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Quincy D'Alessio and Marcella Lees


Marcella Lees

Connection to Carleton



Photo Outline: 1. I included this tree because it represents a sense of displacement that allowed me to not miss something for the first time. My parents moved into this house my freshman year at Carleton and I never realized this tree on our porch was a cherry blossom because I’d never been home when it bloomed before. 2. As I said, my parents moved into their house when I left for college so it’s never really been my home and it’s only now that I’m here and will be here for the foreseeable future that I’ve really designed my space as something that is mine with all my things and my personality in the aesthetic. I’ve spent a lot of my time organizing things like this, working with my hands has been very soothing when I’m anxious. 3. These photos are of my neighborhood, and again it’s about the fact that I don’t know the place where I am supposed to be at home. Apparently the egg tree is an annual tradition, and the signs were put up by a family with three kids and a bichon frise. Feeling like I am an outsider in this space is a huge part of the displacement feeling in my COVID-19 experience. (She/Her/Hers/class of 2020/Psychology/Chapel Hill, NC/Chapel Hill, NC)




Chapel Hill, NC


Birthday/Celebration, Carleton College, Family, Gratitude, Historians for Hire, Inequality/Disparities, Interview, Landscape/Nature/Outdoors, Loss/Grief, North Carolina, Positivity/Hope, Signs, Stress/Anxiety, Written Story


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Quincy D'Alessio - Feeling Like an Outsider at Home: Photos and Written Reflection


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