Submissions from 2018

Emma Hahn Buechner, The Hidden Sisterhood of Antigone and Ismene: Uncovering Male Anxieties both Onstage and Off in Sohpocles' Antigone, 2018, Classics (CLST)

Rebecca Anne DeLand, The Treatment and Reception of a Female Philosopher, 2018, Classics (CLST)

Emma Jeannette Starr, Women's Participation in the Public Sphere: an Examination of the Epistolary Evidence, 2018, Classics (CLST)

Submissions from 2017

Erin L. Patrick, The Greek δό μ ος‚ as an interpretive model of relational space within the Medea, 2017, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Submissions from 2016

Robert Lancaster Emmet, The waters sat down: The Poetics and Politics of Embodied River-Fights in Latin Epic, 2016, Classics (CLST)

Ruiqi Geng, Phalli and Vaginas in the Rites, Jokes, and Obscenities in Plautus' Rudens, Casina, and Bacchides, 2016, Classics (CLST)

Submissions from 2015

Stella Jean Fritzell, Divine Associations: Arion in Iconography, 2015, Classics (CLST)

Submissions from 2014

William Schedl, That Limb May Be Joined Together with Limb: Joining the Notion of Imperial Power and Religious Power in Defining the Role of the Emperor in Church Affairs, 2014, Classics (CLST)

William Paul Schedl, St. Augustine's Monsters: Monsters and Demons in the Writings of St. Augustine, 2014, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Michael Paul Tolan, Beyond Fury: Representations of Monstrosity in Statius' Thebaid, 2014, Classics (CLST)

Submissions from 2013

Emma Jane Brobeck, Manipulating Ulysses: Ovid as Exilic Exemplum in Tristia 1.5 and 5.5, 2013, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Kyle Samuel Markwalter, And He Walks with Me: Scripture and Recall in the Confessions, 2013, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Quinn Yoshie Stewart, Fashioning Memory through Rhetoric and Medium in the Laudatio Turiae, 2013, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Submissions from 2012

Celia McDonnell Caffery, Justice Betrayed: The Role of the Athenian Assembly in the Aftermath of the Battle of Arginusae, 2012, Classics (CLST)

Nicole Ji-Hae Johnson, The Consequences of Self-Sacrifice: Betrayal in the Passion of Perpetua and the Alcestis, 2012, Classics (CLST)

Samantha Elizabeth Pivetz, Privileged Executions: The Vestal Interment Ritual in Ancient Rome, 2012, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Kathleen Hagan Roberts, Cybele Rocks: The Elemental Nature of the Anatolian Mother Goddess, 2012, Classics (CLST)

Alexandra Caitlin Staab, Constantine's Conversion: Betrayal at the Hands of the Biographers, 2012, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Submissions from 2011

Nathan Dressler Bech, Virtus and Disciplina in the Roman Army, 2011, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Morgan Victoria King, Blood Sacrifice and Competitive Identity Creation, 2011, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Morgan Victoria King, Reimagining a Literary Heritage: Cultural transmission and religious division in Vandal North Africa, 2011, Classical Languages (CLAS)

James A. Klein, Are You Mad? Competition in Seneca's Hercules Furens, 2011, Classics (CLST)

Jeremiah John McIntyre, This Is Sparta? The Reinvention of Ritual at Artemis Orthia, 2011, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Jeffrey Troy Samuels, Representing Victory: Octavian's Tropaeum at Nikopolis and the Visual Language of Competitive Success, 2011, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Submissions from 2010

Megan Kathryn McMahon, Autochthony in Imperial Rome: Earth, Birth, and Empire, 2010, Classical Languages (CLAS)

Submissions from 2009

Alexander Leedom, The Greco-Latin Negro: a postcolonial reading of The Golden Ass, 2009, Classics (CLST)