Comps, honors papers, and prize-winning works of the Philosophy Department are featured here. All works have been self-submitted by the student authors. Descriptive information about each work is available to search or browse. Access to the full text of the works is limited to current Carleton affiliates with faculty permission. Learn more about how to submit your work and how to request access to the full text of works.


Submissions from 2024

Yichen Zhang, Philosophy (PHIL) 2024, Between ren and Community: how does one die with moral value?

Submissions from 2023

Maya Donovan, Philosophy (PHIL) 2023, Extending Loving Attention to Strangers

Andrew Gorordo, Philosophy (PHIL) 2023, Anxieties of Being: Politics, Violence, and Group Identity

Olivia Lentz, Philosophy (PHIL) 2023, Between God and Evil

Emma MacArthur, Philosophy (PHIL) 2023, If You're Not Reading This, Are Unicorns Real? The Truth Conditions of Indicative Conditionals with False Antecedents

Submissions from 2022

Jake Armstrong, Philosophy (PHIL) 2022, Judy's Duty:Evaluating Popular Theories on the Convergence of Utilitarianism and Partialism

Nicole Collins, Philosophy (PHIL) 2022, To Live Outside of Pop You Must Be Honest: Queer Space-Making, Care, and (Re)appropriation in Hyperpop

Tate Yee Johnson, Philosophy (PHIL) 2022, Vasubandhu’s Illusory Elephant: Alternative Philosophical Methods Yielding Unconventional Results

Jordan Navarro, Philosophy (PHIL) 2022, The Liar Paradox: Considering Fuzzy Logic and Trivalent Truth Conditions

Aidan Wolff-King, Philosophy (PHIL) 2022, When Are You Going to Hug Me? And Other Questions Men Should Ask Their Friends

Submissions from 2021

April Reisenfeld, Philosophy (PHIL) 2021, Rejecting Classical Determinism Through the Non-Physicality of Infinity

Submissions from 2020

Emma Goidel, Philosophy (PHIL) 2020, Reconstituting the Relational-Self: The Multitudes of Harms on Victims/Survivors in the Aftermath of Sexual Assault

Tyler Hruby, Philosophy (PHIL) 2020, Mediating the Procreation Asymmetry Through the Distinction Between Existent and Potential People

Submissions from 2019

David Gallagher, Philosophy (PHIL) 2019, Obligation and Autonomy: Legal Paternalism in the Context of Oppression

Elliot Schwartz, Philosophy (PHIL) 2019, Coming apart at the Seems: Intuition, Skepticism, and Self-defeat

Submissions from 2018

Kuan Chen, Philosophy (PHIL) 2018, The South Korean Conscription Law: Why Is It Unjust?

Daihui Meng, Philosophy (PHIL) 2018, On Happiness: A Conversation Between Daoism and Existentialism

Soren Weigt Schlassa, Philosophy (PHIL) 2018, Rational Induction: A Reply to Goodman

Mark Dailey Steitz, Philosophy (PHIL) 2018, Parkour and Freerunning Philosophy: How the way we move influences our relationship with our environment

Zixuan Wang, Philosophy (PHIL) 2018, "Knowing Beyond the Socio-historical and the Collective": A Critical Analysis of Miranda Fricker's Epistemic Injustice

Submissions from 2017

Laura Katherine Soter, Philosophy (PHIL) 2017, Implicit Bias, Responsibility, and Criticism

Submissions from 2016

Alexandra Katherine Chang, Philosophy (PHIL) 2016, Self-as-Process: Towards and Existential Account of Agency

Katherine Marie Koza, Philosophy (PHIL) 2016, Secrecy, Self-Determination, and Sacred Lands: Motivating Native American Land Policy Reform Through International Political Philosophy

David Clinton Racine, Philosophy (PHIL) 2016, Reconciling Partiality and Impartiality: How Morality Separates Good Partial Reasons from the Bad

Submissions from 2015

Eric Timothy Wittenburg, Philosophy (PHIL) 2015, Vagueness and Fuzzy Logic

Austen Roxanne Yeager, Philosophy (PHIL) 2015, Memory Enhancement and Emotional Authenticity

Submissions from 2014

Annette Martin, Philosophy (PHIL) 2014, Truth and Proof: Defending a Provability Account of Mathematical Truth in Light of Godel's First Incompleteness Theorem

Christopher Andrew Wong, Philosophy (PHIL) 2014, Health Care is not a Human Right: The Principle of Non-Interference and Alternative Rights to Health Care

Submissions from 2013

David Matthew Abel, Philosophy (PHIL) 2013, Toward the Defense of Hypercomputation

David Risberg McNeil, Philosophy (PHIL) 2013, The Mirror of Nonexistence: Evaluating Lucretius's Symmetry Argument

Zoe Susanne Suche, Philosophy (PHIL) 2013, The Heaviest Burden: Selfhood, Unity, and Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence

Elissa Ann Walter, Philosophy (PHIL) 2013, Utilitarianism and the Futility Problem: Can Utilitarianism Serve as a Satisfactory Animal Ethics Framework which Articulates Prominent Human Intuitions?

Submissions from 2012

Simone Childs-Walker, Philosophy (PHIL) 2012, The Cosmological Argument, or What I Mean When I Say the Word God

Patrick Thomas Doty, Philosophy (PHIL) 2012, The Possibility of Panentheistic Free Will

Rebekah Ann Frumkin, Philosophy (PHIL) 2012, Caritas ad mundum: Love of the Particular in St. Augustine

Matthew Robert Hunter, Philosophy (PHIL) 2012, What Would You Have Done? Examining the Role of Empathy in Assessments of Responsibility

Nicholas Alexander Ickovic, Philosophy (PHIL) 2012, What Could Modal Claims Be

Hai Hoang Ngo, Philosophy (PHIL) 2012, The Relationship Theory & Finally Valuable Relationships: A Discussion on Love and its Reasons

Sarah Jane Pinkham, Philosophy (PHIL) 2012, Duties to Ecosystems

Submissions from 2011

Javier Caride, Philosophy (PHIL) 2011, An Objective Concern: The Underlying Subjectivity of Foot's Natural Normativity

Mollie Frances Feldman, Philosophy (PHIL) 2011, Continuous Group Identity in a Changing World

Submissions from 2010

Jabir Bin Mohd Yusoff, Philosophy (PHIL) 2010, Philosophical intuitions and experimental threats: The coast is clear

Jessica Petrini Briol, Philosophy (PHIL) 2010, A Right to Education

Christopher R. Clark, Philosophy (PHIL) 2010, The Debate over Liberal Eugenics

Daniel Frank Kagan-Kans, Philosophy (PHIL) 2010, The Role of Science Fiction and Contingency in Decision-Making

Submissions from 2009

Erinrose Mager, Philosophy (PHIL) 2009, Importance of the contextual framework when addressing kitsch objects and why this framework validates kitsch aesthetically and socially

Ryan Andrew Smith, Philosophy (PHIL) 2009, Semantic externalism and Quine's indeterminacy of translation

Hannah Weinstein, Philosophy (PHIL) 2009, Identifying with your country : an argument for immigrants' cultural rights in liberal democracies