Justin Hahn, Silas Monahan, Erik Carlson, and Owen Szafran, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Carleton Energy Database and Analytics

Allison Kim, Cole DiIanni, Katharine Münger, Maya Murphy, and Nathaniel Reid, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Keystroke Dynamics for Usable Passwords

Rie Kurita, Catalina Alvarez-Ruiz, Kate Grossman, Ellie Mamantov, and Starr Wang, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Dragon Architect

Gracie Little, Kaeden Berg, Tony Ngo, and Chris Kitchen, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Digital Divide in Northfield

Aishee B. Mukherji, Cole Hanson, Jeffrey Boitnott, Eric Odoom, and Yasmeen Awad, Computer Science (CS) 2021, All Our Data Comps: Data Brokerage and Targeted Advertising

Ginnie White, Mash Ibtesum, Elizabeth Yim, Max Goldberg, and Meghan Owens, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Carleton Classifieds: A New Way to Buy and Sell at Carleton

Justin Yamada, Alexis Engel, Matt Stecklow, Luna Yee, Ankit Sanghi, and Danny Maya, Computer Science (CS) 2021, Practicum

Submissions from 2020

Max Bremer, Paul Butterfield, and Nathaniel Macarthur-Warner, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Code Retrieval and Summarization

Anders Bruihler, Ari Conati, Sebastian Kimberk, and David White, Computer Science (CS) 2020, LosCat: A Tool for Source Code Monitoring

Madeleine Emmons, Isabel Olson, Sahil Chhugani, Justin Washington, and Liam Sullivan, Computer Science (CS) 2020, The Key Comps 2020

Jonah Fisher, Narun Raman, Nathaniel Sauerberg, and Addison Partida-Vasquez, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Revisionist History: Predicting Wikipedia Article Quality With Edit Histories

Dillon Lanier, Cameron Kline-Sharpe, Kellen Dorchen, Carlos Garcia, Javin White, and Emilee Fulton, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System

Kirby Mitchell, Jackie Chan, James Gardner, and Junyi Min, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Analyzing Collaborative Documentation of the Hong Kong Protests on Wikipedia

John Mullan, Josh Oettinger, Tresa Xavier, Danielle Eisen, and Sophia Maymudes, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Carleton Classifieds

Chris Padilla, Andy Younkins, Charlie Broadbent, Oscar Smith, Sam Chen, and Kate Finstuen-Magro, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Network Analysis Algorithms for Disease Gene Prioritization

Henry Pearson, Jessie Baskauf, Bryan Richter, Miriam Gorra, Toni Eidmann, and Gabe Brookman, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Six Alternatives to Squinting Really Hard: A Comparison of Image Segmentation Algorithms

Nathan Rowley, Kelsey Krantz, Thais Del Rosario, and Eric Stadelman, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Benchmarking SQL and NoSQL Database Systems: Baking a New Enchilada

Orlando Zuniga, Kyra Wilson, Will Schwarzer, and Emma Qin, Computer Science (CS) 2020, Bird Transformers: Modifying Bird Images Using Natural Language

Submissions from 2019

Tianna Avery, Quinn Mayville, Yingying Wang, and Megan Zhao, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Using Natural Language Techniques to Identify the Hero, Villain, and Victim in News Articles

Sophia Colette Moore Buehrer, Nathaniel Lovin, Mahdi Hassan Mohamed, Benjamin Stone, and Kiran Tomlinson, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Beyond the Buzzword: Demystifying Blockchains

Yitong Chen, Delroy Mangal, Ethan Somes, and Anna Johnson, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Art, Interactivity and Robotics: Redesign a Course

Benjamin Krischer Greene, Galen William Quinn Berger-Fletcher, Tenzin Dophen, and Malcolm Grossman, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Storytelling with Skynet

Ritvik Kar, Aidan White, Tate Bosler, and Kaixing Wu, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Burst Your Bubble

Tina Liu, Jordan Sybesma, Jordon O'Kelly, Kha Huynh, Sonia Moreno, and Martin Hoffman, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Keyping Track: Creating a data collection web app for the Northfield Union of Youth

Claudia Sorcha Naughton, Bryce Thomas Barton, Chae Won Kim, James Yang, and Sydney Laura Botz, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Is Your Food Real? Improving Workflow for the Real Food Calculator to Facilitate Sustainable and Transparent Food Purchases

Samuel Michio Nozaki, Isaac Martin Haseley, Yanhan Lyu, Ziyang Gao, Kevin Foss Christianson, and Syed Usama Amer, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Building Big: Globalizing the Open Food Network

Jonathan Reichman, Mark Roth, Quinn Schiller, Nathan Mannes, Alex Schneider, and Joh Farmer, Computer Science (CS) 2019, The LAN Ranger: Monitoring Network Traffic to Determine IoT Device Security

Noah James Someck, Anton Karl Nagy, Thomas Scruggs, and Joshua Gerstein, Computer Science (CS) 2019, RuntimeSearch: Debugging Made Easier

Chris Tordi, Eva Grench, Alex Davis, Ethan Cassel-Mace, Hannah Barnstone, and Miaoye Que, Computer Science (CS) 2019, Harnessing Carleton's Forgotten Data: Energy Analytics for Improved Campus Sustainability

Submissions from 2018

Ammar Babar, Claire Tagoe, Robert Lord, Emma Posega, Kilian Roberts, and Nick Spinale, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Coding Without Borders

Estelle Bayer, Martha Durrett, Brendan Friesen, Adam Klein, Bard Swallow, and Sam Wiseman, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Hot Topics: Topic Modeling of Latin Text

Julia K. Connelly, Joey Long, Kevin Kowalewski, Yijun Wang, Nicki Polyakov, and Noah Brackenbury, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Taking the Winter Wellness Challenge Mobile

David Carey Goodell, Lindsey Morgan Chavez, Russell Gray Smith, Rachel Marie Moore, and Jack Lincoln Wines, Computer Science (CS) 2018, The Key: Improved Data Management for the Union of Youth

Michael Oliver Kipp, Holden Wolf Greenberg, Macallan Hardy Brown, Mark Bartholomew Iserloth, and Simon Alexander Bilsky-Rollins, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Shottey

Dustin Tobias Michels, Carolyn Ryan, Jack Lightbody, Jonathan Bisila, Kiya Govek, and Zephyr Lucas, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Unified Energy System: What's the Point?

Micah Jazz Nacht, Ju Yun Kim, Daniel William Mayer, Adam Avery Tigar, Lazar Radomir Zamurovic, and Xingfan Xia, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Tree Discovery: Applying Machine Learning to Determine Document Relevancy

Adante Ratzlaff, Kerim Celik, Chelsea Ying, Charlie Anderson, Teddy Willard, and Lucy Wu, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Prairie 2: A Digital Toolkit for Historians

Camden Allan Shireman Sikes, Xi Chen, Maryam Hedayati, Aman Panda, Duo Tao, and Tegan Ellen Wilson, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Does the Net Work? Computationally Modeling Differences in the Mental Lexicon

Andrew Thomas Lawrence Woosnam, Olivia Carwen Phillips, John William Kennelly, Martin Richard Green, Veronica Child, and Jesse Jerome Pierre Bolton, Computer Science (CS) 2018, Carleton Energy Mobile App

Submissions from 2017

Samuel Boswell, Ryan Saeta, Tore Banta, Alex Mathson, Aditya Subramanian, and Charlie Enriquez-Sarano, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Making Your Advisor Obsolete: A Dialogue System

Charlie P. Imhoff, Brennan BF Kuo, Caitlin L. Donahue, Graham P. Earley, Chris K. Shoemaker, and Matt J. Javaly, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Prairie

Hailey Jones, Jonah Tuchow, Tristan Leigh, and Caleb Braun, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Mytinerary

Emily Marie Kampa, Evie Sarah Rosenberg, Allie Claire Warren, and Phoebe Katherine Nell Wooldridge, Computer Science (CS) 2017, GoScenic: A Navigation System Enhancing Visual Experience

Elliot C. Mawby, Bowman Brown, Josh You, Kiet Tran, and Tao Liu, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Fast and Futuristic

Brynna Mering, Wanchen Yao, Sam Neubauer, Marco Dow, Zoe Peterson, and Margaret Crenshaw, Computer Science (CS) 2017, AlgeBar: A Bar Modeling iPad App for Algebra Students and Teachers

Ruyi NA Shen, Ben Lortie Smolinsky Withbroe, Kirsten Alvira Baker, Tom NA Choi, and Will NA Richards, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Where the Rubber Meets the Code: Autonomous Vehicle Development in a Simulated Environment

Michael John Stoneman, Joseph Feik Adkisson, James David Emery, Alex Davis Griese, Zack Culver Considine, and Danny Joseph Leal, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Fix My Bug

Eric Thomas Walker, Isaac Howard Garfinkle, Dylan Drew Forbes, Mica Mantilla, Kai Pei, and Reilly William Hallstrom, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Personal Puzzle Producer

JordiKai Ka ua aloha nou 'oe o lakea Watanabe-Inouye, Ryan Gorey, Sofia Serrano, Shatian Wang, and Eunjin (Jinny) Cho, Computer Science (CS) 2017, Reading User's Preferences

Renzhi Wu, Grant Terrien, Aidan Holloway-Bidwell, and Lucy Lu, Computer Science (CS) 2017, AccuRate: iPhone Heart Rate Monitor

Submissions from 2016

Chet Patrick Aldrich, Greg Erlandson, Sherry Gu, Haley Hinze, Nayely Martinez, and Ibrahim Rabbani, Computer Science (CS) 2016, Carleton Sesquicentennial Mobile App

Josephine Ruth Bealle, Julia Liebmann Kroll, Anmol Raina, Phuong Khoat Hoang Dinh, Josh Lipstone, and Laura Jean Press Biester, Computer Science (CS) 2016, Event Detection: For People Who Are Too Lazy to Read the News

Camille Metina Benson, Julia Bindler, Jonathan Brodie, Stephen Grinich, Sam Hinh, and Risako Owan, Computer Science (CS) 2016, CaregiverNet

Alec John Bunnell, Eric Alexander Ewing, Erika K. Fitzpatrick, Samuel Adam Vinitsky, and Jerry Ye Zhou, Computer Science (CS) 2016, Pitch Perfect: A Vocal Manipulation Tool

Adam Canady, Hami Abdi, Raven Pillmann, Ian Kapelke, David Pickart, and Greg Sharpe, Computer Science (CS) 2016, 3D Scene Reconstruction

Valerie Lambert, David Anderson, Dan Hamalainen, Edward Kwiatkowski, and Sam Spaeth, Computer Science (CS) 2016, Slitherlink

Chielon Scott Yang, Jonathan Green, Kiley Maki, Austin Infante Lane, Dean Knetzger, and Charles Eyermann, Computer Science (CS) 2016, Self-Driving Comps

Submissions from 2015

Jonathon Liou, Sam Watson, Alex Calamaro, Karen Halls, and Yawen Chen, Computer Science (CS) 2015, 3D Scanning on the Cheap

Alexander John Trautman, Larkin Flodin, Avery Johnson, Maraki Ketema, Will Schifeling, and Abby Lewis, Computer Science (CS) 2015, Planet: A Spatial and Temporal Task Planner

Submissions from 2014

Daniel Alabi, Mikenna Everett, Jonathan Ahn, Will Martin, Carissa Knipe, and Carlton Keedy, Computer Science (CS) 2014, Simba: Simulating a BikeShare Network

Casey Hansen Goodge, Daniel Isaac Barter, Benito Gregor Ramirez, Adan Fabian Nunez, and David Andrew Himelick, Computer Science (CS) 2014, Broad Phase Collision Detection

Erin Hillary Wilson, Computer Science (CS), Biology (BIOL) 2014, A benchmark standard for predicting the gene targets of chemical perturbants

Submissions from 2013

Matthew Charles Adams, Michael David Domingues, Rhys William Lindmark, Michael Jacob Reardon, Tung Nguyen Viet Phan, and Alexander Willis Voorhees, Computer Science (CS) 2013, PyLearn: A Python Interpreter for Beginners

Jason Gabriel Cohn, Evan Robert Leibowitz, Eli F. Kamin, Daoji Huang, and Laurel Jeffers Orr, Computer Science (CS) 2013, StikiWikit: What's for you on Wikipedia?

Veronica Elaine Lynn, Jack Mullaney, Rebecca Gelles, Ian Heinzman, Alex Kuntz, and Donny Mellstrom, Computer Science (CS) 2013, Angry Words: An Automated Crossword Solver

Submissions from 2012

Denis Robert Griffis, Jonathan Merrill Garnaas-Holmes, Andrew Freeland, Christopher Becerra, and Tsusa Matsui, Computer Science (CS) 2012, PIG: Packet Inspection Guru

Anya Elaine Johnson, Adrian Trunzo, Max Rush Lerner, Stephen Thomas Grabowski, and Michael William Groeneman, Computer Science (CS) 2012, IPA: Internet Personal Assistant

Daniel Victor Schroeder, Colin James Howald, Andy Bouchard, and Daniel Solow, Computer Science (CS) 2012, Translation by Numbers: Statistical Methods for Machine Translation

Submissions from 2011

Elizabeth Arakaki, Conrad Dean, Steven Holley, Henry Keiter, and Nathan Riemer, Computer Science (CS) 2011, Syncronicity [sic]

Eric Brenner, Daniel Ehrenberg, Paul Maple Carpenter, Aaron McCarty, and Travis Raines, Computer Science (CS) 2011, HOOT! an optical character recognition system [Project: Text Recognition in Images]

Murad Mehmet Salahi, Caleb Giuseppi Santangelo, and Nate Yale, Computer Science (CS) 2011, Robot Tour Guide

Submissions from 2010

Peter Nelson, Erik Ruggles, James Sheridan, Samuel Vaughn Tucker, and Kei Kubo, Computer Science (CS) 2010, Netflix Prize

Submissions from 2009

David E. Guild, Michael A. Sawi, Tyler L. Thorsen, Emma R. Turetsky, and Erik W. Ulberg, Computer Science (CS) 2009, Of bits and bots: the digital adventures of Alice