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The Carletonian


Elizabeth Budd

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Student Newspaper of Carleton College


This newsletter includes all the weekly articles published by The Carletonian. While the newsletter says November 7, it is in fact the November 15 newsletter. File includes newsletter and full articles. Found online at:

To the Carleton administration: be more transparent - we know what happens when institutions aren't. By the Carleton Editorial Board
Campus COVID-19 action level increased to "Level 3: High." By Amelia Broman
Green in a global crisis: a look at the effects of the pandemic on waste production. By Hannah Davis and Sophia Quast
After Biden's win, political divided persist on campus. By Ellie Zimmerman
In conversation with Dr. Nels Elde '95, evolutionary geneticist and MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipient. By Arya Misra
Beloved LDC employee Frenchy retires after 29 years at Carleton. By Lindsay Boettiger
Carleton presidential search committee members announced. By Ray Xu
Sunrise Carleton marches for climate justice. By Maya Hilty
Post donates 5,700 pounds of cereal to Northfield Action Center. By Julia Luljak
Recruiting during COVID-19: a novel test for Carleton coaches. By Zak Sather
Why you should fill out the Presidential Search Survey. By Maya Hilty
Voting is not harm reduction. By Alé Cota
The difference in "vibes" of America's political parties. By Dane Swanser
My medical leave of absence: a tale of bureaucracy at Carleton. By Nicole Collins
US government falls after nobody votes in presidential election. By Ben More
Bald Spot announcement: Jack Brown is concussed. By Nicole Collins
Germophiles. By Frances O'Grady
Parsnips are forever - invasive species in the Arb. By Alac Leonetti




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The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian

The Distance: A newsletter from the Carletonian | November 15


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