Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Chemistry Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2019

Natalie Bulger, How Drug Metabolism Plays a Role in Drug Therapy Development for Major Depressive Disorder, 2019, Chemistry (CHEM)

Austin Heuer, Cookstoves and the Environment: How Traditional and Improved Cooking Technology Affects Earth’s Climate, 2019, Chemistry (CHEM)

Cullen Irvine, Eavan Donovan, Benjamin Greenvall, Casey Lee-Foss, Adam Nijhawan, and Zoya Siddiqui, Nanocrystal Conductivity: Paving the Road for Electrons, 2019, Chemistry (CHEM)

Ruby Kazemi, Cancer Cell Survival and Proliferation: Remodeling of the Cell's One-Carbon and Glutamine Metabolism, 2019, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2018

Wisdom Akpan, Brittany Brookner, Byun Ben, Isaac Donnell, Lydia Hanson, Hiroshi Nakajima, Austin Rae, Malu Suresh, and Aditya Vaze, Engineering Life: Exploring Novel Applications of Directed Evolution, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Saki Amagai, Anirudh Appachar, Sam Diaz de Leon, T.J. Lynch, Isaac Martinez, Katherine Ortell, Paul Peterson, and Sam Purfeerst, Chemical Evolution: An Exploration into the Origins of Life, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Lisa Au, Using Nanofibers for PM2.5 Filtration, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Sarina Chaiken, Elianna Frank, Keaton Mertz, and Carl Thomas, Heavy-atom Quantum Tunneling, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Ben Corman, Chenxi Sun, Madeline Chosy, Raksha Kandel, Clausell Stokes, Kitty Miao, Olubusayo Bolonduro, Kate Faber, and Jack Buckner, Earth's Next Top Model: Constraining Uncertainties in the Carbon Cycle, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Ziyu Fan, Applications of Nano-structured Lipid Carrier as an Improved Drug Delivery Vehicle in Cosmetic/Dermal Products, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Brandon Kaelin Hilliard, Positron Emission Tomography Ligand Guided Imaging Agents for Tumor Diagnosis and Assessment, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Senjie Ma, An Investigation of the Rhodium-catalyzed Asymmetric Hydroformylation of Terminal Alkene, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Jia Zhang, The Palladium Mediated Aromatic-Trifluoromethylation Reactions, 2018, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2017

Kennyi Aouad, Reina Desrouleaux, Teddy Donnell, Clare Leahy, Calvin Phan, Eli Ruffer, and Emily Tonogai, Breaking News: X-ray Crystallography Catches Metalloenzymes in Action!, 2017, Chemistry (CHEM)

Danae Bowen, Jackie Dowling, Owen Freed, Dylan Saline, Mike Trenerry, and Seth Waag-Swift, Dyes and Dots: The Chemistry of Harvesting Sustainable Energy, 2017, Chemistry (CHEM)

Amy Chen, Modifications and Properties of Catechol-Functionalized Self-Healing Polymers, 2017, Chemistry (CHEM)

Gabriella Sophia Chen, Understanding the Mechanisms by which phosphorylation of Site 1 of PDH-E1 and an adjacent Tyr272 residue promotes the Warburg Effect in Cancer cells, 2017, Chemistry (CHEM)

Nayon Park, Designing a Super Material: Sonochemical Functionalization of Graphene, 2017, Chemistry (CHEM)

Amrit Kaur Vasdev, Analysis of Activation and Inactivation of TrkB receptor in the Context of Sarcopenia, 2017, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2016

Nathan Matz Livingston, Editing in the Aminoacyl tRNA-Synthetases, 2016, Chemistry (CHEM)

Lindsey Catherine Weber, HIV-1 Entry Inhibitors: A Review of Structure-Based Drug Design Targeting the Conserved Hydrophobic Pocket of gp41, 2016, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2015

Kirstin Kim Cook, Elucidating NCX Function from Structure, 2015, Chemistry (CHEM)

Eleanor Beatrice Munger, Wanqi Yu, Rebecca Morelle Velazquez, Shant Raffi Douzdjian, Joe Willenborg, and Ahna Weeks, How do Proteins Fold?, 2015, Chemistry (CHEM)

Binh Duc Nguyen, The Development of Organic Polymer Solar Cells, 2015, Chemistry (CHEM)

Runze Si, Synthesis, Purification and Characterization of Coordination Polymer Made with [Ni(acacCN)2(H2O)2-2H2O and AgBF4, 2015, Chemistry (CHEM)

Kiera Bridget Wilhelm, Christian Abel Olivares, Isabel Zhen Han, Aurapat Ngamnithiporn, Mary Eleanor Wootton, Tamara Damjanac, and Katie Emma Blise, Picking Up Good Vibes: Following Structural Dynamics of Fibril Aggregation with Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy, 2015, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2014

Julia Gaebe Bakker-Arkema, Molly Elizabeth Bostrom, Julia Edith Greenwald, Kevin Lynch Johnson, Lucas Alexander Morrill, Brandon James Taitt, and Conor Chase Lynch, We're so F'd: Poly- and Per-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances in the Environment, 2014, Chemistry (CHEM)

Alexander Monroe Deetz, Formation of Chlorosilyl Pincer-Type Rhodium Complexes by Multiple Si-H Activations of Bis(phosphine)/Dihydrosilyl Ligands, 2015, Chemistry (CHEM)

Edward William Lozier, The Progression of Graphene Functionalization: The Covalent Attachment of Fullerenes to Graphene for Use in Photovoltaic Solar Cells, 2014, Chemistry (CHEM)

Soon Kai Poh, Applications of Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) in Art Conservation, 2014, Chemistry (CHEM)

Reid Mahlon Whitaker, Alissa Severson, Aaron Buckley, Kate Richards, Scott Laurence Erickson, Ben Truax, and Emma Helen Southgate, Started From the Genome Now We're Here: Functional Annotation of Enzymes, 2014, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2013

Kim Bauer, Tyler Bechtel, William Gagne-Maynard, Erik Klontz, Kenichi Miyamoto, John Mullaney, and Katherine Ratliff, Eric Anslyn Group Comps in Chemistry, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Joseph W. Boerma, Meredith A. Borden, Anna C. Brezny, Daniel E. DeRosha, Christian E. Padilla, and Nicholas C. Wright, One Word: Polymers. The Development of Ruthenium-Based Catalysts for Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Allison Christine Cardiel, Photocatalytic Water Treatment and Remediation with TiO2, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Elaine Downie, Bee Lee, Brady Still, Adrienne Werth, Alex Lai, David Hanna, and Ted Harmon, From RNA to Loren Williams and Beyond: An RNA perspective of cations involvement in the evolution of life, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Michael James McClellan, Synthesis of Co(en)3 and Co(diNOsar): Improving an Undergraduate Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Michael James McClellan and Deborah Gross, After the Spray: Investigating the Fate of Particles from Cyclodextrin-Containing Air Fresheners, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Erin Elizabeth McDuffie, Developement of a New Single-Particle Research Instrument: The Coupling of ATOFMS and LIBS, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Megan Joy Anne Narvey, Corrosion Processes and Conservation Strategies for Metals in Historic Shipwrecks, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Evan Philip Osborne, Environmental Trace Analysis: Investigating Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products with Tandem Mass Spectrometry, 2013, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2012

Katherine Anne Benson, A New Gold Standard: The Potential of the Gold(III) Porphyrin Structure in the Design of Novel Anticancer Therapies, 2012, Chemistry (CHEM)

Brian Thomas Kempers, Cody Finke, Katherine France, Ernesto Llano, Kenneth Lum, Erik Olson, and Melody Zhou, DNA, I hear you're single: How single-molecule techniques elucidate DNA replication, 2012, Chemistry (CHEM)

Zheyue Yang, Quantum Tunneling and Its Manifestations in Atomic and Molecular Processes, 2012, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2011

Sam Althauser, Grace Cooper, Dan Cremons, Sophie Hines, Andrew Hooker, Duncan Olsen, and Samantha Leigh Thompson, The Role of Past Ocean Processes in Abrupt Climate Change: Secrets Held by Deep-Sea Corals and Sediments, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Ryan Joseph Babbush, Grant Bowen, Kevin Cannady, Martin Granick, and James McMenimen, Surface Charaterization by Raman Spectroscopy, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Michael Bonin, Chris Choo, Sara Doyle, Caitlin Dole, Sarah Duane, Jeremy Grevet, and Liz Hecht, A Sweet Biomarker: Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Peter James Cormier, The Glutathionylation of α-Ketoglutarate Dehydrogenase and Mitochondrial Complex I: A Possible means of Redox Regulation within the Mitochondria, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Benjamin Lawrence Cotts, Anna Gallagher, Kaz Skubi, Ken Ellis-Guardiola, Alex Schefter, Eric Manley, and Nolly Gibbs, Transition Metal-Catalyzed C-H and C-C Activation: How Hydrocarbons Go Boom, Gracefully, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

John Jerome IV Davis, Solar Hydrogen from Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Photoelectrochemical Cells, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Geun Hee Kim, Bioapplications of Carbon Nanotube, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Samantha Leigh Thompson, Emissions from the Construction-Related Grinding of Metal and Carpet Glue, 2011, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2010

Claire E. Brookmeyer, Sam Cross-Knorr, Adam Fagin, Alfredo Guzman, Musetta Steinbach, and Lisa Wang, The Midas Touch: Au(I) Catalysts in Organic Synthesis, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Grant Buckingham, Amelia Zutz, Kevin Pollock, Leng Sok, Bryan Rosett, Greta Kringle, and Michael Lysonski, Probing the Interface Using Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Adrian Chow, Tina Cich, Ross Hamilton, Emily Kobernik, Jingjing Ling, and Christopher Staral, Activity-Based Protein Profiling: Fishing in the Sea of Proteins, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Chris Clark, Henry Heitzer, Lindsey Madison, Colin Russell, and Laura Sofen, Molecular Catch and Release: Metal-Ligand Coordination Chemistry, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Anna Jolene Mork, Organic Photovoltaics: The Chemistry of Carbon-based Solar Cells, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Karen Elizabeth Spettel, The Evolution of 3D NMR Isotope Labeling Techniques in Determining the 3D Structure of Large Proteins, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Laura Kim Sugerman, Bottled Art: The chemistry of brewing beer, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Katherine Cannon Turnage, Copper Binding to Aß42 and Alzheimer's Disease, 2010, Chemistry (CHEM)

Submissions from 2009

Nick Brom, Michael Henneberry, Frederick Kieley, Daniel Mammel, Juan Medrano, Andrew Olson, and Robert Schmitz, Interfacial electron transfer at semiconductor-liquid junctions: implications for powering the planet, 2009, Chemistry (CHEM)