Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Art and Art History Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2024

Ren D. Manuel, Studio Art (ARTS) 2024, Painting Punctum

Sophie Rast, Studio Art (ARTS) 2024, The Ant Hill

Eleanor Weston, Studio Art (ARTS) 2024, Shoreline and Canoe Watercolors

Submissions from 2023

Hannah Babcock, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Body and place

Eledon Beyene, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Eledon's Fall Comps

Sawyer Blair, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Wood and Clay: A Material Study

Robin Cheatham, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Reflection On Self

Nicolo Del Negro, Art History (ARTH) 2023, Peggy Guggenheim Matron of Modernism: How Friends, Money, Love, and Luck Forged an Art Collection

Eve Gorman, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Gorman Studio Arts Comps Fall 2022

Elise Hudson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, The Feminine Grotesque

Kyosuke Imai, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Remembering

Caroline Jimenez, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Altered Perceptions

Tatiana Jimenez, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Humans and Nature

Joella Lai, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Abstraction of Movement

Arianna Lone, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Dots & Loops

Emily Luna, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Untitled (family portrait collage)

Sidra Michael, Art History (ARTH) 2023, Inventing a “Self”: An Exploration of the Self-Portraiture of Nicolas Poussin and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Rylyn Monahan, Art History (ARTH) 2023, War, Art and Memory: The Tensions between Historical Accuracy and Mythmaking in the Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama

Sam Nelson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, when the weather has been above freezing for a week I am going to buy baba ghanoush

Brett Olson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Reasonably Rural: Non-Narrative in Print

Neda Tehrani, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Nostalgia, Memory, and Illusions of the Past

Erin Timmins, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

Isaiah Vijil, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Untitled

Magdalena Worman, Studio Art (ARTS) 2023, Empty White Space

Submissions from 2022

Michael Albrecht, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Lou

Daniel Ashurst, Art History (ARTH) 2022, Stabilizing Mountains, Numinous Rivers: Reclusive Shanshui at the Song Court

Maia Danks, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Making Connections Through Functional Design

Esme Graham, Art History (ARTH) 2022, Animal Harm: The Inclusion of Animal Cruelty in Contemporary Art

Grace Lee, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, The Extra(Ordinary)

Adam Nakasaka, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Revisited

Ben Perry, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Figure Gestures in India Ink

Tyrone Quigley, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Seeing the Figure

Mattison Shreero, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, The Museum of Cosmic Warning

Caroline Tsui, Studio Art (ARTS) 2022, Keep Calm And Choose Lead: A Graphic Novel

Submissions from 2021

Isabel Arevalo, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Pain as Transformation: Healing in the Body

Lydia Chau, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, On Dealing with the Aftermath

Maris Daleo, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Victims of Humanity

Claire Dettelbach, Art History (ARTH) 2021, Ecstatic Exhaustion: Ignatian Spirituality and Orazio Gentileschi's Paintings of Saint Francis in Ecstasy

Tyrell Floyd, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Penjamonial

Beatriz Furtado, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Studio Art Comps Project

Cedar Heffelfinger, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Mending

Mash Ibtesum, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Irradiance

Brennan Johnson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Dreaming, Dying

Emma Korosei, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Bean Fish

Laura McCarron, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Laura McCarron's Studio Art Comps

Zach McCrary, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Weight

Andie Nakahira, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Crying Over Spilled Kombucha

Sophia Rogers, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, things i hold onto when i get worried it'll all go away

Sophia Rogers, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, You used to say our freckles were angel's kisses

Irene Stoutland, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Constructed Nature

Martha Sudderth, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Baby Teeth

Sean Topel, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Studio Art Comps Sean Topel

Emily Wight, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, A Story Through Scars

Gavin Young, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, The bowl as an Intimate Object

Gabriela A. Zegarra Sam, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, Happy birthday, over the years

Yifei Zhu, Studio Art (ARTS) 2021, What If

Submissions from 2020

Bea Crow, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Studio Comps

Avery Davis, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Large Scale Figure Drawing

Avery Davis, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Trans Utopias

Celeste Gaughan, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, I Want To Show You Something

Marietta Geist, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, A Ring

Graham Kaegi, Art History (ARTH) 2020, Sustainable Critical Regionalism: Rick Joy and Ethical Architecture

Jin Kim, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Gehenna, or, a map of love and death

Jean Liang, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Digital Figure Studies

Junyi Min, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Majulah Singapura

Maya Powell, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Repeated Refrains of Nature

Molly Sandweiss, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Cracks and Chaos: Finding Meaning in an Infinite Universe

Florence Solomon, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Beauty From Ashes

Anna Stubbs, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Exploration in Plywood, Paint, and Figures

Mika Takamori, Studio Art (ARTS) 2020, Stasis of Unresolved Conflicts Within the Mundane

Submissions from 2019

Levi Atkinson, Art History (ARTH), Studio Art (ARTS) 2019, Untitled (44.623731, -122.723401)

Hannah Hemmerly, Art History (ARTH) 2019, Reimagining Our Domestic Lifestyle: Philip Johnson and The Glass House

Xinyi Liu, Studio Art (ARTS) 2019, The Possession Pills & Harmony

Stephan Snyder, Studio Art (ARTS) 2019, Remnants

Justine Szafran, Studio Art (ARTS) 2019, Ink Wash Documentation

Elaine Tian, Studio Art (ARTS) 2019, Anatomize, Atomize, Me

Patrick Wigent, Art History (ARTH) 2019, Towards A Network Aesthetics: The Power of Art in a Neoliberal Age

Amanda Zeilinger, Studio Art (ARTS) 2019, Closeness Generator

Amanda Zeilinger, Art History (ARTH) 2019, Watching You, Watching Me: the intersection of legality and ethics In Arne Svenson’s 2013 series “The Neighbors”

Submissions from 2018

Benjamin Nicholas Alexander, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, The Language of Architecture

Lori Valesca Barrientos Sanchez, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, III. beginning

Brandon Allen Carrillo, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, dysphoric

Lynn Nicole Daniel, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Afterimage

Madeline Kennedy Garcia, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Mental Spaces I,II,III

Walker Johnston, Art History (ARTH) 2018, Arts Factories is France: A New Conception of the Role of the Artist in Society

Daihui Meng, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Untitled

Alex John Olson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Folds and Facets: The Functional Form

Peycen Ouyang, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Untitled

Noah von Schulthess Scheer, Art History (ARTH) 2018, The Micrographic Art of Emanuel Listnau

Sylvie Elizabeth Stanback, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Jewelry comps

Emma Fierro Wallace, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, 30 Chickens

Emma Lee Nesbitt Westbrook, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest

Emma Lee Nesbitt Westbrook, Art History (ARTH) 2018, Disparate Truths: An examination of the ethics of political art

Catharine McCurdy Williams, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Intuit

Issa Sylvan Wilson, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Critique, Collect, Connect

Christine Zheng, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Life in the Stuff of Dreams Project

Arielle Liang Zuaro, Studio Art (ARTS) 2018, Sudden Arrival

Submissions from 2017

Hunter Emmet Brown, Studio Art (ARTS) 2017, f = (c/2)((n/L)^2+(m/W)^2+(p/H)^2)^(1/2) Hz (Resonance)

Conor Jett Eckert, Studio Art (ARTS) 2017, Studio Art Integrative Exercise - "From the Outside In"

Annie Foxen, Studio Art (ARTS) 2017, Ocean Views