Submissions from 2019

Marly Schrom, Russia’s Late-Night Vecherniĭ Urgant : How Does Humor Convey Russian Values and Pro-Kremlin Discourse?, 2019, Russian (RUSS)

Submissions from 2017

Jacob Robert Gunderson, Der Diktator und der Schriftsteller: Eine Analyse der Beziehung zwischen Stalin und Brecht durch Politik und Theater, 2017, German (GERM)

Submissions from 2014

Jacob Scott Hoerger, Hamlet. Act 0, 2014, Russian (RUSS)

Submissions from 2013

Danielle Alyssa Bennon, Sophia Catherine Davis, and Michael Mandelkorn, Translation and Exploration: Buryat Cultural History through the Lense of Geser, 2013, Russian (RUSS)

Tamarae Marie Hildebrandt, For Better or Worse in Turn-of-the-Century Vienna, 2013, German (GERM)

Submissions from 2010

Tigan Michelle Harrison, Battle of the Cold War Spies: A comparison of the espionage genre in literary and cinematic works within British and Russian cultures, 2010, Russian (RUSS)

Submissions from 2009

Kevin Kensler, Aleksandr Vampilov's Last summer in Chulimsk: beyond the bounds of Chekhov, 2009, Russian (RUSS)

Brian Mason, Oligarkhi: the development of a new cultural concept in post-Soviet Russia, 2009, Russian (RUSS)