Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Art and Art History Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2020

Avery Davis, Trans Utopias, 2020, Art Studio (ARTS)

Marietta Geist, A Ring, 2020, Art Studio (ARTS)

Jin Kim, Gehenna, or, a map of love and death, 2020, Art Studio (ARTS)

Jean Liang, Digital Figure Studies, 2020, Art Studio (ARTS)

Junyi Min, Majulah Singapura, 2020, Studio Art (ARTS)

Maya Powell, Repeated Refrains of Nature, 2020, Art Studio (ARTS)

Florence Solomon, Beauty From Ashes, 2020, Art Studio (ARTS)

Anna Stubbs, Exploration in Plywood, Paint, and Figures, 2020, Art Studio (ARTS)

Submissions from 2019

Levi Atkinson, Untitled (44.623731, -122.723401), 2019, Art History (ARTH), Art Studio (ARTS)

Hannah Hemmerly, Reimagining Our Domestic Lifestyle: Philip Johnson and The Glass House, 2019, Art History (ARTH)

Xinyi Liu, The Possession Pills & Harmony, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS)

Stephan Snyder, Remnants, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS)

Justine Szafran, Ink Wash Documentation, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS)

Elaine Tian, Anatomize, Atomize, Me, 2019, Art Studio (ARTS)

Patrick Wigent, Towards A Network Aesthetics: The Power of Art in a Neoliberal Age, 2019, Art History (ARTH)

Amanda Zeilinger, Closeness Generator, 2019, Studio Art (ARTS)

Amanda Zeilinger, Watching You, Watching Me: the intersection of legality and ethics In Arne Svenson’s 2013 series “The Neighbors”, 2019, Art History (ARTH)

Submissions from 2018

Benjamin Nicholas Alexander, The Language of Architecture, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Lori Valesca Barrientos Sanchez, III. beginning, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Brandon Allen Carrillo, dysphoric, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Lynn Nicole Daniel, Afterimage, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Madeline Kennedy Garcia, Mental Spaces I,II,III, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Walker Johnston, Arts Factories is France: A New Conception of the Role of the Artist in Society, 2018, Art History (ARTH)

Daihui Meng, Untitled, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Alex John Olson, Folds and Facets: The Functional Form, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Peycen Ouyang, Untitled, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Noah von Schulthess Scheer, The Micrographic Art of Emanuel Listnau, 2018, Art History (ARTH)

Sylvie Elizabeth Stanback, Jewelry comps, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Emma Fierro Wallace, 30 Chickens, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Emma Lee Nesbitt Westbrook, A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Emma Lee Nesbitt Westbrook, Disparate Truths: An examination of the ethics of political art, 2018, Art History (ARTH)

Catharine McCurdy Williams, Intuit, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Issa Sylvan Wilson, Critique, Collect, Connect, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Christine Zheng, Life in the Stuff of Dreams Project, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Arielle Liang Zuaro, Sudden Arrival, 2018, Studio Art (ARTS)

Submissions from 2017

Hunter Emmet Brown, f = (c/2)((n/L)^2+(m/W)^2+(p/H)^2)^(1/2) Hz (Resonance), 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Conor Jett Eckert, Studio Art Integrative Exercise - "From the Outside In", 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Annie Foxen, Ocean Views, 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Brian Sandler Gordon, Project Daedalus, 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Ann Treesa Joy, Growing Out, 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Emily Kampa, Rest, Roll, 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Laura Nakasaka, Gallery, 2017, Art Studio (ARTS)

Submissions from 2016

Michele Jessica Arima, Ambivalence, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Owen Thomas Duncan, The Transformation of the Black Square: Constructing a Religious Icon through Revolution., 2016, Art History (ARTH)

Ambrin Chi-En Ling, Basic Needs/Higher Order, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Kera Chi-Hwei Ling, Introspective Bodies, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Tsi Yan Jacqueline Liu, My Conversation with Gong-gong (myself), 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Hallie Ojala-Barrett, Bernardo Daddi's Triptych at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Fourteenth Century Private Devotion, 2016, Art History (ARTH)

Robert Otsuka, The Transistor, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Victoria Elisabeth Rachmaninoff, Proximity, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Sofia Aidee Rosales Juarez, detached, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Berit Hendrickson Schurke, et stille friluftsliv, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Tamar Shirit Segev, An Exploration of Bodies within Space and Time, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Moira Smith, How do we look at bodies?, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Abigail Peterson Star, A Study of Light and Trees, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Florence Chi Hang Wong, Humanimals, 2016, Art Studio (ARTS)

Xue Yang, Plurality of Chinese Modern Art, 2016, Art History (ARTH)

Submissions from 2015

Zoe Yvette Abdel-Moneim, Emotional Armor, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Sara Elizabeth Brooks, Pile, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Seana Ellen Buzbee, The Process of Time, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Camille C. Coonrod, Untitled, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Annie Flynn, [Annie Flyn: Comps Work], 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Avery Lowell Johnson, Finger Drawing, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Hannah Elizabeth Jones, Sleep Study, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Jacqueline M. Lombard, Monumental and Minuscule, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Chloe Marie Mark, Moment of Impact, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Lucy Miller, Nature, Mind, 2015, Art Studio (ARTS)

Eleanor Beatrice Munger, Creating the Melancholic Artist, 2015, Art History (ARTH)

Submissions from 2014

Margaret Boas Smythe, The Rise, the Fall, the Rise: Thomas Eakins, Philadelphia, and the Pursuit of the Best, 2014, Art History (ARTH)

Hannah Marie Tuggle, The Art of Liminality: Displacement, Identity, and Resistance in the work of Ana Mendieta, Mona Hatoum, and Berni Searle, 2014, Art History (ARTH)

Submissions from 2013

Michelle Abecasis, Freedom in the Land of Hitler: Art Under Exile in the Nazi Regime, 2013, Art History (ARTH)

Iris Cutler, Monstrous, Marvelous, Wondrous, and Strange: Humanoid Races and the Other on the Hereford Mappamundi, 2013, Art History (ARTH)

Scott Patrick Kelly, Feininger's Germany, Feininger's New York, 2013, Art History (ARTH)

Submissions from 2011

Caroline Giese, Herman Methesisu: An Artist with an Agenda, 2011, Art History (ARTH)

Claire Elizabeth Hill, Primitivism: The Influence of African Art on The French and German Avant-Gardes, 2011, Art History (ARTH)

Rebecca Elizabeth Kilman, Light from the East: Louis Comfort Tiffany's Stained-glass Windows, 2011, Art History (ARTH)

Charlotte Catherine Casey Turovsky, The Intersection of Public Housing and New Urbanism: A Case Study of Heritage Park, 2011, Art History (ARTH)

Submissions from 2010

Kristina Eva Eldrenkamp, From Romantic to Pure to Brutal: Le Corbusier and the Search for a New Ideal, 2010, Art History (ARTH)

Alice Louise Gilmore, Running Waters: A preliminary study of the Mughal Garden and its Water Systems, 2010, Art History (ARTH)

Johanna Levy, Antonio Sant'Elia and the Image of the City, 2010, Art History (ARTH)

Katherine Stucky McDonald, Brilliant Sensation: The Rise of the Young British Artists and Their Brand, 2010, Art History (ARTH)

Julia Marjory Walther, Out with the Obi, in with the Bustle: Japan's Transition to Western Costume in Meiji Woodblock Prints, 2010, Art History (ARTH)

Monica Ann Welke, Rewriting Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Studio as a Case Study for Historic Preservation, 2010, Art History (ARTH)